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A woman holding her phone and doing the planet wallpaper trend.

Make Planet Wallpaper For Your Phone With This TikTok Trend That’s Out Of This World

It’s like your own little galaxy.

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TikTok has become the go-to resource for life hacks, recipes, and even decor inspo for so many people. The video-sharing app can even be great place to discover cool new trends, like the swirled planet wallpaper that’s currently all over the FYP. While you’ve definitely admired a variety of planet wallpaper designs you’ve been seeing, you might be wondering how to do the planet wallpaper trend from TikTok for yourself.

For anyone new to this out-of-this-world viral trend, it seems TikTokers have decided that with a new year, they’re going to give themselves a new phone background. However, this isn’t just any phone background; it’s a custom designed planet wallpaper that’s created using some of their personal photos. By using a photo editing app, users are morphing some of their fave pics to look like a variety of colorful, gaseous plants in a solar system. This planet wallpaper trend is especially perfect for any space-loving Aquarius, a person with a galaxy aesthetic going on, or someone who just wants to be reminded of what matters most to them in the world. If you fall into either of these categories, here are the detailed steps to jump on the planet wallpaper trend from TikTok.

The first step is to pick out which pictures you’d like to use to create your planets. It works best when you find photos with a variety of colors to set your planets apart from one another. You may also want to pick photos that hold a special place in your heart, like the cute selfie of you and your partner on your anniversary or a candid of your besties all hanging out together. Once you have your photos chosen, download the Picsart app.

Swirl Your Favorite Photos With Picsart


Using the Picsart app, add your first chosen photo and click on the "Tools" button at the bottom and select "Stretch." On the toolbar, you’ll then see a "Swirl CW" tool. All you need to do is then hold down on the screen and swirl over the entire image. Once it’s edited to your liking, tap the “Apply” button on the top right.

Crop Your Planet To A Circle

In order to get the planet look, you’ll obviously need to crop your image into a circle. After clicking “Apply,” you’ll be brought back to where you started, so click the “Tools” button once more and select “Shape Crop.” Find the circle and select it at the bottom. Using your fingers, you can make the circle as big or small as you’d like and adjust it to where you want your planet to be. Once that’s all figured out, click the next arrow. From there, you’ll want to select size zero to get rid of the frame around the edge of your circle — aka planet — and save.

Add Some *Spice* To Your Planet

If you want to add some depth to your planet to make it more realistic looking, add a moon-like glow. Do this by going to the “Sticker” section and finding a crescent moon to add to the outer edge of your circle. Adjust the opacity to your liking, crop out the rest of the crescent, and press “Apply.” Make sure to also select size zero for you border this time as well. TikToker @eliiaep perfectly shows off how to get through this crescent moon step.

Place Your Plant On A Black Background


Once you have your glowing planet ready to go, you’ll want to add it to a black background. From the toolbar, select “Fit” and choose black. Move your planet to where you’d like it placed and press “Apply” once more. Once you have that, you’re ready to save and update your wallpaper in your phone’s settings. However, if you’d rather have a more galaxy theme to it, follow TikToker @natt_.b’s tutorial by saving your planet without a background. It’ll be saved in your Picsart account to come back to.

Find a galaxy photo on Google that you’d like to use and bring that into Picsart. When editing, you can select “Add Photo” at the bottom to add in your plants and adjust them where you’d liked them to be in your galaxy. You can even add some shadows with stickers to really give your planets that 3D feel. The end result that you’ll save will make the dreamiest wallpaper for you to enjoy anytime you pick up your phone.

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