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Tao and Charlie exchange 'Heartstopper' quotes for captions of BFF pics.

Here Are 36 Heartstopper Quotes To Use With Your Cutest BFF Pics On Insta

Tao and Charlie are bestie goals.


Netflix’s Heartstopper is quickly becoming a must-watch since its premiere on the streaming platform on Friday, April 22. The LGBTQ coming-of-age story of Nick and Charlie becoming best friends and then falling in love is adorable on so many levels. Not only is the eight-episode series easy to marathon-watch, but you’ll also find you can use some of the cutest Heartstopper quotes for captions of BFF pics on Insta.

While you may not be falling in love with your bestie like Nick and Charlie, you can relate to how much they care about each other. You also want to spend most of your time with your BFF, text constantly, and would defend them in a heartbeat. While watching the show, you may also find Charlie’s crew of friends super relatable if you have your own solid squad. Just like Tao, Elle, Isaac, and Charlie, you are always making plans in your group chat. Between the birthday parties and movie nights, you’ll definitely want to save a few of these Heartstopper quotes about friendship to use as Instagram captions with your fave group snaps.


You may even want to use these Heartstopper quotes if you are dating your bestie. They’re just that sweet. So, the next time you have a selfie that’s too cute for words, post it ASAP with one of these Heartstopper quotes below.

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  1. “We are a trio of borderline outcasts.” — Tao
  2. “Just someone I can have a laugh with.” — Charlie
  3. “You’re a good friend.” — Nick
  4. “If he’s even slightly mean to you... I was going to say I’d send him a strongly worded DM.” — Tao
  5. “Best gal pals.” — Darcy
  6. “Since Year 7, so five years of hell.” — Tara
  7. “No, you’re just good at everything.” — Nick
  8. “You’re a proper little nerd.” — Nick
  9. “You seem much more yourself around him.” — Sarah
  10. “As your token straight friend, it’s my duty to remind you that sometimes people are straight. It’s an unfortunate fact of life.” — Tao
  11. “Can we be a group of three?” — Elle
  12. “You’re rubbing off on me.” — Tara
  13. “Only a few of our friends know, but I think you’re officially part of the inner circle.” — Tara
  14. “I wish you didn’t have to go.” — Charlie
  15. “You look so cuddly like that.” — Nick
  16. “I want you to be there.” — Nick
  17. “I swear to God, she loves you more than me.” — Tao
  18. “I thought we were having a film night.” — Tao
  19. “I just wanted it to be like old times.” — Tao
  20. “Just us.” — Elle
  21. “He should be here with his actual friends.” — Tao
  22. “He’s probably... Yeah, he probably is my best friend right now.” — Nick
  23. “Want to dance?” — Tara
  24. “He’s my friend.” — Nick
  25. “I just miss how things used to be with the four of us.” — Tao
  26. “Well, sometimes change is a good thing.” — Elle
  27. “You made some friends?” — Tao
  28. “I’m happy for you.” — Tao
  29. “I was really scared no one would like me, so I didn’t even try talking to people at first.” — Elle
  30. “I actually needed to put myself out there or I’d just be alone.” — Elle
  31. “I kept buying your apple juice.” — Tao
  32. “Can we promise that, like, no matter what happens, we’ll always prioritize our friendship?” — Tao
  33. “No matter what changes, we always, always put our friendship first.” — Tao
  34. “I’m going to find my friend.” — Nick
  35. “I’d rather hang out with you, anyway.” — Nick
  36. “I’m so proud.” — Nick