For a Disney Thanksgiving, try these Disney recipes inspired by the parks.
12 Disney Thanksgiving Recipes For A Mickey-Shaped Dinner Feast

Things just taste better when they’re Mickey-shaped.

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Picture Lumiere serenading you with "Be Our Guest" as you gear up for your Thanksgiving feast. The time is now to start preparing your menu, and if you want to bring a little of that fairytale magic to the table, these Disney-inspired Thanksgiving recipes will do exactly that. With a mix of official Disney Parks recipes and character-inspired ones, you can turn your traditional feast into one that's seriously magical.

There are some dishes you always look forward to enjoying over the holidays, like mashed potatoes and a festive pie. However, instead of regular mashed potatoes, whip up a copycat version of the garlic mashed potatoes served at the Garden Grill Restaurant at Disney’s EPCOT. There are also Disney Thanksgiving recipes for a Rapunzel raspberry pie you’ll want a slice of, along with the apple pie served at Walt Disney World. Since it's a Disney Thanksgiving feast, you should have Mickey-shaped food as well. Switch out your traditional rolls for a basket of Mickey waffles that'll make your meal more Insta-worthy.

While you're cooking, listen to some of your favorite Disney soundtracks or watch an animated movie on Disney+. A Disney Parks' parade on YouTube may even be the perfect entertainment to enjoy as you’re making a Disney Thanksgiving meal, because it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a parade viewing, right? When everything's cooked and ready to go, it's time to enjoy a Disney Thanksgiving dinner that even the dishes would sing about if they could.

Stuff Your Thanksgiving With These Holiday Turkey Sandwiches

Enjoy an entire Thanksgiving feast all in one with this holiday turkey sandwich recipe. Inspired by the Holiday Turkey served at the Earl of Sandwich at Disney World, this Thanksgiving sandwich has everything you love most about this festive time of year.

According to the menu, the Holiday Turkey is jam-packed with turkey, cornbread stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise, but this tutorial skips the gravy. These sandwiches are actually perfect to make for the day after Thanksgiving when you have tons of leftovers, and Yummly has a Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich recipe to follow that uses the same ingredients as Earl of Sandwich.

Warm Up With This Rapunzel Hazelnut Soup

If you've seen Tangled, you know that Rapunzel's favorite food is hazelnut soup. Fall is a perfect time to enjoy hazelnut-flavored treats, so this recipe is a perfect soup to serve with your meal. Garnish your Rapunzel Hazelnut Soup with some edible flowers like they do in the video. It'll be very reminiscent of the flowers Rapunzel puts in her hair. If you’ve got some carrots leftover from your Thanksgiving meal, you could even make a leftover carrot hazelnut soup from Yummly.

Bring A Big Hit To The Spread With These Garlic Mashed Potatoes

While turkey may be the centerpiece of your feast, it's the mashed potatoes you might be the most excited about. Try this tasty copycat garlic mashed potatoes recipe from Disney's Garden Grill Restaurant in Epcot. Scoop out your mashed potatoes into three circles to give it that iconic Mickey shape on your plate.

Treat Yourself To This Sweet Potato Cake

Along with regular potatoes, you'll also want sweet potatoes represented for your Thanksgiving dinner. For a real treat, try this Sweet Potato Cake that was once on the Tangaroa Terrace menu at Disneyland. Add layers of guava cream cheese frosting in between your sweet potato cake, and get ready to enjoy the sweet life.

Get Cute With This "I Am Groot" Bread

You'll want to have bread on the table, so why not make it look like Groot? This adorable Groot bread that was served near the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! ride is almost too cute to eat. If you decide to serve this for your Disney Thanksgiving, make sure to grab a pic first and caption it with, "I am delicious."

Have Something Berry Good Like This Rapunzel Raspberry Pie

Being locked in her tower, Rapunzel had plenty of time to perfect her pie recipe. So, you can believe this raspberry pie recipe is a must-try for your Disney Thanksgiving. Not only do you get a tutorial on how to mix all the ingredients, but also a lesson in how to decorate your pie so it comes out super Insta-worthy.

Go For Seconds Of This Thanksgiving Apple Pie

It's not really Thanksgiving if you don't have a bunch of different pies to taste, right? Along with a raspberry pie, serve up this apple pie recipe straight from the Whispering Canyon Cafe in Disney World. It'll give you that sweet, nostalgic feeling of being back home for Thanksgiving with your entire family.

Invite These Mickey Waffles To The Table

It's not really a Disney affair without Mickey Mouse, and one of the most iconic Mickey-shaped foods you can get at the parks is a Mickey waffle. Adorable Mickey-shaped waffles are so cute and tasty, they need to score an invite to your Disney Thanksgiving dinner.

Switch out your butter rolls for a bowl of Mickey waffles to pass around with festive jam. Just follow this waffle recipe or a more savory biscuit waffle recipe from Yummly and use a Mickey-shaped waffle maker ($100, ShopDisney) to create the iconic shape.

Don’t Forget Disney Parks' Turkey Legs

If your go-to savory snack while walking around the Magic Kingdom is a turkey leg, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to make some of your own. Instead of cooking one giant turkey, barbecue individual turkey legs for each of your guests. With one bite, you'll be transported back to your favorite place.

Give ‘Em Pumpkin To Talk About With These Pumpkin Beignets

The Mickey-shaped beignets at Disneyland are a must for foodies visiting the park, and during the fall, they have seasonal pumpkin beignets on the menu. There’s just something about pumpkin that’s so gourd, so you’ll want to try this copycat recipe for your Disney-themed Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget the pixie dust-like sprinkling of powdered sugar on top.

Fry Up These Copycat Disney Fried Pickles

At the Carnation Cafe in Disneyland, you must order the fried pickles on the menu. They’re kind of a big dill, and Yummly has this copycat Disney fried pickles recipe you can follow. Of course, if you have dill chips at home, follow this simple fried pickle recipe instead.

Load Up Your Thanksgiving Table With This Potato Soup

Another popular menu item at Carnation Cafe is the Baked Potato Soup. This recipe is a great copycat, but Yummly also has a loaded baked potato soup recipe as well as a bacon cheddar cheese soup recipe that’s similar to the popular Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup at Le Cellier Steakhouse in EPCOT.

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