Zendaya as Rue and Hunter Schafer as Jules on 'Euphoria' — which zodiac sign do they match up with?

The Euphoria Character For Your Zodiac Sign Will Make You *Feel Something*

Find your astrological twin.

What’s the astrology behind HBO Max's Euphoria?

If you've been swept away by Euphoria’s gorgeous and gritty universe, you're not alone. Between the dreamy soundscapes and the psychedelic lighting, what's not to love? The teenage world depicted in Euphoria is rough, but it's got just enough sparkle to keep it romantic *and* nostalgic.


Each episode, a character's backstory reveals what shaped them. Everyone's far from perfect, but even at their worst, they somehow manage to be captivating. In fact, they're complex enough to capture all 12 signs. Here's your zodiac sign’s Euphoria character alter ego: