You could win a free stay in one of Getaway's tiny cabins during Daylight Savings Time.

Getaway's Tiny Cabin Giveaway For Daylight Saving Will Take You Off The Grid

Losing an hour of sleep doesn’t have to be a total bummer.

by Andrea Hannah
Courtesy of Getaway

You know spring has sprung when Daylight Saving rolls in and we trade a precious hour of sleep for longer, sunnier days. While it’s definitely a bummer to lose out on some much-needed REM, one company is sweetening that trade-off by giving away free stays in a fully-stocked tiny cabin. Rental company Getaway’s tiny cabin giveaway for Daylight Saving on March 13 means you can celebrate that extra hour of daylight by winning a two-night getaway that’s off the beaten bath.

First up: let’s talk about tiny cabins and why you most definitely want to stay in one. A tiny cabin is exactly that — a space with a small amount of square footage that contains only the necessities. But that’s actually a good thing. When you’re staying in a small space, there’s only room for the things you need to be comfortable, like a kitchenette, hot shower, soft bed, and a mini fridge. There’s also AC and heat, and each of Getaway’s “Outposts” include books, board games, and an outdoor fire pit.

Courtesy of Getaway

The best part, though, is that each of the Getaway Outposts are only within an hour or two of a major city, so getting to them won’t be too difficult. And even though they’re accessible, each tiny cabin feels like it’s far off the grid. Plus, there’s no Wi-Fi — on purpose. Getaway’s goal is to help you reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and nature, and who needs Wi-Fi for that?

Sounds pretty appealing, right? The best part is it’s super easy to enter the giveaway to win a two-night stay in one of these tiny cabins. On Sunday, March 13, Getaway (@getawayhouse) will post a prompt to their Instagram story at 7 a.m. ET with their Daylight Saving Time sticker. All you have to do is tap on the sticker, and it’ll automatically show up in your own story. Share it with your followers to officially enter the giveaway, and you’re done.

Courtesy of Getaway

You only have to share the sticker to your story once to enter, but there are 12 chances to win. Every hour from 7 a.m. ET to 7 p.m. ET, Getaway will choose another winner. Really, it couldn’t be more perfect; it’s so simple to enter, and you get multiple chances to snag a two-night stay.

You’ll definitely want to follow Getaway on Instagram if you aren’t already, as they’ll be posting updates about the giveaway, as well as ideas on how to use your extra hour of daylight from Getaway team members. We all know it’s a drag to lose out on sleep, but this giveaway encourages us to look at the big picture. More daylight means one more hour to spend time outdoors, see friends, and reset after a long work day. And, honestly, that’s what matters most in the long run.