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10 Sweet Texts To Send Your Bestie On Their Birthday

Any of these would instantly make them smile.

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So, it’s your BFF’s birthday. As someone who takes their bestie duties seriously, you know it’s up to you to make sure they have the best day ever and every celebration should begin with a birthday text. There’s no better feeling than waking up on your big day with tons of best friend birthday wishes, which is why you need these texts to send your best friend that are all ready to go.

No matter how many birthdays you two have shared with each other, you’re always trying to make the next one better. Even when you’re toasting with mimosas when you're 85, you’ll be there by your BFF’s side, making sure their birthday is special. While some people say texts are an emotionless means of communication, your bestie will know you aren't just spewing idle, unreal words. Your text will be a truly meaningful birthday message for your best friend that’ll feel more than just a notification on their phone.

Of course, there are a few routes you can take when drafting your best friend birthday text. If you’re always sending inside jokes back and forth, that doesn't have to change when a birthday rolls around. Send some of the best funny birthday wishes for best friends, but add in a reference only you two would get. After all, who doesn't like to laugh on their birthday? You could also send something super sweet and emotional to show them how much you care. Let’s not forget, with the power of GIFs and emojis, you really don't have that much work to do either. By combining a well thought-out text and the perfect GIF, you’ll have a fire birthday text in no time. All you need in order to begin are these 10 best friend birthday wishes to choose from.

“Remember, Age Is Just A Number.”
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Let’s be honest, we'd be lying to ourselves if we said we didn't care about how old we get. Really though, it is just a number. If this is a big milestone year that your bestie has been stressing over, remind them that you two wear your age like diamonds: very well.

"Another Birthday Down, 100 More To Go... With Me!"

Who doesn't want to grow old with their best friend? You two plan on being the most hilarious duo when you're older, and you look forward to sharing the same relationship even after decades have passed. Let them know they better buckle up, because you two are in it for the long haul.

"Forget Candles, I'm Lining Up The Shots Now."

Your BFF should be used to your not-so-normal behavior by now. That's probably the reason why they love you so much. If you're 21 and up, your birthday hasn't even really started until you've had a celebratory drink with your other half. Instead of shots, you could even be celebrating with sparkling cider or a fruity hard seltzer. Bubbles are key.

“I Wanted To Get You Something Truly Amazing And Inspiring For Your Birthday. Then I Remembered That You Already Have Me!”

Your BFF is super lucky to have someone as thoughtful and funny as you are, so you might as well remind them of it. OK, all joking aside, it’s a celebration of their life, but you just want to make sure they know that you are there for them whenever. An LOL-worthy text reminder is a great way to do that.


Birthdays are the perfect time to dance it out with your BFF the same way Meredith and Cristina from Grey’s Anatomy would. Put together a super fun Spotify playlist to send over with this birthday text, so they can party it up while getting ready for the real party to begin.

"Hey, I'm Coming Over. No Birthday Suit During Breakfast, OK?"
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Taking your BFF to breakfast on their birthday is a great idea. Even if they’re used to you just showing up whenever to hang, make sure to warn them ahead of time so they can put on the cutest birthday #OOTD. It is their birthday, but a birthday suit is not proper brunch attire.

"Dust Off Your Crown, Queen. It's Your Day."

Please feel free to add a celebratory "yasss" at the beginning or end of this text. A birthday is a day to be treated like royalty. It literally marks the beginning of your favorite person’s reign, and we are never ashamed to let our fellow kings and queens have their day. Do you.

“May Your Birthday Be Filled With Dozens Of Instagram Posts In Your Honor.”

We all know one of the most fulfilling parts of being born is having your friends post highlights of your friendship on their Insta story. It’s the best way to show off your love and post hilarious pics from your various adventures, with cute little GIFs along with it. So, send this text to remind them to check their notifications right after you’ve posted about your Day 1 on your Instagram Stories.

“Every Year On Your Birthday, I’m Reminded Of How Lucky I Am That You Are My Bestie.”

Feel free to get as sappy as you like. Unlike an Instagram Story, a text to your best friend on their birthday is a private little message where you can be totally honest about how much they mean to you. If their birthday really is a great reminder of how wonderful they are, tell them that. If they happen to cry a few happy tears from your text, consider yourself a mini Shakespeare.

“Don’t Forget To Smile Awkwardly As Everyone Sings You ‘Happy Birthday’ Today.”

Seriously, there is nothing more awkward than having to sit through your friends, family, and the restaurant staff singing you “Happy Birthday” while you just sit there. It feels like unnecessary torture on your birthday, but it’s a tradition you can make light of with your bestie. By sending this text, they can give you a knowing glance when the time comes that will make the moment even better.

Your best friend's birthday is probably marked on your calendar every single year. Who are we kidding, you probably have it memorized! It's a day you're so grateful for. So, now that you’re prepared with just the right birthday texts, send away so you can kickstart this special day.