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Disney Parks Munchlings Plush Line features iconic Disney characters as desser plushes from the Main...
Disney's New “Munchlings” Plushes Smell Like Freshly Baked Cookies

What happens when you pair iconic Disney characters with desserts?

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Disney is getting in on the plushes game by debuting a line of “Munchlings” inspired by some of its most popular character-inspired desserts — and they’re too cute. In the new “Something Sweet” Munchlings line, your favorite Disney characters transform into dessert-themed plushes that promise to smell just as amazing as they look. With three specially-scented confectionary collections to choose from, you’ll know you have some of the sweetest plushes to choose from.

According to a Disney Parks legend, Master Baker Pierre Dumonet made a fateful mistake one day while baking in the famous Main Street Bakery. When he accidentally shut the door too hard behind him on his way out of the kitchen, the slam caused a small bottle of magic to break and spill onto his sugary trays of sweet treats, creating the characters of the Disney Munchlings.

From Cool Mint Mickey Mouse to Chocolate Brownie Bar Goofy, there are tons of delicious, chocolatey twists to your favorite Disney characters in plush form. You can choose from three different categories in the “Something Sweet” collection, including Sweet Treats, Baked Treats, and Frozen Treats, giving you everything from a dessert-inspired Disney villain to one of your childhood favorite characters to choose from.

You can order your very own bakery buddy from the Disney Munchlings “Something Sweet” collection starting Friday, Sept. 9 at shopDisney, or at Walt Disney World Resort later this month, so take a moment to browse through so you can add to cart ASAP once they’re available.

Sweet Treats Disney Munchlings


The Sweet Treats batch of the Disney Munchlings plushes turns Mickey and Minnie into swirly peppermint hard candies and their beloved pooch into the Peanut Butter Swirl Cup Pluto. Plus, you can lean into your chocolate cravings with a Dark Chocolate Ganache Chip ‘n’ Dale and Chocolate Brownie Bar Goofy.

Baked Goods Disney Munchlings


Disney Munchling’s Baked Goods range includes Mickey and Minnie as confectionary companions in sprinkles, along with a honeybun Winnie The Pooh and cupcake Eeyore that are sure to make your day a whole lot sweeter.

Frozen Delights Disney Munchlings


Do you feel that chill in the air? Don’t worry, it’s just the Frozen Delights Disney Munchlings that feature fan-favorite, stone-cold Disney villains. Your cold dessert menu from Main Street Bakery has all your summer favorites, like a Maleficent ice cream cone, a Pain and Panic electric eel popsicle, or a Lotso strawberry sundae.

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