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Young woman wearing sunglasses in front of neon sign that says Best Burger.

34 Captions For Neon Lights, When Your 'Gram Game Is Glowing With The Flow

That’s #lit.

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No matter what season or phase of your life it may be, you're always on a mission to surround yourself with neon lights. On a Saturday morning when you're making weekend plans with your BFFs, you might search the web for the nearby cafes or restaurants that have signs that read, "But first, coffee" or, "Rosé all day" in hot pink. When you’re in the mood to take a selfie, you may pose with the colorful light strips that are hanging around your room, or find a city street that glows. You’re bound to take another picture with your go-to palette soon, which is where these captions for neon lights come in.

Like your photos, these neon captions are all about stepping up your game on Instagram, and making sure your content stands out. They’ll make your followers giggle on the other side of the screen, or want to comment things like, “Hey, where did you find that?” or, “I’m so here for this.” Just like your favorite influencers, you’ll get to share the local coffee shop you found with the cutest neon backdrop, the boutique that helped you specially design the sign in your room, or even your best tips for editing a picture with neon in it. (The key is to balance the highlights, and bump up the saturation.)

You’ll also get to connect with a bunch of people who have a passion for bright, exciting, and adrenaline-loving hues, just like you. Truthfully, being able to make those connections is the best part of social media and reason to up your game on Instagram. These captions for neon lights will help you get to where you want to go, and put the spotlight on the seriously cool backdrops you’ve found, created, and taken pictures with.

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  1. "Wow, it's lit."
  2. "Neon lover since birth."
  3. "Shine bright like a neon sign."
  4. "It was all a neon dream."
  5. "All you need is love and neon lights."
  6. "My favorite color is neon anything."
  7. "This is the neon sign you've been looking for."
  8. "I'm glowing with the flow."
  9. "Bring on the night and neon lights."
  10. "I've got 99 neon signs and I can't choose one."
  11. "Be like a neon light, and quit hiding your magic."
  12. "Life is better when you're with the neon lights."
  13. "You’re glowing more than ever before."
  14. "Baby, you light up my world." — One Direction, "What Makes You Beautiful"
  15. "I don’t think there are enough neon lights in here."
  16. "Kissed by the neon lights."
  17. "All she does is glow, glow, glow."
  18. "Step into the neon lights and let it go."
  19. "This is a sign to take more selfies with neon lights."
  20. "I think you were a neon light in another life."
  21. "You just have to shine. That's all."
  22. "There is no limit to how radiant you can be."
  23. "I'm here for the snacks and neon signs."
  24. "CEO of neon lights."
  25. "There they glow."
  26. "What the neon sign says."
  27. "You glow, girl."
  28. "Be the neon light in your little world."
  29. "Just like magic, just like magic." — Ariana Grande, "just like magic"
  30. "If you need me, I’ll be under the neon lights."
  31. "Red lights, stop signs." — Olivia Rodrigo, "drivers license"
  32. "I should’ve packed my sunglasses, because these city lights are bright."
  33. "Let there be neon lights."
  34. "Looking on the bright side of things."

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