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The First Week Of Capricorn Season Isn’t Messing Around

Prepare for some hard-to-swallow pills, especially on Christmas Day.

We’re deep into the holiday season and everyone knows how chaotic this time of year can be. This year, however, the holidays are giving “chaos” a whole new meaning. When you learn what your December 20, 2021 weekly horoscope has in store for your zodiac sign, you might even feel like you’ve been placed on the naughty list this year. And if you feel all alone with your frustration, remember that everyone’s going through their own struggle. Chances are, they’re feeling the intensity of this week’s astrology just as much as you are.

Luckily, it’s not all bad. This week begins with Mercury — planet of logic and communication — forming a trine with innovative and individualistic Uranus. This will inject your brain with some electricity, helping you concoct brilliant ideas that may be crossing your mind for the first time. Why not bounce these ideas off someone you admire and see if they can help you flesh them out?

It also happens to be the first week of Capricorn season and it’s time to reconnect with your inner Miranda Priestly. Beginning on Dec. 21, this season is about outgrowing negative habits and adopting a more practical and calculating mindset. Set your sights on building the empire you’ve always wanted to build, no matter how humble or haughty your process may be.

However, the pressure to become an overnight success may weigh heavy on you by Dec. 24. As Saturn — planet of tradition — squares off with Uranus — planet of rebellion — you may feel like things can’t keep continuing the way they are without some serious improvement. But leading a revolution toward change means accepting the uncertainty of what happens next. While Saturn wants to continue supporting longstanding structures, Uranus just wants to tear it all down and revel in the rubble. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to choose sides, because a more diplomatic approach may be wiser.

The holiday season is no joke this year and it’s all thanks to the fact that Venus retrograde will meet up with twisted and mysterious Pluto on Dec. 25. Pluto deals with the dark, unbearable underbelly of reality, shining a light on everything most of us are too afraid to look at. As Venus retrograde embraces Pluto’s touch, you may become starkly aware of how your relationships truly function. There’s a chance you and your loved ones might need a little more love and reassurance during this time, so be patient with each other. Fortunately, Dec. 26 is a beautiful time to talk things over. Chatty Mercury will sextile empathetic Neptune, helping everyone see the good in each other.

Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect this week:

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You may be ready to take a risk in your career this week, but equally as afraid of making the jump from something stable to something uncertain. However, it’s important to remember that nothing is ever certain, and as long as you’ve prepared to the best of your ability, you’ve done all you can. Make the leap and let the universe take care of the rest, because you can either let your fear keep you safe or you can let it excite you.


This week, you might feel somewhat frustrated by your options. It may seem like there are far less opportunities than you desire, limiting your ability to truly spread your wings. The need for freedom might feel too strong to resist, prompting you to do something totally different to make things interesting. However, as you search for deeper meaning in the world around you, keep in mind that you may be missing already what’s right in front of you.


The give and take in a relationship is always changing. One minute, it may feel like you’ve got all the power, and the next, the scales tip the balance in your partner’s direction. If you’re both struggling to protect yourself by being the one who’s in control, it may be a sign of a deeper problem. Without trust, a relationship can become a constant battle. It may be time to wave the white flag and choose peace, because there’s a fine line between love and hate.


Some may think that people are happier when they’re in relationships, but they’re not seeing the whole story. After all, no one knows what really goes in on a relationship besides the people who are in it. This week, you may be reckoning with all the unresolved conflicts; all the things that still remain unsaid and unforgiven. This is an opportunity to lay it all out there. It may be time to begin putting the pieces back together, unless it feels too broken to fix.

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This week, you be feeling exceptionally frustrated with your routine and the habits you’ve been leaning on to get you through the day. If you’re not enjoying the process, you may feel like abandoning it altogether. However, indulging in something enticing, and maybe even a little dangerous, might create even more problems if you’re not considering the consequences. Start small, experiment with new methods, and see what works for you.


You might feel a dramatic and intense emotional shift in your love life this week. Although you should never settle for anything less than romantic, let’s not forget that love is also intoxicating. It’s important to keep in mind what you’re willing to do to in order to keep that feeling going. You might be willing to look past a million red flags, because the idea of them is too tantalizing to resist. Keep your wits about you and never forget what you deserve.


Home is supposed to be the one place you feel safe; the one place you know you can completely let down your armor and be your most vulnerable self. However, the truth is, home can be the source of some the most complicated issues of all. This week, you may feel like these issues are impossible to ignore, raising the emotional stakes. Treat these issues with the sensitivity and seriousness that they deserve, because a home is also a tediously built house of cards.


This week, you may be coming to terms with the way you communicate with others and the way you allow others to communicate with you. These patterns of keeping in touch with each other and spreading information can literally dictate so much about your perception of reality. Look inward and ask yourself if what you’re saying is in line with your values. Ask yourself if you’re truly listening or just waiting for your own turn to speak.



Between the material things you lust after and the boring old bills you have to pay, money is always on the mind. Shopping can take the pain away, but a purchase tends to lose its luster eventually. Being frugal can make you feel proud, but life becomes dull without a well-deserved treat every now and then. This week, you may have to face the truth about your relationship with money. How can you spend your hard-earned cash in a more meaningful way?


This week, you may have a much harder time acknowledging the beautiful things about you. The flaws may jump out, diverting your attention away from all the beauty. You may even be questioning who you are, as though your sense of identity is not set in stone. However, knowing who you are is overrated, because each day is a new process of self-discovery. Don’t limit yourself by trying to define yourself. Be as indefinable as you damn well please.


Brace yourself, because you may find yourself coming face to face with all the deep truths that are being revealed. Your lover’s secrets may come to light. You may even discover that you’ve been keeping secrets too, both from them and from yourself. The past always catches up with you eventually and running from it only postpones the healing. Let your heart do what it needs to do, and remember, your feelings are always valid, even if they make no sense.


When people join forces, it has the power to change the world. It can be beautiful, but also dangerous. Herd mentality can prevent you from thinking for yourself. Trying to fit in can cause you to forget who you are. And when someone threatens the power dynamic of the group, it can create a fierce power struggle. This week, you may become aware of whether your social life is inspiring you or inhibiting you. How you act on these revelations is up to you.