Homesick's Friends candle is inspired by Central Perk.

Homesick’s Friends Central Perk Candle Smells Like NYC & Coffee

Alexa, play “Smelly Cat.”

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They say smell is the strongest trigger to take you back to a nostalgic moment in time — even as far back as the ‘90s. Scents like wet pavement, two hot pizzas (Joey’s Special), and smelly cats might bring you to the streets of Greenwich Village, but the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee is sure to lead your imagination into the Central Perk cafe where a quirky collection of “friends” gathered back in 1994. Homesick’s new Central Perk candle, which is inspired by Friends, will transport you directly to the iconic orange couch with one whiff, thanks to the coffee shop aromas of espresso, brick wall, and velvet.

Homesick is known for encapsulating specific concepts, places, and moments into candle form, like their astrology signs and Star Wars candle collections. This time, they’ve concocted a home fragrance that’s inspired by the iconic fictional coffee shop from Friends, Central Perk. For fans, the setting holds so many fond memories of the Friends gang coming together to argue, flirt, flip through the newspaper, or ignore Gunther while they sip on big mugs of coffee. Homesick described the Central Perk candle as a “double-shot of Friends nostalgia,” and you can order it now for $42.

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The 13.75-ounce Friends-inspired candle, which boasts about 60 to 80 hours of burn time, pays homage to the iconic show by reimagining all the scents of Central Perk into candle form. Naturally, you can expect strong notes of espresso beans and brewed coffee, as well as typical coffee fixings like caramel, steamed milk, vanilla, mocha, sugar cane, and heavy cream. To really bring Greenwich Village and that whole New York City vibe to life, you can also expect wifts of brick.

Basically, it sounds like you’ll be transported to a ‘90s New York City coffee shop with Smelly Cat in the background when you light this candle, making it the perfect addition to your new year’s morning journaling or self-love nights at home. All that’s missing is the orange couch, a cup of steaming coffee (with some splashes of Friends-inspired creamer, of course), and your own lobster to make you feel like you’re really at Central Perk with your own BFFs.

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