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38 Kayaking Captions That’ll Totally Float Your Boat

This is how I row.

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In the peak of summer, when the sun is beaming at its brightest and the ocean is warm and salty, are there any adventures you wouldn't go on? If I had to take a wild guess, I would say probably not. You’re pretty open to doing anything, especially if it includes water, sunglasses, and your favorite sunscreen. This summer, this love for saying “yes” to new experiences will lead you to kayaking in the most beautiful spots, and taking pictures to put with these kayaking captions for Instagram.

In the past, it’s led to taking surfing lessons, going cliff jumping with your besties, and dancing on the beach at midnight. But you can imagine what it’ll be like to stick your feet into the sand, grab a paddle, and tie up a lifejacket. If you close your eyes, you can imagine what the hot plastic of the boat will feel like in your hands, as you guide it to the edge of the water, and how small your beach towel will look from afar. Next to your lap, you might have a lunch box with snacks or a Polaroid camera in tow, too.

Even though you’ve never gone kayaking before, you know it’s going to lead to picture-perfect moments. You’ll be laughing a lot and looking out at the gentle waves, and want to capture every second of the summertime bliss. With your Polaroid camera, you might grab snaps of watermelon slices, when you’re taking a break and your boat is docked on the shore. With your phone, you might take selfies with your paddle, or your besties that are floating by. Here are all the kayaking quotes and puns you may need for those pics. (Spoiler alert: They’re going to float your boat.)

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  1. "I'd rather be kayaking."
  2. "Whatever floats your boat."
  3. "Keeping it reel in my kayak."
  4. "Another summer day at the lake."
  5. "When in doubt, kayak it out."
  6. "Paddles up, people."
  7. "Paradise is anywhere with a kayak."
  8. "Adding ‘kayaking pro’ to my resume."
  9. "This is how we row."
  10. "No worries are allowed in the kayak."
  11. "Good things come to those who paddle."
  12. "Just add water."
  13. "I like big boats and I cannot lie."
  14. "Reality called, so I hung up and went kayaking."
  15. "WAP stands for wet a** paddle."
  16. "These are the days off we live for."
  17. "My kayak brings all the buoys to the yard."
  18. "Don't give into the pier pressure."
  19. "Find your flow and row, row, row."
  20. "Kayaking is the answer. Who cares what the question is."
  21. "Adventure is out there. You just have to kayak to it."
  22. "Tangled up in sunshine and saltwater."
  23. "This is my happy place."
  24. "As far as the eye can sea."
  25. "Kayaking hair, don't care."
  26. "Seas every moment."
  27. "Let's kayak where the WiFi is weak."
  28. "But first, kayaking."
  29. "Loving this kayaking journey for me."
  30. "I’m a water sign. Can you tell?"
  31. "Paddle check!"
  32. "This is a sign to go kayaking this summer."
  33. "The ocean really knows how to rock a highlight."
  34. "Future me is already complaining that their arms are sore."
  35. "Can I get a paddle that matches my boat, please?"
  36. "Passing the phone to the bestie who learned to kayak today."
  37. "Watermelon tastes better in a boat."
  38. "Do I want to go kayaking again? For shore."

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