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Young woman holding her dog at her friend's lake house, in need of lake Instagram captions.

It’s *Aboat* Time You Had Some Instagram Captions For Your Lake House Pics

Grab your phone and a giant inflatable.

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Taking a trip to a lake house is a treat during the summer and fall. Whether your family has a place by the water or you’re looking to rent a cabin for a romantic trip for you and your partner, it’s never a bad time to plan a weekend getaway to spend some time on the water. Since you’ll be spending your days chilling by the lake and taking the boat out on adventures, you’ll want to make sure you pack along some Instagram captions for lake house pics along with your fave swimsuits and sunnies.

There’s never a dull day at a lake house, whether you rent an Airbnb with your besties or spend a weekend at your family’s place, and that makes for plenty of photo opps. By day, you’ll be working on your tan, and at night, you’ll be roasting s'mores by the bonfire. If you really want to go all out, bring floaties for each person in your crew to lay on as you soak up the sun. If your lake house trip is just for you and your SO to spend some quality time together, you could plan to go stargazing while wrapped in some cozy blankets. The whole trip will be a whirlwind of fun, so when it comes time to document the best moments on Instagram, you’ll definitely want some lake captions on hand to help you sum up the vacation.

Each one of these 50 lake Instagram captions can be used for candid pics of you making dinner with your squad in the kitchen, selfies of you rocking your natural lake hair, or floating out on the water. Since you’ll be living that lazy lake life and doing whatever floats your boat, do knot stress at all when it comes time to post on the ‘Gram. Instead, just use any of these lake captions for Instagram to accompany your photo dump.

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  1. "Life is better at the lake."
  2. "Better to wake at the lake."
  3. "Decks, docks, and flip flops."
  4. "Memories made at the lake last forever."
  5. "Life is at ease with a lake breeze."
  6. "Keeping it reel at the lake."
  7. "You float my boat."
  8. "Worry less, paddle more."
  9. "I lake you a lot!"
  10. "Aboat time."
  11. "Happiness comes in waves."
  12. "I'm a lakeaholic."
  13. "Lake hair, don't care."
  14. "I'm hooked. Like, for reels."
  15. "The sun, and the sand, and a drink in my hand." — Kenny Chesney, "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"
  16. "I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this." — Susan Branch
  17. "Paradise found."
  18. "The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever."
  19. "I'm gonna soak up the sun." — Sheryl Crow, "Soak Up The Sun"
  20. "Pier pressure keeps a dock floating above water."
  21. "I like big boats and I cannot lie."
  22. "Hello, summer."
  23. "Do whatever floats your boat."
  24. "Everything's s'more fun with you around."
  25. "Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax." — Mark Black
  26. "Chill mode on."
  27. "Good times and tan lines."
  28. "Going to the lake. Bear with me."
  29. "And we'll all float on OK." — Modest Mouse, "Float On"
  30. "Time wasted at the lake is time well spent."
  31. "Girls just wanna have sun."
  32. "We got no troubles. Life is the bubbles." — The Little Mermaid, "Under The Sea"
  33. "A splashing good time!"
  34. "We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun." — Winnie The Pooh
  35. "Let's wander where the Wi-Fi is weak."
  36. "Sunshine on my mind."
  37. "Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show."
  38. "I want to lay down, let the sun hit my face, and forget about absolutely everything."
  39. "All my troubles wash away in the water."
  40. "Take me to the lake."
  41. “Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die.” — Taylor Swift, “The Lakes”
  42. “So I'm just gon' sittin' on the dock of the bay.” — Otis Redding, “(Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay”
  43. “Does this lake house also come with a Keanu Reeves?”
  44. “Keeping it fresh to depth.”
  45. “I lake this place a lot.”
  46. “Water you doing? I’m at the lake.”
  47. “It shore is good to be by the lake.”
  48. “I was mermaid to be here.”
  49. “Having a reel good time.”
  50. “Living the lake life.”

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