These captions for dog costumes (like Erin wore on 'The Office') include so many puns for your Hallo...

25 Captions For Dog Costumes So You Can Pawty Like A Pup-Star

Come to the bark side.


With the spookiest night of the year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your Howl-o-ween game plan and what you’ll be dressing up as this year. If you’re a fur parent, chances are you’re thinking of paying tribute to your four-legged bestie with the perfect dog costume (and snapping plenty of pics to share to the ‘Gram). When you’re ready to post, forget the tricks, because these captions for dog costumes are total treats.

Like cat costumes, dog costumes are a popular choice for Halloween because of how easy they are and all the different spins you can put on them. Whether you’re looking to be the most comfortable person at the Halloween party in a dog-inspired onesie or you decide to keep things simple by adding dog ears, makeup, and props à la the popular Snapchat dog filter, you’ll have a memorable look that you’ll definitely want to capture come Halloween. If your friends want to get in on the fun, make the festivities extra memorable by taking some photos of your wolf pack. Of course, if you have a fur baby of your own, you won’t want to forget to snap plenty of photos and videos of the two of you twinning together to share on TikTok and Instagram. Make sure your pup has a costume of their own. When it comes time to post your Halloween photo dump, these captions for dog costumes include a pun-tiful amount of funny ideas to choose from.

  1. “Happy Howl-o-ween.”
  2. “Don’t need any tricks when you’ve got all the treats.”
  3. “Bone appetit.”
  4. “Heading to the pup-kin patch.”
  5. “All bark and no bite.”
  6. “Fit check.”
  7. “Thanks fur all the treats.”
  8. “Come to the bark side.”
  9. “Pawsing for the camera.”
  10. “Pugkin Spice Latte is life.”
  11. “Looking quite fetching.”
  12. “Pawty like a pup-star.”
  13. Ready for the pup-arazzi.”
  14. “Can I get a round of a-paws?”
  15. “Stop trying to make playing fetch happen.”
  16. “Mission Im-paw-ssible.”
  17. “Thanks fur the memories.”
  18. “POV: We’re looking for some treats.”
  19. “Channeling Erin from ‘The Office.’ How’d I do?”
  20. “Am I barking up the wrong tree, or does this party look lit?”
  21. “When you’re the ulti-mutt dog lover.”
  22. “Raising the woof.”
  23. “I’m in-corg-nito this year.”
  24. “A little ruff around the edges.”
  25. “I like big mutts and I cannot lie.”