The 'Haunting of Hill House' maze at Universal Studios was created with Netflix.
12 Haunting Of Hill House Easter Eggs From Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights Experience

Only the most diehard fans will notice these details during their visit.

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After a one-year hiatus, Halloween Horror Nights is back at Universal Studios for 2021 with all-new spooky treats and a total of 10 haunted houses inspired by your favorite scary movies and TV shows. In honor of Halloween Horror Nights’ 30th anniversary, Universal Studios teamed up with Netflix to create a one-of-a-kind Haunting of Hill House experience — and it’s so terrifyingly realistic that it’ll make you feel like you’re wandering the halls of Hill House with the Crain family. There are so many subtle details from Season 1 of the hit Netflix series inside, and you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for these Haunting of Hill House Easter eggs when you visit Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Florida.

Because Netflix teamed up with the Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights team to recreate the Crain home in Orlando, it’s unsurprising that no detail from The Haunting of Hill House was left unexplored. The house sets the stage right away. When you walk up, you’ll go past the iron gates and see a detailed facade of Hill House spookily lit up just like in the series while the Haunting of Hill House soundtrack plays in the background. While the outside of the house is eerily realistic, the inside also looks (and feels) like it’s straight from the set of The Haunting of Hill House with numerous replicas of Hill House’s decor as well as recreations of its internal structure. You can actually travel through the library, the basement, and the Red Room while the iconic red door looms in the background — all while the ghostly inhabitants of Hill House accompany you, of course.

While masks are not required inside of the Haunting house, keep in mind that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people should still wear them when inside or in crowded places. In addition, the CDC states that you should not travel until you’re fully vaccinated. If you’re planning a trip to Orlando to check out this year’s Halloween Horror Nights and want to be prepared, keep an eye out for the 12 Haunting of Hill house Easter eggs you might not notice unless you’re an avid fan.


Hell House Sign


To give a visitors a hint of all the terrors to come, the Haunting of Hill House mansion has the sign that reads “Hill House” with “Hell” written on top of it in red letters.


The Stained Glass Windows

On the night of the storm, viewers see Hill House’s signature stained glass windows are the only ones that don’t break as Hugh attempts to catch up with Olivia. They’re one of the first things visitors see (complete with lightning) when you walk into the Haunting experience, giving the experience a really authentic feel.


The Tall Man’s Different Heights

The original inhabitants of Hill House are some of the first to greet you when you walk in. The Tall Man, aka William Hill, appears a few different times. You might not notice at first, but each time, the Tall Man appears taller than before as he continues his search for Luke.


The Broken Windows

As you walk down a corridor past a row of broken windows, you’ll hear Hugh yell “Stay away from the windows” and the sound of breaking glass — a reference to the storm at Hill House.


Hill House Blueprints


True fans will remember how the Crains poured over the home’s blueprints when renovating Hill House. If you look close enough, you’ll be able to spot them during your tour, along with a hammer, a pair of black gloves, and a builder’s mask.


The Dumbwaiter


Speaking of the blueprints, you’ll get to see a glimpse of Hill House’s basement even though it isn’t on there. On one side, you’ll see the dumbwaiter where Theo was trapped when the Basement Monster tried to attack him.


The Bent-Neck Lady Floating Above

As soon as you walk into the Haunting of Hill House haunted house, the Bent-Neck Lady is there to greet you by suddenly appearing on each side of the hallway. However, you might not notice her later silently floating over you as you walk down one of the dark hallways unless you look up.


Nell Dancing In The Hall of Statues

Visitors will get to see a joyful Nell dancing in the Hall of Statues before the Bent-Neck Lady suddenly appears to take her place. You can also walk down the hall yourself (complete with an appearance from Poppy Hill) at a later point in the experience.


The Masked Monster


Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of ghosts lurking around every corner at this Haunting of Hill House attraction. However, one thing the creators did really well was bringing some of the not-as-well-known spirits into the mix as well. In addition to the Bent-Neck Lady, the Tall Man, and the Basement Monster, you can expect the Masked Monster from the shed (the one that looked like an old wasp nest) to make a frightening appearance.


The Vines In Hill House Library


The creators of the Haunting of Hill House haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights wanted to play around with time when depicting different scenes, and one way they did that was by making certain places in the house look more dilapidated. When you stumble upon the Hill House library, you’ll be able to tell it’s set when the Crain children are all grown up due to all the vines circling the staircase.


Abigail Dudley And The Hills’ Son


Two children make an appearance toward the end of the Haunting of Hill House experience. Abigail Dudley can be seen after drinking Olivia Crain’s poisoned tea while the ghost son of William and Poppy Hill makes a brief appearance in his wheelchair.


Steven’s Hallucination About His Wife, Leigh


As you’re leaving Hill House, make sure you don’t accept some of the poisoned tea from Olivia Crain as she suddenly darts out of the shadows. However, the last scene — which references a hallucination that Steven had that his wife was pregnant with an evil baby that turned her belly black — might be the most disturbing.

Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights through Oct. 31, 2021 at Universal Studios in Orlando, so make sure to purchase your tickets if you haven’t already and mentally prepare yourself for all the scares.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.

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