Apply to be the first ever MTN DEW Outpost Ranger, which includes a new UTV, over $5,000 in cash, an...

Apply For MTN DEW’s Outpost Ranger Gig To Score Over $5K And A New UTV

This week-long job also includes a stay in a souped-up RV and MTN Dew products.

by Andrea Hannah
Courtesy of Pepsi Co.

Calling all nature lovers: MTN DEW is searching for its first-even Outpost Ranger, and applying for the week-long gig is super simple. If you love the great outdoors and want to share it with others, you could spend an entire week in May 2022 tending to the brand new MTN DEW Outpost in Tennessee’s Doe Mountain. And the best part? There’s no professional experience required for the job, which includes $5,450, a stay in a decked-out RV, and a $25,000 off-road vehicle.

For one week, the new ranger will be responsible for managing a variety of duties for the Outpost, many of which involve sharing nature with and educating the public. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity includes leading group hikes through 45 miles of winding trails at Doe Mountain, guiding a small group through a mountain scavenger hunt on a Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium (a $21,000 four wheeler), and supervising community events, such as educational walks and tree trimming.

In addition to getting to spend time in nature, there are some massive perks to the job. The new MTN DEW Outpost Ranger will receive a one-time payment of $5,000 for their work on the mountain, as well as fully-paid travel expenses to and from Doe Mountain and a $450 gift card to cover additional expenses. On top of that, the ranger also gets to stay in a souped-up RV while they’re working at the Outpost, they’ll receive a one-of-a-kind DEW-branded uniform. And when it’s all over? You get to leave the mountain with a brand new $21,000 off-road vehicle, the Polaris RANGER XP 1000 Premium, plus a collection of exclusive and unreleased MTN DEW products. You’ll even get more MTN DEW assets delivered to your home throughout the next year.

Anyone who loves the outdoors is welcome to throw their hat into the ring for a chance to roam eastern Tennessee’s rolling hills. If you want to head up to the mountains for an off-the-cuff adventure while also supporting sustainability, you’ll want to apply for the Outpost Ranger job ASAP before registration closes on Jan 14. To apply, go to www.MTNDEWOutpost.com, where you’ll be asked to describe your passion for the outdoors, traits that would make you an ideal outpost ranger, what an ideal day on the mountain looks like to you, and any relevant outdoor experience or hobbies. Your job application will be judged by your answers as well as “leadership qualities, originality, authenticity, and commitment and excitement for the great outdoors.” Full rules and regulations are on the site.

Courtesy of PEPSI CO.

While the adventure of it all is tons of fun, MTN DEW’s new Outpost program is also working to create a natural sanctuary for people to enjoy. The company is providing a grant through the program to create new trails and activities for outdoor lovers, and the projects will also create sustainable jobs for the local community. On top of that, the jobs are slotted to be a permanent fixture of working on Doe Mountain, which will help to support the community for the long haul. All these fun new activities and even tastings will be held at the MTN DEW Outpost starting in May 2022.

In the meantime, you can stay up-to-date on all the latest developments with the MTN DEW Outpost by following @MountainDew on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And if you want to scope out the beauty of Doe Mountain before you get there, visit www.doetn.com and follow @Doemtntn on Instagram.