Exhale Pilates London shares Harry Styles' Pilates workout on Instagram.
How To Do Harry Styles’ Pilates Workout At Home

His trainer said these moves keep Harry “happy, healthy, and injury-free.”

Exhale Pilates London/Instagram/Elite Daily

If there’s anyone who deserves a long and relaxing vacay, it’s Harry Styles. It’s hard to believe his Love On Tour began in 2021 and is expected to run until summer 2023, which is a really long time to be performing nonstop. To power through a busy schedule like that, it definitely helps to have a go-to workout, and Harry Styles swears by Pilates. Founder of award-winning Pilates studio Exhale Pilates London, Gaby Noble, tells Elite Daily that Harry Styles’ Pilates workout includes “private one-on-one sessions” at their studio.

Exhale Pilates London hard-launched Styles as one of their clients in January when they posted an Insta Reel that featured him working out on a Pilates apparatus. In just one session, there are “many exercises that Harry covers,” but overall, he likes to focus on “his core, keep[ing] his spine strong and healthy, posture on point, and anything to release tight hamstrings and muscles throughout the body,” according to Noble.

While Styles enjoys using a variety of Pilates machines like the Reformer and Tower, Noble shared that Styles really likes “the Wunda Chair and foot corrector, which releases tightness in the feet so you can walk away from sessions feeling like you’re floating.” Basically, we have Pilates to thank for Styles being so light on his feet during his “Satellite” stomps.

If you don’t have an apparatus, though, you can still do some Pilates moves from Styles’ workout at home. While he prefers to switch it up, core and spine health are important to him, and Noble recommends you try these five classic Pilates moves for a Harry-inspired routine.

Single Leg Stretch

Begin by warming up your body and core with some leg stretches. While lying down on your mat with your knees bent, “carefully lift your head and shoulders whilst keeping the base of your shoulder blades on the mat.” As you pull your right leg in, extend the other one off the floor. Noble says to make sure you keep your lower back anchored to the ground. As you inhale and exhale, switch legs and do this for about five to 10 sets.

“The Single Leg Stretch is the first of the ab series known as the ‘series of five,’ which is part of the Classical Pilates sequence,” Noble shares. “This is a great exercise to warm the abdominals up.”

Criss Cross

Anyone who works from home and finds that their back is stiff AF will want to try this Criss Cross move, which is “the last of the ab series.” Noble says this Pilates move will “increase your spinal mobility,” which is also something Styles likes to work on. It can challenge your stamina as well, which is important for someone who has done 15 shows in a row at Madison Square Garden.

Staying on your mat and lying on your back, bring your knees into your chest and hands behind your head. As you lift up your head and shoulders, “extend your right leg out, maintaining a flat back as you simultaneously twist your upper body reaching your right shoulder to your left knee.” To deepen the stretch, look at your opposite elbow. Noble says to “keep [your] elbows wide and twist from your waist not your neck.” Hold this move for about three to five seconds and repeat on the other side for about five to 10 sets.

Swan Prep
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Looking to improve your posture? Try this Swan Prep Pilates move that will “expand the chest and stretch the abdominals.” Noble says, “This is particularly effective after working the core and will release any tightness in the hip flexors and quadriceps.” Since she says Styles like to “work on his posture and keep his overall stature happy, healthy, and injury-free,” this is definitely a move he would have in his workout routine.

Start by lying face down on your mat “with your hands placed on the floor under your shoulders and elbows close to your body.” Try to keep your feet together, but you can also do this with your legs hip width apart. As you inhale, lift your head and chest off the mat. When you exhale, continue to stretch the back and chest to straighten the arms. She says to make sure to “lift with your heart, not with your head” and keep your neck elongated. Finish the move by breathing again as you lower down to the mat. Do this about three to five times.

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Another great move for your posture is the Mermaid. Noble says this will “counteract the negative effects of sitting down,” and increases “strength and flexibility in the arms, shoulders, and torso.” So, if you’re sitting down all day and working from home, try this ASAP.

To start, sit down on your right hip with your knees bent and hold your ankles with your left arm. As you exhale, reach up and over with your right arm while bending over to the left side. She says, “The top of the head should reach towards the ankles and the hip should stay anchored to the ground.” After doing this stretch three times on one side, switch to the other side and repeat.

The Teaser

Another great spine exercise is the Teaser, but Noble warns it’s “notoriously one of the harder of the Classical Pilates sequence.” Since it works out your abs, back, and glutes, it’s a great move to incorporate into your own routine. To perform, lie down on your mat with your legs raised about 45 degrees and your arms behind your head.

As you inhale, lift your legs and arms into a V position. Really try to keep your legs off the mat the entire time, but to make it more difficult, you can start with your legs on the mat and come all the way up into your V from there. Noble says to do this move two to three times, and to “make sure the movement is slow and controlled.”

These five Pilates exercises are great if you’re also working on your core and spine, like Styles. However, Pilates in general is a great workout for your entire body. Noble shares, “It is incredibly complimentary to all forms of other training, which is so important especially for Harry who works out hard and has a very busy and physical workload.”

If you’d like to experience Exhale Pilates London, they do offer 10 virtual classes for $121. Of course, to experience Styles’ workout routine for yourself, you’ll want to book a private one-on-one lesson ($103-$115) the next time you’re in London.