The House of HomeGoods stay includes tons of home decor from HomeGoods.

How To Book A House Of HomeGoods Stay In New York This Fall

These themed stays are just $30 a night!

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Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods

Raise your hand if you enjoy watching TikToks of people showing off their HomeGoods hauls or roaming the aisles to see what they can find. HomeGoods is a great place to find the seasonal decor you’re looking for, and a trip to your local HomeGoods can provide tons of inspo on how to make your place more Insta-worthy — and a new HomeGoods experience promises to bring even more inspiration. There’s a House of HomeGoods getaway in New York that you can book, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a countryside home that is filled with some of the best finds from HomeGoods.

HomeGoods is officially getting into the rental home market with their House of HomeGoods stay. From the end of October to November, the home decor retailer is offering fans the chance to get away to a fully furnished home that has been completely decorated with items from the store. Think of this as taking your love of scrolling through HomeGoods TikToks to the next level. Instead of just seeing all the throw pillows and kitchen essentials on your screen, you can fully immerse yourself in them.

And just like the blankets and mugs you may find on the shelves of a HomeGoods store are always changing, so will the decor in the House of HomeGoods. Each week, the aesthetic will change depending on a new theme that will pair with an activity guests will partake in. That means it’ll be a completely different experience depending on when you book. To get in on the fun, here’s how to book the House of HomeGoods.

How To Book The House Of HomeGoods

Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods

Starting Oct. 12 through Oct. 15, fans of HomeGoods will have the chance to book their stay at the House of HomeGoods. On Oct. 12, the guest booking will be released at 9 a.m. ET. Then, on Oct. 13 through Oct. 15, the bookings will be available daily at 12 p.m. ET, so you’ll want to act fast for the aesthetic getaway of your dreams. Each stay is just $30 a night as well, so it’s super affordable. Since it’s so budget-friendly and on a first come basis, you’ll want to prioritize which House of HomeGoods weekend you prefer.

When Are The House Of HomeGoods Weekends?

Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods

The House of HomeGoods stays begin the weekend of Oct. 21 and end the weekend of Nov. 11. As mentioned, each weekend stay will have a different theme which will correlate with the decor of the home. You could always try booking any of the weekends for a once in a lifetime opportunity or specifically choose a weekend that is calling to you. The different themed activities include:

  • Find Creativity (Oct. 21-23)
  • Find Festivity (Oct. 28-30)
  • Find Adventure (Nov. 4-6)
  • Find Charm (Nov. 11-13)

For anyone seeking more creativity, this first weekend at the House of HomeGoods will be filled with inspiration and bright colors to get your imagination going, and HomeGoods teases that there will be “endless finds to discover behind every door.” The festivity weekend makes sense with Halloween right around the corner, and if you end up booking this stay, you’ll be treated to tons of autumnal colors and “cozy fall comforts to awaken senses and spark festivity.”

As we move into November, you may looking for more adventure and the HomeGoods house will have warm, nature-inspired decor. You may even be tempted to explore the Hudson Valley in New York, where the home is located. The “Find Charm” weekend is filled with even more wanderlust as the home will be transformed into a “charming countryside escape like a rural European town.”

What’s Included In The House Of HomeGoods Stay?

Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods
Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods
Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods
Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods
Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods
Dorothy Hong for HomeGoods

In addition to having a gorgeous two-bedroom home in Upstate New York all to yourself for the weekend, there will also be an at-home activity to go along with your theme. This will also be a chance for you to film a few of your own HomeGoods TikToks as you show off the space and what’s inside. If you see some items you love, you may just get to take them home with you. According to the press release, “guests can take home a selection of their favorite finds to reimagine their own spaces.” You can also shop for items found in the house in stores and online, so the Insta-worthy home of your dreams is just what trip to the House of HomeGoods away.

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