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You’re Approaching What Could Be The Most Powerful New Moon Of The Year

Here’s what that means for you on a spiritual level.

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You’re approaching a powerful opportunity to realign your spirit and start something new. La luna is resetting her 28-day cycle, giving you a chance to begin again. It all commences during the phase known as the “new moon,” which is when the moon conceals itself behind the shadow of night. With the moon nowhere in sight, the sky becomes darker and more vibrant, representing a clean slate for you to work with. On this clean slate, you can set an intention, make a promise, or simply take the first step toward a new beginning. The spiritual meaning of the July 2021 new moon is proof of how fertile and abundant this next phase of your life can be.

Brace yourselves, because you’re approaching what could be the most powerful new moon of the year. After all, this is the new moon in Cancer, and in astrology, this zodiac sign is ruled by the moon. Every celestial body in astrology loves being in their home zodiac sign, which speaks to how special this new moon really is. Cancer is concerned with love, compassion, and nurturing. It’s associated with your home, your family, and your roots. Cancer protects what is most sacred and this new moon will inspire you to create the world you’ve always dreamed of. Take time to redesign your living space, spend time with loved ones, and pour your energy into something that breeds love and safety.

New moons are potent opportunities to start something important. At this point of the lunar cycle, the moon — ruler of your subconscious self — will form a conjunction with the sun — ruler of your conscious self — and as these two luminaries join forces, your inner world and your outer world are encouraged to align. Take this moment to truly identify what it is that you want and what it is that you don’t want.

Here’s what this upcoming new moon has in store:


The New Moon In Cancer Takes Place On July 9, 2021 at 9:16 p.m. ET

This new moon could be an innovative, enlightening, and forward-thinking experience. As it forms a sextile with futuristic and rebellious Uranus, it’s encouraging you to think big and break away from constricting perspectives. This new moon also happens at the same time that Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — forms a trine with expansive and adventurous Jupiter, bringing so much brilliance to your brain. Prepare for your intelligence to blow your mind.

This new moon also coincides with some highly volatile and emotionally charged energy for your relationships. Venus — planet of love and friendship — will form a conjunction with Mars — planet of passion and conflict — which will certainly turn up the heat and desire in your love life. However, there’s always a threshold for passion, and too much of it could also lead to more problems. Venus will also be forming a square with Uranus — planet of sudden changes — which could create some instability in your relationships. If you or your partner are craving more independence and freedom, this new moon may encourage you to follow that instinct. Just make sure you really think it through before taking drastic measures.

Even if it feels like too much is happening at once during this new moon, you can trust that the cosmos may be leading you toward a symbolic destination. Saturn — planet of commitment and longterm growth — is steadily leading toward a trine with the North Node (aka your ultimate destiny). Rest assured, you’re headed somewhere meaningful.