Khloé Kardashian wears a Good American Zodiac Sign sweatshirt that's under $100 and bejeweled.
Khloé K’s Good American Zodiac Collection Is Bejeweled & Under $100

Here’s your sign to grab one of these glam pieces.

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Good American is currently have a sitewide Black Friday sale for 30% off. Despite being excluded from the cyber sale, Khloé Kardashian’s new Good American Zodiac Collection is super affordable with many items under $100. The clothing brand revealed via Insta that the sparkling collection “will sell-out fast,” so here’s your sign to snag a glamorous sweatsuit featuring your sign before it disappears.

The Good American Zodiac Collection is “all iced up,” which means it’s perfect for this time of year. As you’re adding tinsel to your Christmas tree or listening to “Bejeweled” by Taylor Swift for the millionth time on Spotify, you’ll dress the part in a jewel-covered sweatshirt and matching leggings. While you can splurge on some items in the collection, like a diamond fleece corset ($110) that will glamorize your loungewear game along with matching diamond sweatpants ($129), there are plenty of Good American zodiac pieces to shop that are under $100.

You don’t have to sacrifice your holiday budget in order to get your astrology-loving bestie their dream Christmas present. Whether they’re a comfort-loving Taurus or glittery Leo, you’ll find something you’ll want to add to cart from the bejeweled Good American Zodiac Collection this season.

Shine With Pride In This Bejeweled Sweatshirt

Libras love all things aesthetically-pleasing, so they’ll especially love making “the whole place shimmer” in a bejeweled sweatshirt featuring their zodiac sign. Actually, you can get this grey version of the boyfriend sweatshirt in all 12 signs and sizes extra small to 5XL. Not only does it have the crystal embellishments, but also has a super soft fleece interior with long sleeves for an oversized fit. It’s the perfect balance of cozy and glam.

Go Back To Black With This Version Of The Zodiac Sweatshirt

If black’s more your color, the zodiac sweatshirt also comes in this shade. The black does seem to be more popular, with a lot of the sizes selling out quickly. However, if you do miss out, there is a waitlist you can be added to for when your size returns.

Keep It Simple With A Studded White Tee

You can never go wrong with a white tee in your collection. In fact, it’s a closet staple, but this version from Good American is so much more than just a simple shirt. It’s bejeweled just like the zodiac sweatshirts, so it adds just a bit more glimmer when tucked into your fave jeans.

Try A Black Studded Tee

Similarly, you always need a black tee in your wardrobe as well. This black version of the diamond studded shirt is a must-have. Of course, these tees are $75, which is probably more for someone with a Kardashian-level budget. However, it’s supposed to be incredibly soft and is versatile, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Add A Grey Studded Tee To Your Collection As Well

The diamond studded tee also comes in a grey shade that matches the grey zodiac sign sweatshirt. This shade will look good tucked into some jeans or paired with your fave leather jacket. You could even wear this shimmering shirt with a colorful skirt to your office holiday party.

Match Your Zodiac Sign Sweatshirt With These Sweatpants

To go along with your zodiac sign sweatshirt and complete the loungewear look, Good American has these wide leg sweatpants. These pants are part of the Black Friday cyber sale, so you can get them for 30% off when you use the code BF30 at checkout. They also come in four colors, so along with Heather Grey, there is also Cardinal, Pecan, and Black.

Add Some Flare To Your OOTD With These Leggings

For an oversized top and fitted bottom look, get these leggings from Good American. They also come in black and grey to match your zodiac sign sweatshirt. The flare style is also very ‘90s, making it a trendy staple.

Get Extra Cozy With These Sweatpants

In the opposite direction, you can go even wider with these extra wide leg sweatpants. The best part of all is that these pants have pockets. Who doesn’t love pockets?

Stay Warm With These Polar Fleece Pants

Things are getting colder with the holidays around the corner, so if you’re someone who likes to bundle up, you may prefer these sweatpants. Made with polar fleece, these pants are extra warm, making them perfect for taking your dogs out for a walk or just lounging on the couch.

Be Glam And Cozy With A Fleece Corset

A fleece corset top is definitely not something you see everywhere, and it’s like the ultimate day to night piece as it can be loungewear with the right sweatpants and then worn out for a night of drinks with your besties. The crystals also make this top extra glamorous, and it comes in both grey and black to match your style. Of course, this is slightly over $100, but not by much.

Shimmer With These Bejeweled Sweatpants

Why just lounge, when you can lounge in style? These diamond sweatpants really elevate a cozy essential. In fact, you wouldn’t mind wearing these as you go for a grocery run. These also come in grey and black to match the zodiac sign sweatshirts and corset tops.

You could even take the sparkling look further with some diamond shoes ($250) in the Zodiac Collection that come in vibrant Summer Green, Light Smoke, and Glass, if you want a Cinderella-like splurge.

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