I Tried Frenchie’s Bendy ‘Double Entendre’ Vibrator & It’s A Oui For Me

It goes where you want it.

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If there’s anything the last couple of years have taught me, it’s that self-love is so important. Exploring the sexy side of life solo is not only fun and actually good for you, but it also sets you up with super helpful info for partnered adventures. For those of us with vaginas, getting off isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, so experimenting is paramount. Thankfully, there are items out there to help. Like a bendy toy with double motors that looks good and feels great.

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I tried the cheekily-named Double Entendre vibrator made by inclusive Australian pleasure brand Frenchie, which believes sex should be “fun, natural, simple and safe,” and have a host of gorgeously-designed products to achieve that aim. The Double Entendre is their pièce de résistance — a flexible, double-sided vibrator that can be used internally, externally, or both at once (yes, please). Shape it how you like to hit your spots.

The Unboxing

Slipping The Double Entendre out of its chic package was like opening a gift on Christmas morning. I was struck by how silky-smooth the toy is, with gentle curves that look inviting — one smaller side, one larger (though not overwhelming). It’s lightweight yet has a nice heft to it. I was sold. It looked more capable than my last Hinge date.

I charged it up for about an hour with its handy USB-compatible cord and was ready to go (Frenchie says it lasts for over two hours on a charge, but I didn’t make it to pushing that boundary).

The Main Event

I dipped my toes in by trying it externally, like a traditional vibe, which is my general go-to. The Double Entendre is a next-level gadget though, with six interesting vibration patterns to play with (more fun, less work), and four speed modes — the highest level is shockingly potent, in a good way.

Once I got to cruising altitude, it was time to take The Double Entendre up on its internal promise. Again, the more the merrier — the ends are different sizes and it’s fun to bestow the internal honors on one, the other, or both depending on feistiness level. I found going from the smaller then shifting to larger was ideal for me (the control buttons are on the larger end, so I made sure to find my favorite mode/speed and set it). Both ends are rounded for prime G-spot targeting, and with a little fun finagling really hit the mark.

However, the greatest element is that the toy is flexible enough to do two things at once. Most vulva owners need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, while the G-spot levels things way, way up. The Double Entendre flexes to hit those sweet spots simultaneously, which is a one-way (double-sided?) ticket to orgasm-land for many, including me. This little machine showed greater talent than most Hinge dates.

The Takeaway

The Double Entendre is designed to be used on any body, anywhere there’s pleasure to be had — from any set of “private” parts to butts, and everywhere (literally) in between. Whether solo or with a play partner or two, the sensual journey can be customized, which makes the toy super fun. And as far as high-end vibrators go (aka a lifelong friend that redefines treating yourself), it’s a worthy investment.

I’m curious to whip out The Double Entendre during a not-so-solo rendezvous, and in the meantime it’s enjoying prime real estate in my nightstand... where it’s always in reach.

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