It Seems Like Everyone's Buying These 55 Clever AF Things On Amazon

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

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When products go viral, it can be for so many reasons: a catchy slogan, a glowing review, and sometimes — when you're really lucky — a clever use. If you're anything like me, those items cause major FOMO when everyone else is buying them. But thankfully, this list is full of clever AF things from Amazon that you can add to your shopping cart, too.

Lately, it seems like people can’t get enough of those magnetic eyelashes and overnight acne spot healers. Scroll through social media on any given day, and you're almost guaranteed to see ads, influencers, and friends alike singing their praises. (Don't worry, they made the list and you can easily give them a try.) But what about those home gadgets that make life simpler? I'm talking about the LED lights that sense when it gets dark, and the device that turns any old toilet into one with a bidet. You can also add those to your home.

If you see a product that you want, then go ahead and get it — because it seems like everyone else is doing the same thing (which means those selections are probably worth trying). I mean, a clever item that's super popular won't go to waste, right?

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

These Acne Patches That Eliminate Blemishes Overnight

You can say goodbye to unwanted blemishes overnight with these acne master patches. They're made with absorbent hydrocolloid to help heal blemishes while simultaneously protecting them. The nearly invisible patches can be covered with makeup and worn all day. Plus, they stay on for 24 hours and won’t dry your skin out.

The Kit For Cleaning Phone Screens And Glasses

Keep your screens and glasses clean with this microfiber cleaning kit. The microfiber cloths clean away smudges, dirt, and dust from computer, phone, and tablet screens (as well as eye glasses). These cloths are washable and reusable, plus the spray helps you get rid of extra-stubborn dirt.

A Round Light That Clips Onto Your Phone For Brighter Selfies

Up your selfie game with this round, clip-on light. The rechargeable bulb clips onto your phone or laptop, and it features 36 LED lights that offer a soft, professional-looking shine for your photos. Use it in dark settings for additional light, or use it for brightness while you take selfies.

A Remote-Controlled Phone Mount For Your Tripod

This phone tripod mount is the best in the game with a remote control and 360-degree rotation. Snap your device into place — horizontally or vertically — and then attach it to any tripod. It’s super light and small enough to carry around in your bag. Plus, the Bluetooth remote makes it easy to snap pictures of yourself.

These Reusable Storage Bags That Save So Much Plastic

Eliminate the need for plastic bags with these reusable storage bags. They’re BPA-free and come in a pack of ten. The ziplock closures keeps freshness in while preventing leaks — and they’re even safe to store in the freezer. Just wash them by hand and let them dry before filling them up again.

This Genius Brita Water Bottle That Filters As You Sip

Drink pure water on the go with this Brita filtering water bottle. The 26-ounce bottle is made of BPA-free plastic and features a premium filter that reduces chlorine as your drink. Here's the trick: The filter is in the body of the straw. The bottle also features an easy-to-carry loop and a leakproof lid.

The Seat Cushion That Helps Alleviate Pressure On Your Spine

If you sit at a desk all day, your hips and back will appreciate the comfort of this seat cushion. It's made of memory foam and features a nonslip bottom that holds the cushion in place day after day. It also supports your tailbone and helps to alleviate any unnecessary pressure on your spine.

The Scrubber Brush That Reaches Deep Into Tall Glassware

Sponges are generally too short to reach all the way down into glasses, so grab this scrubber. Not only does the extra-long neck make it easy to clean tall glassware, but the non-slip handle helps you maintain a comfortable grip while you're cleaning.

A Shoe Deodorizer That Won't Leave Your Kicks Discolored

You can keep your shoes smelling like new with this odor eliminator. The formula is ultra-concentrated so that a little goes a long way, and it's safe to use on all types of fabric — everything from mesh to suede. You can also use it in gym bags, lockers, or even your car, plus it won't cause any discoloration.

This Door Draft Stopper That Keeps Your Room Quiet And Warm

These door draft stoppers have so many advantages, such as eliminating noise from room to room and blocking dust and light out. They can also be used to conserve energy by keeping the hot or cold air in. Plus, the three-layer design and self-adhesive backing make installation easy and affective.

These LED Night Lights That Sense When It Gets Dark

These LED night lights turn on and off by sensing what time of day it is (seriously). They plug into any outlet and last a long time, so you shouldn't have to worry about replacing bulbs for a while. The glossy white finish is ideal, because the lights match most spaces.

These Magnetic Lashes That Simplify Your Makeup Routine

Guess what? You can stop putting fake eyelashes on with messy glue and use these magnetic lashes, instead. The secret is in the eyeliner: It's made with ultra-fine magnetic particles that connect with the eyelashes when they're applied. This pack comes with five sets: two natural looks, a dressier look, and a daily style.

A Cordless Water Flosser That Cleans Tight Spaces

Flossing is no longer something to dread, thanks to this water flosser. The cordless, rechargeable device shoots water in between your teeth to remove food and plaque without any pain. Just charge it for four hours, and you'll be able to use the device for over a month before recharging.

A Fully Adjustable Phone Stand For Easy Viewing

Keep your phone or tablet in sight with this adjustable desk stand. You can adjust the angle and height of the metal unit to find a position that’s ideal for you. The universally compatible stand fits both phones and tablets — and it even features a silicone pad that helps keep your device in place.

The Cozy Memory Foam Pillow That's Height-Adjustable

This pillow will help you sleep soundly at night, because it's filled with shredded memory foam that's fully adjustable. The insert is removable, so you can customize the pillow’s thickness to your exact preference. Plus, the bamboo rayon case is washable and hypoallergenic.

This Hat That Keeps Your Hair Safe From The Rain

Styling your hair just to have it ruined in the rain can put a damper on your mood, so why not start wearing this rain hat when the weather gets wet? It's 100% waterproof, yet also thin and lightweight so that it doesn't weigh down your hairstyle. The satin lining won't absorb any moisture so that your hair doesn't get frizzy, and the PVC visor helps protect your makeup as well.

A Pore Vacuum That Removes Blackheads With Suction

It's true: You can easily eliminate unwanted blackheads without extra products, all thanks to this pore vacuum. It works by literally sucking impurities out of your skin — and it uses a blue LED light to help repair as it goes. The device is gentle enough to use on various skin types, and it comes with multiple settings and attachments to work with (based off your complexion and needs).

A Hair Lotion That Helps Prevent Breakage

It doesn't matter whether your hair is wet or dry — you can still use this hair lotion to hydrate dry, frizzy manes. The lightweight vanilla scent is a delicious touch, and the castor oil in the formula is great for thirsty strands.

This Silicone Water Bottle That Collapses When It's Empty

For the outdoorsy at heart, this silicone water bottle is a must-have. It holds 18 ounces of water and is resistant to extreme temperatures. When you’re not using it, collapse it down to half its size for storage. The BPA-free bottle has a wide-mouth screw cap that prevents leaks while helping the bottle hold its shape.

A Long-Lasting Eyebrow Pen That Mimics Microblading

If you're trying to fill your eyebrows in, you can easily do so with this eyebrow tattoo pen. The forked design draws hair-like strokes onto your skin, filling in or defining your brows throughout the process. It’s waterproof and sweat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off. However, it does come off with makeup remover.

This Stick-On Wallet That Attaches To The Back Of Your Phone

Keep all your cards close with this phone wallet. It sticks onto the back of almost any phone or phone case and safely holds credit cards and identification cards. The anti-slip material is durable, safely locking your belongings in place until you need them. It'll hold up to five cards with ease — but you can also use it for cash.

A Pack Of Cleaning Tablets For Your Water Bottles

No matter whether your water bottle is made from plastic, stainless steel, or even glass, these cleaning tablets can get the inside very clean. They contain zero harsh chemicals, plus they're even biodegradable as well as chlorine-free. The best part? They can even power through stubborn stains.

These Easy-To-Install Shower Drains That Keep Your Pipes Clean

This silicone hair stopper keeps your shower drain clean without using harsh chemicals. Just set it over your drain — inside your kitchen, bathroom, floor, or sink — to catch hair, large pieces of food, and other potentially harmful items. The high-quality rubber and breathable layout keep hair out without interrupting the flow of water.

This Salad Container With A Special Spot For Your Dressing

Keep your salad from getting soggy with the help of this salad lunch container. The bottom compartment holds your salad of choice while the top compartment cradles toppings and dressing. The leakproof design keeps your food fresh without any spillage. Plus, it's BPA-free and can go in the microwave and dishwasher.

The Fashion Tape That Will Stay Put All Day (And Night)

Keep your favorite dress in place with this double-sided fashion tape. Each of these three tins comes with 30 strips that secure dresses, tops, scarves, socks, and more. The tape itself has so many uses, it and shouldn't irritate your skin. Walk confidently into your meeting, date, or event knowing everything is staying in its place.

This Portable Cereal Cup That Doesn't Get Soggy

You can eat cereal on the go with this cereal cup. The clever kitchen product features two cups: one for the cereal and one for the milk. You can pop off the bottom cup to pour your milk in, and it comes with a matching spoon. The cup is also BPA-free and can be put into the dishwasher.

A 3-Tier Cooling Rack That Collapses For Storage

You can cool three dozen cookies at a time with this three-tier cooling rack. The collapsible design allows you to cool more pastries without taking up any additional counter space. Plus, the nonstick coating makes cleaning super easy — and the small, compact size will fit in your cabinet with ease.

An Over-The-Door Organizer That Saves Cabinet Space

Double your cabinet space with this over-the-door organizer. It’s perfect for cutting boards or cooking sheets, and it can be mounted to the door or simply hung over the top edge of it. Plus, the ultra-thin hooks and foam padding keep your door safe while it works.

These Biodegradable Toothbrushes Made From Bamboo

Not only are they made from eco-friendly bamboo, but this four-pack of natural bamboo toothbrushes is also BPA-free as well as biodegradable. Each brush is individually wrapped and complete with a comfort-grip handle. Plus, the handles are heat-treated, and they'll even resist mildew and mold.

This Portable Door Lock That Gives Your Extra Security

You can feel safe and secure wherever you’re staying at night with this portable door lock. It takes less than a minute to install, and it's perfect for AirBnbs or hotel rooms. You don’t need any tools to assemble the lock, either. In five easy steps, you’ll have an extra layer of protection.

These Cable Clips That Keep Your Device Cords Organized

You can keep your technology cords organized with these cable clips. This pack of 16 features strong adhesives that mount the cord clips to your desks or walls. Use them to keep your phone charger in place or to conceal cords at your workspace. They can help protect your cords from shorting out, as well.

This Attachment That Turns Any Toilet Into One With A Bidet

Get the luxurious experience of having a bidet without the expense: This mechanical bidet attaches to any standard toilet. It features a nozzle guard gate and various water pressure options for your choosing. It also has a cleansing mode that ensures everything is clean between uses.

This Sleek Wine Cooler That's Perfect For Your Next Party

You can keep your favorite wine chilled at your next dinner table with this stainless steel wine cooler. The double-wall insulation keeps your wine cooler for longer, and the stylish silver finish dresses up any standard wine bottle.

This Humidifier That Doubles As An Essential Oil Diffuser

This cool mist humidifier keeps moisture in the air to help improve sleeping, breathing, and your skin. This humidifier doubles as an essential oil diffuser with seven unique color settings and mood lighting. The touch control is easy to use, and it automatically shuts off when it runs out of water.

This Reusable Notebook That Sends Your Notes To The Cloud

You can save paper and resist cluttered notebooks by using this reusable notebook, instead. The spiral book uses dotted pages that are compatible with an app on your phone; that way, you can upload your notes to any cloud service and then wipe them away IRL. It comes with a microfiber towel and unique pen.

A Lap Desk That Makes Working From The Couch Actually Productive

You can work comfortably from anywhere with this lap desk. It features a ledge for your phone that helps it stand upright in an easy-to-see position. It also has a mouse pad and a ledge that holds your laptop in place. On the bottom side, the desk has two bolster cushions to sit comfortably on your lap while keeping you cool.

An Inverted Umbrella That Works To Keep You Dry

This inverted umbrella is made of waterproof pongee fabric, and it folds “inside out.” The inverted design allows you to open the umbrella without getting wet as you're stepping inside from the rain. The C-shaped handle makes carrying it easy, and the sturdy frame allows the umbrella to stand on its own.

A Shelf Organizer That Stacks Pans Whichever Way You Want

Spend less time looking for the right pan with this shelf organizer. The layered unit can be used on its side or standing up to accommodate your cabinet size and store five pans at once. It even comes with mounting tools to secure the unit into place while saving cabinet space.

A Charging Dock That Holds Up To 5 Devices At A Time

Power all your devices at once with this charging station. The USB dock has five ports that are all connected to an on-and-off switch. The adjustable dividers make it easy to hold any device, regardless of its thicknesses. The unit charges devices quickly while protecting their batteries.

This Jar Opener That Sits Under Your Cabinet And Makes Your Life So Much Easier

Open jars with ease by installing this jar opener in your kitchen. The round opener is easy to mount under any cabinet by using the adhesive backing. Just screw the opener into the cabinet for safety, and then simply insert a jar into the grip before twisting it open.

These Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Any Bowl

It's true: You can stop searching for the right-sized lid and use these silicone stretch lids, instead. The strong silicone sheets can stretch to fit various bowls and jars, so you won't need to find specific ones. They also provide airtight seals keep food from leaking. Just wash them in boiling water to disinfect between uses.

A Food Cover That Prevents Messes In The Microwave

Stop messes before they begin with this collapsible microwave cover. The BPA-free, ventilated food dome is made of silicone and plastic; just place it over your food as it cooks to prevent splatters. It even collapses flat for storage and features an easy-grip handle.

This Firm And Flexible Spatula That Has 2 Sides

This multipurpose silicone spatula is both firm and flexible — and it features two sides for an easier time in the kitchen (and less utensils to clean). You can spread, scoop, flip, or toss your favorite meal with this heat-resistant scoop. Plus, the bright color is stylish and easy to spot in a crowded drawer.

The 3-in-1 Spatula That Grips Your Food While You Flip It

This three-in-one tool makes cooking meat and veggies so much easier. It replaces your best tongs, grease strainer, and traditional spatula, because it combines them into one tool that grips and flips. Plus, it’s heavy-duty stainless steel and can be used as a scraper for cleanup.

A Pan Lid Holder That Also Holds Your Saucy Spoon

This stainless steel counter rest features a convenient spoon holder to keep your counters clean while cooking, along with a secure spot for your pan lid whenever you need to stir. The stand and tray are lightweight and easy to clean, and they won't rust or corrode with time.

This Knife That's Designed To Evenly Spread Butter

This stainless steel butter knife is designed to perfectly cut butter every time, because it shaves butter as you glide it across the stick. The one-inch blade can also spread jelly, cream cheese, or jam perfectly. It won’t destroy your bread as you swipe your favorite topping across it, either.

The Veggie Corer That Removes Seeds With A Single Twist

Core your favorite veggies with this jalapeño corer. The stainless steel device has serrated edges that make it easy to remove seeds. Just insert the blade and twist it to remove the veggie's core. The comfortable handle makes it easy to use, so coring your produce is easy every time.

A Conditioning Spray Made With Coconut And Argan Oil

This conditioning spray is not only safe for all types of hair, but it's also fortified with argan and coconut oil to deliver a nourishing dose of moisture to dry strands. "My hair feels like pure silk," one reviewer raved. "It’s sooo soft and smooth after using this."

These LED Mirror Lights That Upgrade Your Vanity Space

Lighten up your vanity space with these LED mirror lights, which are ideal for areas where you apply makeup. This light kit works on most mirrors and simulates natural sunlight. The bulbs each use a sticky adhesive to mount to your mirror, so you can move them around whenever you want or need to.

The Wall Gadget That Dispenses Toothpaste In One Touch

This automatic toothpaste dispenser is the gadget you never knew you needed. With one touch, you can automatically squeeze your toothpaste onto your brush. The dust-proof dispenser safely stores tooth your bristles in a ventilated cover for the cleanest and most sanitary experience. Just stick it to your bathroom wall and start brushing.

A Bag Dispenser That Mounts To The Wall For Convenient Storage

Store your grocery bags neatly in your pantry with this wall mount bag dispenser. The brushed stainless steel dispenser easily attaches to the wall and holds up to 30 grocery bags at a time. Just tuck them into the wide-mouth opening and pull them from the smaller slot as needed.

This Egg Poacher That Makes Breakfast In The Microwave

You can poach eggs at home within minutes with the help of this microwaveable egg poacher. The silicone container is designed to poach eggs in the compartments underneath its lid. When it's being used, steam and heat escape through the vents as the heat-resistant container starts cooking.

The Bag Holders That Hold Up To 80 Pounds Of Groceries Each

Carry up to 80 pounds of groceries in your hands with this grocery bag holder. The practical design allows you to loop several bags onto one hook, making it easy to carry them to your car. The handle is comfortable and perfect for daily use — and you'll get two of them with one purchase.

This Avocado Keeper That Stores Uneaten Halves For Days

Keep your avocados fresher for longer with this storage container. The dishwasher-safe unit is designed to keep unused avocado halves fresh for days. It features a snap-on lid that locks in freshness to avoid wasting uneaten pieces.

This Travel Power Strip That Wraps Around Itself To Save Space

This travel surge protector features three outlets and three USB ports so you can charge your devices wherever you are. Plus, the 15-inch extension cord makes it easy to unplug, pack, and use on the go. It also comes in three colors: black, red, and white.

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