Grad Night
Graduates plan some fun things to do after your graduation ceremony and during the day.
15 Fun Things To Do After Your Graduation Ceremony With Your BFFs

It’s time to make some more memories.

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Your friends mean the world to you, and your college or high school besties are a special breed. Not only did you probably attend every hangout together, but they were also there whenever you needed them to help you study and get through each long semester of never-ending work. Lucky for you, the work is over, and graduation day is almost here. It's a huge accomplishment, and you've all earned the right to celebrate hard. Graduation night is an exciting time to kick back and make special plans with your best friends right by your side. Looking for inspiration for some fun things to do on graduation night to keep those memories going? This list of things to do on graduation day has you covered and includes ideas you and your besties will love.

You may be craving a plan that perfectly captures your college or high school experience. Throwing a party in the dorms or at home is an easy choice, but you've done that for four years and it doesn't seem special enough to commemorate this special day. Graduation night is the time to do something memorable with your number one crew, so you have to live it up. Instead of stressing with party planning, try any of these 15 fun things to do after graduation. These ideas for things to do after your graduation ceremony range from bowling to karaoke, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Of course, this is just a starting point. Take these fun things to do after your graduation ceremony and make them unique to your crew. After all, it’s about celebrating your one-of-a-kind squad who got you through this special time in your life the right way.


Go For Strikes At A Bowling Party


A bowling party on graduation night can seriously be the best night of your life. Even if you’re not a pro-bowler, that won’t stop you from having tons of fun with your friends as you try. Plus, not only do you get to hang out with your friends, but you also get to finally kick back, have fun, and maybe even eat some wings. This is also an easy plan for a big group if your college or high school crew includes tons of friends.

Sing The Night Away With A Karaoke Party
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Who could say no to karaoke? Everyone loves to take the spotlight and sing their favorite songs like they're Harry Styles at Coachella. Find the biggest, baddest karaoke game in town and go for it. Dress like your favorite celebs, and make sure to choose a graduation song like Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever)" or Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" to sing as a group. You will be sure to get Instas for all to enjoy.


Rent Out The Private Room Of Your Favorite Hangout

Over the years, you and your crew have always hung out at the same place. It could be a bar, cafe, or restaurant near campus. Either way, it is known as your hangout. If someone is looking for you, that's where you'll be with your favorite peeps.

It's your very own Central Perk from Friends, so spend your last night together at this special spot by renting it out for a private party. This hangout has been a critical part of your squad memories, and you know you need to be there for your graduation night party.


Plan One Last All-Nighter To Cram In Some Fun

All-nighters were your thing in college. The only way you got through them was with your best friends by your side keeping you awake — and hysterically laughing at 4 a.m. Plan out one last all-nighter of staying up until the sun comes out with your friends.

It will be so much better this time, because there are no more essays to write and no more books. It's just a time to remember and to start making new plans.


Dance Like No One's Watching To Your Favorite Songs

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This one is necessary for any party you're planning. Someone just has to say, "dance party," and you are there. There's just nothing better than getting down with your BFFs, so throw on some of your favorite jams from the past four years and get your groove on.


Plan Out One Last Campus Scavenger Hunt

Graduation night may be one of your last nights on campus with everyone there. You'll miss your college or high school stomping grounds just as much as you'll miss your friends. Planning out a scavenger hunt is a fun way to visit those favorite places for quite possibly one last time.

Make sure each stop on the hunt is a different location that was special to you during your school life — like the quad or your favorite study table in the library.


Make Memories With A Bestie-Themed Photo Shoot

You'll want to remember graduation day forever, and it'll be easier with some awesome photos. That's why a shoot is necessary. After the ceremony, you'll be too busy snapping pics with your family, so plan out a special photo shoot for just your besties later to get those squad pics for Instagram. Order some fun props that are perfect for this big day.


Host A Themed Costume Party

You may have seen a few costume parties pop up on your TikTok FYP. It’s always fun seeing each guest show off their ‘fit when there’s a specific theme. For instance, TikToker @devanbeauty’s Shrek party really goes off with some fun and elaborate themed costumes. Host a similar themed costume party, but have the theme be something related to your college graduation. It could be that everyone comes as their fave characters from college movies like Legally Blonde or Pitch Perfect. You could also come as your different majors. No matter what happens, you’ve got to film a TikTok video of everyone showing off their costume to post on your page as well.


Host A Bridgerton Tea Party

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Just like the Bridgertons are introduced to high society each social season on Bridgerton, you and your friends are about to enter the real world after graduation. Make your mark by hosting a Bridgerton tea party. Dressing up in your Regency era best, you can all be the diamonds of the season as you sip on some tea. Of course, you can also spill some tea. You’ve graduated, so it’s time to share all those hilarious stories and secrets one last time.


Throw A Roaring Twenties Bash

It’s time to party like there’s no tomorrow, so it only seems fitting to throw a roaring twenties bash. Think of The Great Gatsby and wear tons of sequins and fringe. Toast to your graduation with champagne cocktails (if you’re 21 and up) and dance to some swinging tunes. Make sure to set up a photobooth in one corner of the party so all your friends can snap some cute pics to post later on the ‘Gram.


Plan An Olympic Field Day On The Quad

If your campus had a quad that you and your friends spent most of your days hanging out on in between classes, you’ll want to say goodbye to it as well. Plan a field day with tons of outdoor games like Red Rover and Red Light, Green Light. You can also split up into different teams and dress in matching tees. To up the ante, plan to have the winning team score a trophy and bragging rights as the winners of one last field day all together.


Host A Throwback Hang Inspired By Freshman Year

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Take a trip back in time to when you first arrived on campus or at high school, and throw a throwback party. Dress as you did when you were a freshman and listen to songs that were popular then. You could even recreate some old pics you and your friends took when you first met for super fun side-by-side Insta pics. Not only can you reminisce on all the good times together, but it’ll be fun seeing how far you’ve come in just the few years you’ve known each other.


Celebrate With A Fancy Dinner Party

If you’re a foodie, one of the best things to do after graduation is celebrate at your go-to spot. Invite all of your friends and family to your favorite restaurant in your college town or hometown, and go all out with new dishes as well as old favorites. Celebrate with your favorite cuisine, favorite people, and favorite drinks — what could be better than that? Your heart (and your stomach) will be full after an evening surrounded by loved ones.


Take Off For Vacation

Celebrate high school or college graduating by planning a memorable post-graduation trip somewhere far away. After you turn that tassel and get your diploma, you can only dream of doing one thing—hopping on an airplane to go explore the world. Plan out your trip in advance with some of your best friends, and get your vacation started the second you graduate.


Plan One Last Sleepover

Let’s face it, you’re truly going to miss living close by all of your high school and college best friends, making one last sleepover one of the best things to do after your graduation ceremony. After all, it’s a chance to bond before heading your separate ways for new beginnings. Make sure there’s plenty of snacks, candy, facemasks, and movies. You’ll talk about all of the incredible memories you all made throughout school while celebrating the accomplishment of graduating.

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