Young woman with her arms in the air, celebrating the December 2021 new moon solar eclipse on Dec. 4...

The Final Eclipse Of 2021 Marks The End Of An Era

Here’s what that means for your zodiac sign.

The Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius Takes Place On Dec. 4 At 2:43 a.m. ET.

The last eclipse of 2021 is upon us, and it’s serving as a final hurrah in the expansive, optimistic sign of Sagittarius. The solar eclipse on Dec. 4 will exert its energy in every zodiac sign’s birth chart in its own special way. Here’s how each sign can expect the eclipse to affect them:

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The solar eclipse is aligning with your natural assertive, ambitious energy and encouraging you to check in with your belief systems and spiritual endeavors. With Mercury also in the mix, this energy is calling you to share your wisdom and truth with the collective in a very expansive, optimistic way.