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90 Funny Group Names For All Your *Exclusive* Private Snapchat Stories

Sorry, these are for besties only.

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Nowadays, a group chat is as necessary as weekend brunch. There's not a day that goes by without a “what’s up” text sent between friends. If you have serious squad goals, your group even has a Snapchat dedicated to sending selfies back and forth. Keeping your friends updated on your day-to-day shenanigans is a must, which is why funny group chat names for private stories on Snapchat are what your crew needs right now.

Throughout your day, there are so many things that can make you LOL. Your morning could start off with a quick trip to your fave local coffee shop. When you’re waiting for your latte and scrolling through Snapchat, you may discover a new filter that has you laughing so hard you start crying. Surprise your friends with a silly selfie using that filter. To make sure you don’t accidentally send your snap to the wrong group, you need to make sure you have proper private story names in place.

Sharing funny moments with your besties should be as easy as opening up Snapchat and sending your pics. Since you’re always making each other giggle, you should choose a funny private story name that fits your vibe. If you’re currently drawing blanks, peep this list of 90 private Snapchat story name ideas. Send the list to your besties and see which one has everyone laughing the most. Once you’ve got your name picked out, kick off your chat with a challenge to send the funniest selfie you can snap and get ready to giggle at all the gems being sent your way.

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  1. Mermaid To Be BFFs
  2. Friendships And Guac
  3. I A-Peach-Iate Your Snaps
  4. Lettuce Snap All Day
  5. Let's Taco 'Bout Snapchat
  6. Bend And Snapchat
  7. Everyone Romaine Calm
  8. Nothing Is Impastable
  9. Waddle I Do Without You?
  10. Snap Out Of It
  11. Prioritize Selfie Care
  12. We Woof The Dog Filter
  13. Pearfect Snap
  14. Snaps For Elle
  15. Beleaf In Better Snaps
  16. Time Fries When You’re Snapping
  17. Snap A Waffle Lot
  18. I’m Ear For You
  19. Cerealsly Good Snaps
  20. Cereal Snapper
  21. Snailed These Snaps
  22. Serious Snap Streak
  23. No Butter Snaps
  24. Snaps Make Miso Happy
  25. Let’s Bake It Down
  26. Snap On, Snap Off
  27. Toasted Bae-Goals
  28. Dear Diary
  29. Brunch Ladies
  30. We’re Not Lion
  31. XOXO Gossip Girl
  32. Keep Calm And Curry On
  33. Donut You Want Some Snaps
  34. Oh Snap, My Friends
  35. Snap Together
  36. What Happens On Snapchat, Stays On Snapchat
  37. Good Chives Only
  38. Caution: [fire emoji]
  39. Feeling Snaptastic
  40. Snap To It
  41. My Beys
  42. Express Yourselfie
  43. S'more Snaps
  44. Always Camera Ready
  45. Hold The Kiwi To My Heart
  46. The Meme Team
  47. Sharing Is Caring
  48. Gouda Snaps
  49. Confession Time
  50. Snap Up Your Life
  51. CEOs Of Snapchat
  52. The Suite Life
  53. [heart emoji] Meow Friends
  54. We Share Because We Care
  55. My Boos [ghost emoji]
  56. The Snap Pack
  57. Break The Internet
  58. Donut Know What I'd Do Without You
  59. Donut Stop Snapping
  60. Avengers Assemble
  61. Wheely Good Snaps
  62. Snaps Like No Otter
  63. Turn Down For Brunch
  64. Unicorny Friends
  65. My Grinches
  66. Suc-cute-lent Snaps
  67. A Whole Latte Snaps
  68. Llama Take A Selfie
  69. Coffee And Snapchat Filters
  70. Muffin Compares To You
  71. Time To Sip And Spill The Tea
  72. Let's Take An Elfie
  73. Watts Up Besties
  74. S'Whale Snaps
  75. Thyme To Snap
  76. The Pretty Committee
  77. Game Of Phones
  78. My Best Teas
  79. Our Snaps Go Onion On
  80. Feline Good Crew
  81. Mistakes Were Made…
  82. Shrimply The Best Snaps
  83. One In A Melon
  84. My Bébés
  85. Souper Snaps
  86. Love So Matcha
  87. None Of Your Business
  88. Purrfect Snaps
  89. Feline Like Snapping
  90. Butter Than The Rest

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