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This Week’s Full Moon Won’t Just Expose Your Secrets — It’ll Expose Everyone’s

The truth always comes out.

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Even if you don’t believe in magic, I bet the full moon has a way of enchanting you and reminding you that everything is not always as it seems. No one can doubt that things get a little chaotic during the full moon; it simply makes everything feel more primal, wild, and alive. The full moon has a way of bringing out your deepest instincts and dredging up untold truths. As it casts the sky in its white hue, it shines its otherworldly light directly into your psyche, exposing you. Believe it or not, the spiritual meaning of the July 2021 full moon doesn’t just expose your secrets — it will expose everyone’s.

There’s an astrological reason for the full moon’s glaring power. During this phase of the 28-day lunar cycle, the moon — ruler of your subconscious — will oppose the sun — ruler of your conscious mind — initiating a fierce competition between two different sides of yourself. The moon is concerned with your shadow self; the part of you that remains tucked away in your heart. In this subconscious place, your repressed feelings, secrets, and dormant desires linger. The sun, on the other hand, is concerned with the part of you that shines in the light. The sun is connected to your ego, your sense of self, and the image you put forth for all the world to see. The sun represents the part of you that you’re aware of, as well as the way you want to see yourself. As these two luminaries form an opposition, the moon exposes layers of yourself that you may not have been aware of, throwing a wrench in your perspective of reality.

Here’s what the upcoming full moon may reveal about you (and the world around you):

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The Full Moon In Aquarius Takes Places On July 23, 2021 At 10:36 p.m. ET

The upcoming full moon takes place in innovative, community-oriented, and worldly Aquarius. This zodiac sign is always eyeing the status quo and searching for methods to improve the world for all of its citizens. However, while this zodiac sign is all about bringing people together, independence is intrinsic to its essence. Those born under this zodiac sign can sometimes be lone wolves, howling at the moon and reveling in their own self-determination. Aquarius values the right to be their true self, regardless of what anyone thinks. It aims to create a world in which everyone feels safe enough to be themselves.

A full moon in Aquarius will help you tap into your individuality, giving you the strength and the courage to define yourself even more clearly than before. As you gain a clearer vision of your character, you’ll inevitably find the people who love you for who you really are. Once you find the people who truly appreciate you, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish together. Even though you may feel like a lone wolf, remember that sometimes, the lone wolf simply doesn’t want to be a part of just any pack. They’re searching for *the* pack; the one that accepts them, welcomes them, and understands them better than any other pack could.

This full moon could also help you tap into your humanitarian side. Aquarius has a vision for how the world could be that it never lets go of. Allow the energy of this lunation to shine a light on all the ways you can spearhead a movement and improve your community. Let the cause that speaks to you be the one you decide to devote yourself to.