Jack Wright at Paris Fashion Week

Jack Wright Was Living His “Saltburn Dream” At Paris Fashion Week

The TikToker shares his phone habits while running to different runway shows.

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In Chronically Online, Elite Daily asks people to get real about their phone habits, tracking their screen time over the course of seven days. This week, content creator Jack Wright — who was an ambassador at Paris Fashion Week — shares the apps he used, the time he spent scrolling, and how much posting he did on Instagram and TikTok.

For Jack Wright, scrolling on TikTok isn’t just for entertainment — it’s also his career. After going viral in 2019 dancing with his brother, he quickly became a social media star. Now, with over 11 million followers on TikTok and 1 million followers on Instagram, the 20-year-old content creator has earned himself a new title of Paris Fashion Week ambassador. Between designer fittings and exploring the “City of Light,” Wright breaks down how he spent his time at PFW, including his phone habits.

“I'm trying to find a healthy balance with being a human and living on my phone,” Wright shares with Elite Daily. “I used to obsess a lot more with what I was posting and being on my phone and looking at what other people are doing, but what's helping me now is just living in the moment and posting when it feels right.”

I love to just go out and live, rather than live through my phone.

Despite being a TikTok celeb, Wright doesn’t feel pressure to be on his phone at all times, and it’s been great for his mental health. “I almost shy away from my phone sometimes, because it definitely affects me mentally if I'm on it too much,” he says. In fact, Wright prefers to only use his phone for work: “I love to just go out and live, rather than live through my phone.”

You may even be surprised at how little Wright spent scrolling during Paris Fashion Week, but he admits being busy is a great distraction from his phone. Starting his week with an almost 12-hour flight to France, below, the One Stupid Thing actor shares the times he spent on social media when he wasn’t checking out cafes in Paris or seeing his friends at runway shows.

Occupation: Digital star and actor

Age: 20

Location: Los Angeles, California

Weekly Average (Jan. 15 - Jan. 22): 5 hours, 7 minutes

Jack Wright/Instagram

Day 1: Catching Flights And Some Z’s

On Monday, I left Los Angeles and flew directly to Paris for fashion week. I was able to sleep most of the 11-hour and 20-minute flight, but I also watched a movie on Netflix, read over a script for an audition, and created and edited content for Instagram and TikTok.

The plane movies were a little outdated, so I rewatched Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction on my phone. I like watching films that help me with my acting, and I can take notes from them. Since I was studying some scripts for auditions, these movies were helping.

When I wasn’t studying for my auditions, I was editing content. I typically edit on TikTok because it's quick, easy, and you can post right away, but when I'm flying, usually there's not great service, so I edited on CapCut.

When I did have service, I scrolled TikTok for things to do in Paris, like the best restaurants. My For You page is very versatile. I usually consume a lot of dance and lifestyle content, but it was all travel since I was flying out of the country.

Most Used Apps: Netflix, TikTok, Instagram

Screen Time: 7 hours, 14 minutes

Day 2: Touchdown At Paris Fashion Week

We flew overnight, so I landed in Paris at 7:35 a.m. Once I got off the plane, I grabbed my bag and got a car service to SO/Paris Hotel. On the way, I took a few pictures for my Instagram story. I'm very random about what I post in my story. It's definitely based on the mood I'm feeling.

Once I got to the hotel, I worked out in the gym, showered, and ate lunch. Around 4:30 p.m., I left my hotel and a driver named Eric took me to a Valentino fitting. Every time we'd drive to each event, we'd have a talk about Paris, the Olympics coming up, and the traffic. It was really nice.

We, of course, had to film with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

After my Valentino fitting, I headed to my next one at Isabel Marant. At each stop, I took more photos for Instagram. Once that was over, I met up with my friend and One Stupid Thing co-star Sky Katz at the hotel. She had just landed, so we ate dinner and explored Paris. It was our first night in the city, so we created content for Instagram and TikTok. We, of course, had to film with the Eiffel Tower in the background.


It was cold. There's one video that Sky and I made where I was freezing and she was perfectly fine, because she's from New York and she's used to the weather. I'm from California, so you could definitely tell that I was not acclimated, which I thought was really funny. Some of the comments pointed out that you could see the difference between a New Yorker and a Californian. I was trying my best to keep my cool, but you could definitely tell I was freezing.

Most Used Apps: Instagram, TikTok

Screen Time: 5 hours, 23 minutes

Day 3: Making Snow Angels After Runway Shows

Jack Wright/Instagram

On Wednesday, I had an early morning with breakfast and a workout. Around 10:30 a.m., I headed to my Louis-Gabriel Nouchi fitting. I loved my outfit, so I had to take photos for Instagram.

I always end up taking as many pictures of my ‘fit as possible. I wanted find a different part of Paris with a vibe that matched the outfit. Each outfit has a different aesthetic, so it was cool to cater toward the look.

Once the fitting was done, Sky and I went to the Acne Studios presentation and captured content of their amazing looks for Instagram. Then, Sky and I spent the rest of the day enjoying Paris, getting coffee, and lunch.

We walked around everywhere. That's something I love about our friendship is that we are both very spontaneous and we'll see where life will take us. We went to a lot of coffee shops, and antique stores. Sky and I love seeing the smaller stores that people usually don't go to, and see the life and history of Paris.

I try to limit the amount of time I'm on my phone because it's such a cool experience.

We had dinner when we got back to the hotel, and got ready for the Louis-Gabriel Nouchi runway show. When a runway show starts, I love to get as many videos and pictures as possible, so that’s what I did. I also socialized with the people around me and met all these different, cool people with amazing outfits.

I try to limit the amount of time I'm on my phone because it's such a cool experience to go to, but when I am on my phone, I'll make as much content as possible. I’ll try to save taking videos until the end of the show when they're all walking in one line together, because you get to see every single outfit and it just makes it easier.

Jack Wright/Instagram

Later, I explored more of Paris with Sky and my friend and fellow content creator Vinnie Hacker. I knew snow was forecasted in Paris around 2 a.m., so I had to stay up to see it. As a Californian, I love to see snow. I was so happy. We were walking around the streets, taking videos, and just having fun. It also seemed like a good idea to make snow angels at 5 a.m., which Sky filmed for Instagram.

Most Used Apps: TikTok, Instagram

Screen Time: 4 hours, 12 minutes

Day 4: A Busy Day Of Fashion Week Events

Needless to say, I needed to sleep in. Around 11 a.m., I got a quick breakfast, showered, and dressed for my first fitting. I love trying on clothes, especially cool outfits like Valentino and Balmain. Most of the time, they give you the creative freedom to try out whatever you want, and choose what you want for each show. You get to personalize it to yourself.

I really loved my Balmain look. It was an amazing blue suit. The outfit was inspired by Miami, and it was very comfortable. The collar on it was actually attached to the suit, so it almost made it look cleaner and fancier. I felt like I was about to hop on a yacht.

I then headed back to the hotel around 1:40 p.m. to work out, eat, post content on Instagram, and get ready for the Amiri runway show. My look was sent to my hotel, and was a two-piece outfit with Amiri on the pocket.


Once I was dressed, I headed to the Amiri runway show. My friend Zoi Lerma and I grabbed coffee and filmed content in our Amiri outfits for TikTok before the show. I also took photos for Instagram and videos for TikTok at the show.

Around 5:10 p.m., I left, changed into my Isabel Marant outfit, and headed to their presentation. It was a back-to-back day because I then headed to the Louis Vuitton Jewelry Collection show with Sky. We enjoyed the amazing collection, and took photos and videos to share on social.

We returned to eat at one of my favorite places in Paris, the restaurant on the top of the SO/Paris hotel. I went there a lot of the nights. Then, I got ready for the GQ and Levi’s party, and didn’t get back to the hotel till 5 a.m.

Most Used Apps: Instagram, TikTok

Screen Time: 4 hours, 31 minutes

Day 5: Keeping It Casual With My Friends

Jack Wright/Instagram

Since I was out late, I slept in till 11 a.m. Then, I got ready for a lunch meeting with Acne Studios in the afternoon. I decided to walk back to my hotel afterward and enjoy Paris on foot.

This day was for catching up on content, so I finished edits for a brand deal. I also used WhatsApp a lot for texting in Paris. Usually, I wouldn't use WhatsApp, but it's definitely a very big thing in Europe. I'm always redownloading the app when I fly back to Paris.

I went rock climbing with Vinnie and Sky later. We did a little shopping, ate, had dinner, and went out again. We took some pictures and shot some TikToks along the way. I never ask friends to hang out to film content. It's usually just because I want to hang with them, but when we're all having fun, sometimes it gets to the point where it's like, “Oh, why not make a video?”

It's very on the spot, natural, and organic. I think that's what's so cool and unique about posting with your friends because people can see right through the screen if it does look orchestrated. Posting when you're having fun with your friends and doing whatever makes it more special.

Most Used Apps: TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp

Screen Time: 5 hours, 14 minutes

Day 6: Going From Valentino To Balmain

On this day, I had to get ready for a re-see appointment at Comme des Garçons in the afternoon, where you look at a collection again. When we were done, I went back to the hotel to eat and get ready for Valentino and Balmain.

I loved my Valentino outfit. It was jeans and a striped sweater with a cool, fancy, chic blazer on top of it. It was very preppy and private school, which is a part of me that I love to show off. I went to a private middle school, and felt like I was going back to my roots. Valentino is such a cool brand. They're so creative with their pieces, so I had to take lots of photos for Instagram and videos for TikTok.

One of the videos I filmed in my Valentino outfit was inspired by Saltburn. I just made a little joke about the movie. A lot of my outfits reminded me of the uniforms in the movie, so I was like, “Why not use this chance to post about it?” I was literally living my Saltburn dream.


I also filmed my GRWM for TikTok. As I was getting ready, stylist Liz Taw straightened my hair. Since I loved the look, I made sure to film and take pictures for Instagram stories, wall posts, and Reels. Then, I departed for the 6 p.m. Valentino FW24 runway show.

Not only was the show amazing and I loved my outfit, but I got to see a bunch of my friends there as well. So, I filmed content for TikTok and Instagram, while also updating my IG stories. I went straight from the Valentino show to the Balmain Homme FW24 runway show. I changed in the car into the blue Balmain suit, and took photos for Instagram and videos for TikTok on the way.

Most Used Apps: TikTok, Instagram

Screen Time: 4 hours, 2 minutes

Day 7: One Last Runway Show In Paris

Jack Wright/Instagram

Like most days, I woke up, had breakfast, worked out at the hotel gym, edited, and posted content for TikTok and Instagram.

It was a chill day before I departed for the Rhude runway show around 5:25 p.m. I took photos, posted content, and edited in the car on the way for TikTok and Instagram. At the show, I posted videos to my Instagram story. Then, I returned to the hotel to eat dinner, and spent the night filming content for TikTok, editing my GRWM, posting, and packing for my flight home the next day.

Most Used Apps: TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp

Screen Time: 5 hours, 16 minutes

Final Thoughts: I’m Trying To Adopt Better Phone Habits For My Mental Health

Jack Wright/Instagram

Recently, I've definitely gotten a lot better balancing when I’m on my phone and when I’m not. I post maybe one TikTok a day, and then on Instagram, I'm really not as active when it doesn't come to fashion week. PFW definitely encourages me to post more because I get dressed up in really cool outfits and I'm traveling and seeing different restaurants. It's a lot more fun to be posting when I'm doing something interesting.

If I’m constantly scrolling, it'll put me in a weird mindset.

There will be some days when I’m on my phone more. It's usually days when I'm relaxing and I pick up unhealthy habits, but during fashion week, I don't have time to do that. If I’m constantly scrolling, it'll put me in a weird mindset. I don’t want to be thinking that I'm not doing enough or posting enough.

I definitely have been trying to get better at not living on my phone, and not waking up and scrolling for an hour. I’d rather wake up and read, or do a simple task that makes my mind feel good.

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