The New Storytellers

Meet A New Generation Of Storytellers

by BDG Studios

An internship can mean a million different things, from a summer spent fetching coffee to a trial-by-fire look at the inner workings of a company. But Bustle Digital Group is doing its part to try to strike a middle ground and ensure that its summer interns walk away with real industry experience — and their very own published work.

To highlight the voices of college students and recent grads ready to offer their fresh perspectives, BDG challenged its 2021 class of interns to take over Elite Daily’s The New Storytellers platform. And they came through, with social-style videos, longform journalism, and research-backed studies, all developed, directed, and produced by the next generation of creators.

Projects featured in the takeover are told through the unique lens of passionate young minds as they cover a diverse assortment of topics spanning the gamut of culture, action, change, identity, self-growth, and community.

Curious about what to expect?

Visitors to The New Storytellers can embark on a visual food tour uncovering the hottest vegan spots in Harlem, then take a deep dive into the world of fitness influencer Aubre Winters and the virtual community she’s built from the ground up since the beginning of the pandemic.

The hub is also home to more introspective pieces exploring what it’s like to be part of America’s most misunderstood generation — like a social-first video on the multifaceted ways Gen Z is finding themselves as they enter a post-pandemic world.

For the numbers-obsessed, there’s also data-driven content, including a study on what type of music resonates with the youth of today, and why.

When it comes to The New Storytellers, no topic is off-limits. Keep scrolling for stories rooted in the things these up-and-comers are passionate about, and expect to walk away with a fresh take on the happenings of today — and a new vision of tomorrow.