I Tried Vogel Crystal Healing & I Got The Clarity I've Been Waiting For

My desk is littered with crystals. Between shards of rose quartz, selenite towers, chunks of raw tourmaline, and more, I take every chance to further my collection. Having them by my side just makes me feel closer to something larger than myself. However, for someone who has a whole slew of crystals, I know very little about how a real crystal healing session works, so when the opportunity to finally experience it arrived, I knew I couldn't turn it down. Although I was flushed with nervous excitement as the date of the session grew nearer, I tried Vogel crystal healing on the famous John of God crystal bed and one thing's for sure: I'll be pondering it for a long time to come.

I know what you're thinking: "John of God crystal bed"? Trust me, I was confused, too. Initially, the plan was to find a healer who specifically works with Vogel crystals, a carefully designed cut of clear quartz created by research scientist Marcel Vogel. These crystals are constructed to operate at the frequency of water, and since the human body is made primarily of water, I was eager to understand what made these crystals so special. Little did I know, this crystal healing journey was just beginning.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally stumbled upon Marguerite Rathbone's Intuitive Crystal Bed Healing in Irvine, California, just an hour away from where I live. Over the phone, I felt her bright and caring energy as she spoke, and after establishing that she only works with Vogel crystals, I immediately made myself an appointment. As each day passed before my session, I became more and more anxious. Even though there should be nothing to worry about during a crystal healing session, I had no idea what to expect. Is this going to be uncomfortable? Will I be overwhelmed by spiritual energy? Would the experience change me forever? I have a wild imagination as it is, and my mind was flooded with possibilities. However, I'm also a somewhat reasonable person, so I tried to keep my expectations in line.

Luckily, Marguerite's presence was just as warm as she felt during our phone call, instantly calming my nerves. She led me into the room where our healing session would take place, and I finally saw this crystal bed in the flesh.

Roya Backlund

There was an array of seven different Vogel crystals hanging over a white blanketed bed. Each crystal emanated its own color of light that corresponds with a specific chakra in the soul. At intervals, these crystal lights would twinkle and sparkle, making me all the more curious as to what magic they would perform on me.

Marguerite, a retired registered nurse who eventually dedicated herself entirely to being a spiritual practitioner, explained to me that this bed came from John of God. Now, I had never heard of John of God before, but it turns out that he's a world-renowned healer from Brazil who has been performing miracles ever since he was a child. Between curing lifelong ailments to mending emotional trauma, John of God claims to be a channel for god and other spirits to help heal people, almost as if by magic. Marguerite herself has visited John of God before, and after witnessing what he's capable of, has never looked back since.

I laid myself down and waited for the healing to happen.

While I've had spiritual experiences that have led me to believe anything is possible, I'm not the type of person to instantly trust claims of miraculous cure-alls such as these. I had to see what this crystal healing bed was all about before making up my mind. Once I let Marguerite know that I wanted this session to purge me of my negative thought patterns and allow me to experience a deeper and more joyful connection with my spirit guides, I laid myself down and waited for the healing to happen.

After Marguerite placed headphones over my ears and a sleep mask over my eyes, she said a prayer. In this prayer, she asked her spiritual team to remove negative forces from the room and heal me in the way I needed healing. With that, tranquil, yet dramatic music started filling my head, and the hour-long session had officially begun.

It's not always easy to relinquish control and open yourself up to the unknown.

Instantly, I felt a tremendous quake of energy that at first made me feel uneasy. My eyelids fluttered uncontrollably beneath my mask, and I had the unsettling realization that I was in quite a vulnerable state. What was happening beyond my mask? I wondered. Are there unknown spirits standing beside me? Working their way through me? Communicating with me? It's not always easy to relinquish control and open yourself up to the unknown. After taking a few deep breaths, I became more comfortable with my situation, and I felt my body and mind begin to relax.

The music swayed from low, mysterious drumming and the somber chanting of monks to the softest babbling brook. Then, the trickling melody transitioned into birds chirping through a natural world, and back to the chanting and drumming once again. With each shift in the audio, I felt my soul stir.

Meditation is not always something that comes easy to me. My mind runs at a thousand miles per hour, and if any of my attempts to truly quiet my mind are successful, I definitely feel accomplished. However, it felt strangely easy to calm my inner-monologue. I felt the auditory sounds permeate my state of mind, and as the music continued to flood me, I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into a profound relaxation.

You'd think that such a state of mind would have me shocked the moment Marguerite interrupted to let me know the session was over. However, I slipped out of my crystal daze just as easily as I slipped in. "How was it?" She asked me with eyes all lit up. After struggling to find the right words to convey my feelings, I let her know that it will take me a while to process what just happened.

She then sat me down and revealed a piece of paper that was covered with her cursive handwriting. Apparently, while I was laying on the crystal bed, she was receiving messages from the spirits who were healing me. Clearly, they had lots to say, considering that both sides of the paper were full of words:

While I was laying on the crystal bed, she was receiving messages from the spirits who were healing me.

"We love your kind, open heart and inquisitive mind. It makes life so joyous and interesting, does it not? You are 'tip-toeing' into this world, as you should. Caution is always advised," Marguerite read out.

"Everything that has happened to you has been necessary for your growth," she continued. "One of the ways for guidance is by journaling. Ask for your guardian angels to help and they will."

"An exciting time is in the near future," Marguerite began to conclude the letter. "Friends and family. New beginnings. What a delightful lady."

I sat there and allowed these words — words that seemed inextricably tied to someone else; someone other than Marguerite — to affect me. Somehow, the letter contained answers to questions I didn't realize I had, and the solutions were effortless. I needed to journal more — something I used to practice daily not so long ago, but have since drifted away from — and listen to what my intuition is telling me. I should ask my guardian angels for help whenever I need it, because communicating my needs to the universe is really that easy. Even though things have seemed slow, I must look forward to the future, because a beautiful change is on the way.

As I drove home, I felt a lightness in my being that made the hour-long drive from Orange County back home to L.A. go by in a flash. I stared at the sunset through my bedroom window upon arrival. Although I still wasn't sure what had taken place inside of me, I felt that something had. Things felt clearer, simpler, and a whole lot less heavy. To me, it made all the difference.