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These fun Christmas names for Secret Santa will make your group chats so festive.

90 Group Chat Names For Secret Santa And Your Reindeer-est Crew

Don’t let your convo get caroled away.

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Whether you're on Santa's naughty or nice list this year, you're at least on someone else's Secret Santa shopping radar. The classic Christmas exchange is full of fun surprises, which is why you want to avoid any unwanted ones by communicating the rules of the game with your squad ASAP. To spice up your current convo, use this handy list of group chat names for Secret Santa that will make coordinating gifts merry and bright.

Whether you’re planning an in-person exchange this year with your core group of besties or going virtual again, having some fun Christmas team names feels necessary. In order to fully immerse yourself in the season, you’ve got to add that little bit of holiday spirit to every detail of your party planning. By switching out your usual group chat name for some ​​fun Christmas names, you’ll be constantly filled with joy every time you get a notification.

These funny Christmas team names can also be used for all the reindeer games you plan to play after exchanging gifts. There are a ton of holiday drinking games, and even just Christmas movie-themed trivia could be a fun idea as you’re sipping on hot cocoa. When it comes time to split into teams, it will be easier with some funny Christmas names to assign to each group. Of course, you’ll want to reserve the best Christmas team name for your group chat. The question is which one is the best.

For a group chat filled with holiday memes, choose an equally punny name for your chat. This list has tons of funny names for Secret Santa discussions that’ll really fit your vibe. Or, pick a heartfelt chat name to remind your long-distance besties that no matter how far apart you are, your love is always close by. As long as you’re communicating with your friends or family this holiday season, these 90 group chat names for Secret Santa are sure to come in handy and get you and your crew in an up-gifting mood.

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  1. Santa's Secret Squad
  2. Snow Sisters
  3. Squad Sleighs Together
  4. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Merrier
  5. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen...
  6. The Little Elves That Could
  7. Lights Of My Life
  8. The Claus Family
  9. Don't Open Your Gifts Early
  10. Yule Love These Gifts
  11. My Grinches
  12. Merry Zoomas
  13. Makin' Spirits Brighter
  14. The Stuff In My Stocking
  15. The Gingerbread Fam
  16. Rudolphs
  17. Jingle Bell Bros
  18. Ho-Ho-Homies
  19. A Giftin' Mood
  20. My Presents
  21. Santa's Babies
  22. The Chimney Crashers
  23. Snow Mates For Life
  24. For The Festivi-teas
  25. Always Sleighin'
  26. Candy Cane Cuties
  27. The Santa Clauses
  28. Santa's Helpers
  29. All The Jingle Ladies
  30. Pinin' Fir You
  31. Be Claus I Love You
  32. We Are The Elves
  33. The Sleigh Team
  34. Scrooge-Free Zone
  35. Your Presents Is Requested
  36. Santa's Sidekicks
  37. Here For You 100 Present
  38. That's A Wrap
  39. Christmas Crew
  40. The Abominable Snow Girls
  41. The Whos
  42. Say It Ain't Snow
  43. We Are Peppermint To Be
  44. Up To Snow Good
  45. Takes One To Snow One
  46. Rudolph And Co.
  47. Snow Place Like Home
  48. Snow One More Important
  49. Santa Babies
  50. What's The Zoom Link Again?
  51. Aboard The Polar Express
  52. Santa's Secretaries
  53. Toy Makers
  54. Elves On Shelves
  55. This Twas Us
  56. Dreaming Of Secret Santa
  57. Buddy The Elf Would Approve
  58. Merrily Missin' You
  59. Xmas Mischief
  60. Fir-ever Friends
  61. Silent Night... Never
  62. Tinsel And Tequila
  63. Snow Angels
  64. Yule Be Surprised
  65. Ho-Ho-Homesick
  66. Hot Toddies
  67. Who's Getting Coal?
  68. Just Go Along Wreath It
  69. Don't Get Caroled Away
  70. Naughty But Nice
  71. No Coal Zone
  72. Tiffany's Always Works
  73. Wrappin' It Up
  74. My Xmas Cookies
  75. Marshmallow Kisses
  76. Team Santa
  77. All Of The Other Reindeer
  78. Make It Rein
  79. The Noel-It-Alls
  80. Love You From Head To Mistletoe
  81. Feeling Santa-mental
  82. Ice To Have Some Friends
  83. Wrap Stars
  84. It’s Snow-time
  85. We Snow The Drill
  86. Rebels Without A Claus
  87. Icy What You Did There
  88. A Jolly Good Time
  89. Not-So-Silent Chat
  90. The White Elephant In The Room

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