Every Zodiac Sign Can Look Forward To This 1 Day In January

2022 is off to a good start.

Jan. 29 will be the best day of the month for every zodiac sign.

When Venus retrograde comes to an end in the final days of the month, everyone will be living their best life. Here’s why:

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Venus has been retracing its steps through your 10th house of career and public image, asking that you re-evaluate how you connect to your profession. You tend to climb the ladder easily, but is the work you’ve been doing fulfilling you? As Venus stations direct on Jan. 29, you’ll have your answer, and even better, your connection to your career will be reignited.

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Venus retrograde has likely taken you for a ride, especially as it pertains to your spiritual beliefs and desire for wisdom. You tend to resist change, but on Jan. 29, you’ll be embracing the lessons that came along with your chart ruler stationing retrograde. How you connect to your spiritual practices will be restored, but in a much better way than before.


On Jan. 29, Venus will station direct in your eighth house of boundaries, providing you with a new outlook on your dynamics with others. Your relationships have likely gone through some changes, but they were necessary. Boundaries are important for any relationship, and now that they’ve been prioritized, you’ll be able to move forward in a much healthier manner.


Romantic relationships have been a huge theme, and this emphasis isn’t going away anytime soon. It is, however, taking a turn for the better on Jan. 29. If you’ve been re-evaluating connections between you and a special someone, the outcome will be much more clear. Once you make it through Venus rx with someone, you can pretty much make it through anything.

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Productivity has been your top priority as of late. The good thing is that once Venus stations direct on Jan. 29, you’ll be feeling much more efficient. This retrograde was a reminder that your obligations shouldn’t just be all work and no play. Your heart needs to be in it, and you’ll start to feel that connection much more on this day.


Venus retrograde has been much more aligned with you than others. The planet of love likely prompted you to reconsider your relationship with having fun. You’re someone who often prioritizes productivity, but on Jan. 29, you’ll be feeling much more connected to your fun side.

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Since Venus is your chart ruler, you likely felt this retrograde a bit more intensely than others, especially as she stationed retrograde in your fourth house of home and family. This retrograde was a reminder that you don’t have to take on the burden of mediating among your family, and on Jan. 29, you’ll be feeling much more confident in the newfound boundaries you’ve set at home.

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On Jan. 29, Venus will be stationing direct in your third house of communication, allowing you to feel much more connected to your thoughts and ideas. If you’ve been feeling a bit more scattered than usual, this retrograde is likely the culprit, but also prompted you to pick up some new hobbies or skills. You’ll be able to move forward with sharing your newfound knowledge with ease now, and can even share it with your community.


Money and resources have been a huge theme for you as Venus stationed retrograde in your second house, but since it stations direct on Jan. 29, it will renew your connection to your finances and values. This is the one area of your life where you tend to prioritize discipline and structure, and now this will be far more easy to achieve.

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You’ve probably been affected by this retrograde the most, as Venus stationed retrograde in your first house and prompted you to re-evaluate the relationship you have with yourself. But on Jan. 29, you’ll feel far more aligned with who you are. Self-love is key, and this retrograde likely taught you that your relationship with yourself is by far the most important one.


This retrograde has likely been a period of withdrawal and introspection, but on Jan. 29, you’ll be feeling much more connected with your inner self. Retrogrades tend to cause disarray, but you’ll be feeling much more clear about how you want to proceed when it comes to how you seek connection with others.

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On Jan. 29, Venus will be stationing direct in your 11th house of friends and social groups. While this retrograde has likely prompted some disruption among your social circles, it also allowed you to understand who your real friends are. If you no longer relate to someone, it’s better to cut them loose than to keep them around.

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