A woman enjoys a bowl of grapes after learning how to make candy grapes from TikTok.

How To Make TikTok Candy Grapes For Halloween Trick-Or-Treats

These homemade candies are perfect for spooky nights.

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Candy grapes first went viral on TikTok in the spring, but they’ve made a comeback to the FYP just in time for the holiday where candy really plays a starring role — Halloween. It seems TikTokers are looking for some homemade candy to trick-or-treat themselves with on Oct. 31, and candied grapes are definitely the way to go. If you missed this foodie trend the first time around, you may wondering how to make candy grapes from TikTok.

Well, candy grapes are very similar to the candy apples you see at Disneyland and state fairs. They are fresh grapes that have been covered in a candy coating of water, sugar, and corn syrup. When the syrup cools down, it becomes crunchy-like candy, and when you bite into a candy grape, it has that hard shell exterior but still remains juicy and delicious like a grape on the inside. They’re a fun and sweeter way to enjoy a bowl of grapes.

Some TikTokers have even taken their candy grapes to the next level by coating them in other crushed up candy and adding flavors to the candy syrup. Once you have the basic candy grape recipe nailed down, you really can experiment to get different candied grapes to snack on or to share with your friends.

How To Make Candy Grapes From TikTok


OK, so you’ve decided to make candy grapes at home. How grape! To begin, you’ll need to gather your ingredients:

  • Grapes
  • Toothpicks
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup corn syrup
  • 1/2 cup water

If you’re just looking for a basic candy grape recipe to start off with, this candied grape tutorial from TikToker @alexalesliee is easy to follow. Start off by putting a toothpick into each one of your washed and dried grapes. Place those in the freezer for about 30 minutes while you get the candy syrup ready. For the syrup, you’ll want to boil the sugar, water, and corn syrup in a pot while stirring. When that is ready, take your grapes and dip them into the syrup before placing them back into the freezer to cool off. You can also add some food coloring to your syrup mix to make your grapes a fun color or dip your candy-coated grapes in blended up Jolly Ranchers, which is also a part of this candy grape recipe. Both steps will make your grapes even more Insta-worthy and colorful.

Candy Grape Recipe Ideas From TikTok


There are plenty of other ways to switch up the candy grape recipe to make them totally unique. For instance, TikToker @queensweetsatlanta made some drunken candy grapes by soaking the grapes in some tequila for 24 hours before coating with the candy syrup. You could also switch up the blended candy that goes on the outside of your candy grapes. TikToker @thugbabytv says that while Jolly Ranchers seems to be the go-to hard candy choice, other options include Life Savers, Starbursts, and even just Fun Dip. For the latter, you won’t need to blend anything.

Also, @thugbabytv’s candy grape TikTok mentions that a candy thermometer is an important tool for getting the right heat for your candy syrup. There are candy thermometers for $10 on Amazon, so you should add to cart ASAP if you’re thinking about making yourself this viral treat. Another helpful ingredient that is not necessary but will enhance the taste of your candy grapes is some added flavoring, like strawberry.

No matter how you make your candy grapes, they are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party or next besties night in. You could even decorate your grapes to look like eyeballs for a spooktacular twist. Either way, your friends will be so grapeful for the treats.

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