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44 Punny Lake Captions For Instagram That'll Seriously Float Your Boat

I a-shore you they’re good.

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Swimming in the lake and enjoying the surrounding nature has always been a surefire sign that summer has finally arrived. Real talk: How excited are you that it's finally that time of year again? With everything the world has been through, you deserve to have the best and most Insta-worthy summer of your life. Pose by the campfire with your s'mores, get artsy shots of your hot pink flamingo float, and snap a long-exposure photo of you gazing up at the starry sky from the dock. Naturally, you'll need to be equipped with lake puns for Instagram captions to go along with all your vacay photos. Then, you’ll be ready with your Polaroid camera, trendy sunnies, and colorful one-piece to make a real splash on your feed.

Whether you're heading to the lake for a long weekend getaway or just camping out for the day, it's sure to be a good time with even better company. When it comes time to document your adventures, you’re going to want lake captions that perfectly encapsulate your experience. Complete your posts with lake puns that are guaranteed to make your followers comment tons of laughing emojis, or thoughtful lake quotes that have the potential to get your crush to DM you. (Hey, you never know.) Since you’ll be busy seas-ing the day, just use any of these 44 lake Instagram captions that are ready for you to dive into.

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  1. "Fresh to depth."
  2. "Keeping it reel."
  3. "You float my boat.”
  4. "Trout of this world."
  5. "You're a catch."
  6. "I lake you a lot."
  7. "I’m a happy camper."
  8. "Aboat time."
  9. "I need a good paddling."
  10. "Knot today."
  11. "Hooked. Like, for reels."
  12. "Time to pack my glass flippers."
  13. "I’ve succumbed to pier pressure."
  14. "This camp sky is a five billion star hotel."
  15. "Having fun is so impor-tent."
  16. "It's campfire time. Let's get lit."
  17. "Reckless diving."
  18. "You're diving me crazy."
  19. "Everything's s'more fun with you around."
  20. "Fluent in s'mores code."
  21. "You call it a jet ski. I call it a boater-cycle."
  22. "Free watermelon? Y’all gonna make me lose my rind."
  23. "Going to the lake. Bear with me."
  24. "This vacation is one in a melon."
  25. "Girls just wanna have sun."
  26. "Let minnow if you need anything."
  27. "Water you doing?"
  28. "Lake hair. Don't care. Well, I care a little.”
  29. "My love for camping is in tents."
  30. "Reading while sunbathing makes you well-red."
  31. "It’s shore to be a good day."
  32. "I like big boats and I cannot lie."
  33. "I’m o-fish-ally on vacation time."
  34. "Catching a movie at the dive-in."
  35. "Of all the fish... you were mermaid for me."
  36. "Never chase anything but drinks and dreams."
  37. "I'll bring the bubbles."
  38. “Is this real life, or is this just fanta-sea?”
  39. “No tent-sion here!”
  40. “Wanna hear a lake pun? I a-shore you it’s good.”
  41. “I’m not Justin Timberlake. I’m just near timber lake.”
  42. “Having a reel good time.”
  43. “Things are going swimmingly at the lake.”
  44. “Just call me Dwayne ‘The Dock’ Johnson.”

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