Big Dip Energy
Where to buy Doritos Dip to channel Keke Palmer’s "Big Dip Energy."

Where To Buy Doritos Dip To Channel Keke Palmer’s “Big Dip Energy”

It's the ultimate snack.

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Courtesy of Doritos

Doritos is serving “BDE.” No, it’s not the kind you’re probably thinking about. The snack brand teamed up with actor Keke Palmer to redefine the term for the debut of two brand new dips on Nov. 17. You’ll be able to channel Palmer’s “Big Dip Energy (BDE)” when you swap out your condiments for Doritos Dip. The new, creamy dips come in two flavors you might recognize from the classic bagged chips: Spicy Nacho and Cool Ranch Jalapeno. When you’re ready to up your appetizer game, you’ll want to know where to buy Doritos Dip — and what will best pair with your new fridge staples.

I’m sorry to all other dips. Palmer, the woman behind what might be the best meme in recent history, will have you saying another catchphrase during your next snack session. Yep, it’s “Big Dip Energy” season, and Palmer showed off hers in a Nov. 17 YouTube video as she dunked her favorite foods into tubs of new Doritos Dip. With what sounds like Latto’s “Big Energy” bumping the background, Palmer exclaims in the video, “I don’t know about you but I need a dip for everything, and Doritos is bringing that ‘Big Dip Energy.’” She looks ready for a night of snackin’ and TV watchin’ in the video spot as she dons a silky, light blue pajama set, complete with feather cuffs. Giving you good reason to bring your own “BDE,” Palmer suggests, “Honor yourself, and get into these dips.”

What Is Doritos Dip?

Doritos turned its iconic chip flavors into smooth dips with Doritos Dip Spicy Nacho and Doritos Dip Cool Ranch Jalapeno. The Spicy Nacho delivers a twist with a spicy kick, while Cool Ranch Jalapeno keeps it cool with a smooth, creamy ranch dip and a touch of spicy jalapeno.

Where To Buy Doritos Dip

You’re probably excited to start dipping — it’s all the “Big Dip Energy” in the air. Be on the lookout for Doritos Dip in late November at retailers nationwide and on for $4.49 per dip.

Enter A Doritos Dip Sweepstakes

If you can’t wait, enter the “Big Dip Energy” sweepstakes on Instagram until Nov. 30 to be one of 50 lucky winners of a Doritos Dip kit. Winners will be chosen at a random drawing to receive a “Doritos ‘Big Dip Energy Kit’ with all the essentials you need to start dipping the new Doritos Dips and bring ‘Big Dip Energy’ to every table,” according to the sweepstakes rules. Fingers crossed you can upgrade your chips and dip.

Courtesy of Doritos

What To Dip In Doritos Dip

No one can stop you from dipping pretty much whatever you want into new Doritos Dips, but if you want some inspiration, take a cue from Miss “BDE” herself. In Doritos Dip campaign photos shared with Elite Daily, Palmer is seen snacking on chicken fingers, carrot sticks, pita bread, potato wedges, and, of course, Doritos chips.

In the Nov. 17 press release, Palmer gave a few more ideas, saying, “There are so many ways to use the new Doritos Dips — I'll be dipping my wings, pizza, and jazzing up my veggies all day, baby!” Now, that’s what I call “BDE.”

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