Young woman smiling at how the March 2022 new moon in Pisces is affecting her zodiac sign.

March 2 Will Be The Best Day To Manifest Your Biggest Wishes This Month

Hopeful new beginnings are on the horizon, thanks to the new moon in Pisces.

On March 2, the sun and moon will conjoin in Pisces, offering an expansive, optimistic new beginning for every zodiac sign. This lunation will also be conjunct Jupiter, making this an ideal time to manifest your dreams and wishes.

Here’s how each zodiac sign will be affected:


The new moon in Pisces will offer you a fresh new beginning pertaining to your mental health. This is a great time to focus on your mindset. What have you been meditating on lately? With Jupiter also hanging out here, what you focus on will grow, so be sure to use this ability wisely.

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