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11 Halloween Costumes With A Leather Jacket That Are Cute & Bad*ss

Replicate any of these looks with pieces you already have in your closet.

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Halloween night falls right as the weather turns from crisp to cold, which means you might be thinking of a costume that doubles at keeping you warm as well as serving a spooky slay. It can be hard to even imagine going out at night without some serious chill protection, even though you’d rather not cover up your costume with a coat. That’s why incorporating a leather jacket into your Halloween disguise is so ingenious. Luckily, there are tons of easy Halloween costumes with a leather jacket that will have you looking bad*ass, stylish AF, and super warm — all with little to no effort on your part.

A leather jacket is a fall wardrobe staple anyway because it goes with almost every casual or classy outfit and matches perfectly with combat boots. Take your favorite October outfit piece day to night on Halloween with some clever leather costume ideas that are iconic and fun. Depending on what color your leather jacket is, you have different Halloween costumes to choose from. If you have a leather jacket in a color other than black, you might consider dressing up as Katniss Everdeen or Amelia Earhart for Halloween. However, the black jacket is a classic look that really can’t replaced by any other color, and you have so many Halloween costume ideas to choose from. From Cruella de Vil to Black Widow, there are so many recognizable characters that you can dress up as for Halloween with the right accessories and makeup.

Instead of covering up a cute costume you spent hours putting together, you can make the bold statement piece a part of your Halloween costume and serve some seriously edgy vibes on All Hallow’s Eve. Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or heading out on the town with your ghoul-friends, you’ll be both on-theme and as warm as can be. You can get creative in your outfits, but a lot of these costume ideas use the leather jacket as the centerpiece, letting it revel in all its glory. If you need some inspiration, check out these ideas for an epic leather jacket Halloween costume ahead of your big night out.

Olivia Rodrigo

Pop-punk princess Olivia Rodrigo is totally a trendsetter and is known for mixing vintage pieces like leather jackets with tartan and fishnet stockings. It’s super easy to pull off her edgy Gen Z look, your costume might even give your friends “deja vu.” Just throw on some chunky boots, a mini skirt, throw on a pop of color or quirky jewelry, and grab your driver's license before you head off to the costume party.



The Batman was a major movie this past year and it’s no secret that Zoe Kravitz stunned in her role as Catwoman. In almost every scene she wore a laced-up item of leather, so if you have a leather jacket, you already have most of the costume ready to go. Pair the jacket with dark colors, killer boots, long claw-like nails, and cat eyeliner. You can even DIY her mask from an old beanie hat to complete the fierce feline look.

Julia Fox
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The muse, queen of Black Swan-level winged eyeshadow, and provocative leather looks — Julia Fox, of course — is a hot and current costume idea you can create with a black leather jacket. Whether it’s a moto style or drapes down to the tips of your leather boots, you can pair it with a tiny crop top underneath, black or leather pants, and her signature angled eye makeup.

Cruella de Vil

Take some cues from the fur-obsessed villain of 101 Dalmatians with this Cruella de Vil Halloween costume. All you need is a black leather jacket paired with black jeans, black leather boots, some bold makeup, and a black and white wig modeled after Cruella’s signature hairstyle.

Kourtney Kardashian/”Kravis”

A major pop culture moment of 2022 was Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s public punk love affair. Kourtney’s style became edgier, with tons of studs and leather jackets to match with her new hubby – they even got faux-married in vegas in matching leather jackets. You can dress up as “Kravis” this Halloween with your rockstar partner or just embrace Kourt’s glam-turned-goth vibe these days.


Biker Girl

When you think of a leather jacket, chances are you tend to think of pairing it with some bad*ss boots and even more leather. You don't need much in the way of accessories to put a biker chick costume together that’s inspired by Sons of Anarchy, so it's a win-win. All you'll need is a black top, black leather biker pants, a bandana, and some bold lipstick to tie this outfit together.



20th Century Fox

Channel your inner Amelia Earhart with a fairly simple outfit. Your jacket and some aviator goggles or a pair of aviator sunglasses will be the glue that holds your costume together, so make sure you've got those handy. Another great thing about this outfit is that you can use nearly any color jacket and the look will have the same vintage vibe.


Black Widow

Marvel Studios

If you can last a whole night in leather pants, I salute you. Every woman is already a superhero, but if you want to wear your super powers on the outside on Halloween, you can rock this look. It's fierce and edgy, but can be toned down to your liking. Natasha Romanoff has got nothing on you. Don't forget to rock your tall black boots, and you can find an awesome pair of leather leggings that look like pants at H&M.


Sandy From Grease

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Grab your crew of Pink Ladies and hit the sock hop this Halloween. The black leather jacket perfectly portrays that 1950s feel. You won't need much that you don't already have in your closet if you want to feel like you came right out of Grease. Just be prepared to spend some serious time curling your hair. An adorable pair of red heels is the cherry topping to this costume.


If you want to travel back in time to the 1950s, why not join the T-Birds? This group is the counterpart to the Pink Ladies from the iconic movie Grease, but the vintage look can cover the aesthetic of the entire decade. Rock a white T-shirt, your leather jacket, some slicked back hair, and a pair of your fave jeans cuffed up, and you're set for the night. This costume has a fierce quality to it that'll leave you feeling both totally adorable, and totally bad*ss.


Katniss Everdeen


An epic bow and arrow are likely the only things you'll need to buy to complete this Hunger Games look. If you already have boots, jeans, a dark shirt, and of course, your beloved leather jacket, you have Katniss' signature outfit already nailed down. All that's left to do is braid your hair and grab your bow.

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