TikTokers are showing hot to make the viral supreme croissant at home with a croissant roll recipe.....

How To Make TikTok’s Viral Supreme Croissant Recipe At Home

Rollin’ with my croissants.

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You don’t have to be Emily in Paris to enjoy a delicious croissant. However, it may be a challenge to find the viral Suprême croissant that can be seen all over the FYP. For anyone who isn’t on the foodie side of TikTok, the Suprême croissant was popularized by Lafayette bakery in NYC and is a circular croissant filled with different pastry creams. Other bakeries like La Boulangerie & Co in Chicago have come out with their own croissant rolls, but for any at-home chefs, you may want to know how to make the viral supreme croissant in your own kitchen.

Just like TikTok introduced you to the supreme croissant, the app is now providing you with the croissant roll recipe to make your dreams of eating this delicious pastry a reality. The best part of all is that it’s so easy to make. While the supreme croissant may look too pretty to eat and the definition of Insta-worthy, it’s actually one of the easiest pastries to bake at home. You really only need two ingredients to get started, so you might as well roll into the kitchen and try this circular croissant recipe for yourself.

How To Make The Viral Supreme Croissant At Home


To start off your supreme croissant recipe, you need to secure those two ingredients from the store. According to TikToker @aribasfoodmood, pick up the following:

  • Puff pastry dough
  • Your choice of filling

From there, take your puff pastry dough and roll it out flat. Once you’ve done that, cut rectangular strips that you then roll up in a spiral or circle. Place your rolled up dough into either a ramekin or a round metal food ring. TikToker Greggy Soriano (@greggy.soriano) says to leave about a half inch of space for your croissant to expand in the oven. Once your croissants have baked and are golden brown, create a hole near the seam and add in your filling with a piping bag or a DIY one made from a Ziploc bag. You can either add the same filling on top or drizzle on some ganache to look like the viral Suprême croissants. You could even get fancy by adding some nuts or sprinkles to make your circular croissants more ‘Gram-worthy.

Viral Supreme Croissant Flavors To Try


An easy choice to start off with is a chocolate supreme croissant, but you could spice it up with some Nutella as your filling. The croissant rolls in Chicago come in Nutella, creme brûlée, raspberry, and pistachio. Those are all options to try as well. Speaking of creme brûlée, to get the nice crunchy outside, Soriano spreads on some simple syrup glaze to the croissants right after they’ve been taken out of the oven and are still hot.

To upgrade your croissant even further, take some inspo from Lafayette and their seasonal Suprême croissants. The Suprême de Noël is made with eggnog, a wintergreen glaze, and topped with a yule log meringue. For the fall, they had a Bourbon Maple Nut Suprême that came with Vermont Creemee, cranberry caramel, and toasted pecans. Fans of ube may want to try Soriano’s take on the viral croissant, which is filled with ube halaya and ube yema. The bright purple treat will definitely leave you in a lavender haze.

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