The HI-CHEW Fantasy House giveaway in Palm Springs has pastel home decor.

You Can Win A Candy-Inspired Palm Springs Vacay With This HI-CHEW Giveaway

You can bring up to five friends to this ‘Gram-worthy stay.

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With the warmer weather on its way, a weekend in Palm Springs sounds like the ultimate getaway. You don’t just want to stay in Palm Springs, though. You want to live your best life in a luxurious house with your very own pool — and the more ‘Gram-worthy your stay is, the better. If that sounds like a dream come true, run, don’t walk, to enter the HI-CHEW Fantasy House giveaway, which goes through April 26. Inspired by the all-new HI-CHEW Fantasy Mix, HI-CHEW has designed an Insta-worthy Fantasy House that you and your BFFs can stay at for the sweetest weekend away.

HI-CHEW really has transformed this Palm Springs poolside property into your very own Candy Land with cotton candy-like faux clouds and sweet pastel colors throughout. Each bedroom in the HI-CHEW Fantasy House is also inspired by a different Fantasy Mix flavor, so you and your besties get to figure out which room best fits your different personalities.

There’s the Blue Raspberry room, which has sweet and tart decor throughout to match the blue raspberry flavor. If you’re feeling pink and flirty, you may want to stay in the Rainbow Sherbet room, which has a pink inflatable pool filled with pastel rainbow balls inside. There’s also a pink full-length mirror in the corner for adorable mirror selfies in your swimsuit before going for a swim. Meanwhile, if you’re ready to tropic it like it’s hot, you’ll want to stay in the Blue Hawaii room, which is inspired by the islands. It has an Aloha neon sign and mid-century modern blue egg chair for relaxing in when you’re not lounging by the pool.


Speaking of the pool, each bedroom in the HI-CHEW Fantasy House will lead you right into the backyard pool area. This is where you’ll probably spend most of your weekend getaway, because you truly can’t go to Palm Springs without some much-needed pool time. You’ll also be able to relax and snap some sunglasses selfies while laying out on HI-CHEW-themed floaties. There will also be some life-size games in the backyard for even more fun.

Of course, if you need a little break from the sun, the HI-CHEW Fantasy House living room is also the perfect place for you and your squad to hang. You’ll feel like you’re on cloud nine — literally. The living room has magical hanging faux clouds and large white bean bag chairs to evoke a heavenly feel. You’ll be so inspired by the decor that an Instagram photoshoot is a must. After all, this Fantasy House is such a dream come true that your followers will need the pics for proof.


Winners will also receive some HI-CHEW swag during their two-night stay, plus your home away from home will also be stocked with tons of HI-CHEW flavors for you to snack on and try. If this sounds like the sweetest getaway, you’ll need to enter the HI-CHEW Fantasy House sweepstakes before it closes on April 26. One person will win, but you can bring up to five guests with you during your stay. Keep in mind you’re also only allowed one entry per person, and the sweepstakes is only open to U.S. residents who are 25 years or older. If that’s you, here’s to hoping there’s a fantasy Palm Springs weekend in your near future.

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