47 Dank Things Under $25 That Are Getting Popular As Hell On Amazon

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by Laura Harper
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The internet — Amazon, specifically — is filled with timely trends and must-have merchandise to help lighten your workload, enhance your weekend rest, and simply be awesome additions to your life. Just ask any of the customers who’ve left four- and five-star reviews, and you’ll be bombarded with the latest tech innovations, beauty boosters, and more. In fact, these kinds of things are so dank that they’re flying off the shelves — and most of them are under $25 (including everything on this list).

As an avid follower of fashion fads and hot home decor, I’ve taken it upon myself to scroll through Amazon’s pages to find incredible deals on some of the coolest items to ever hit the search results. Carefully curating from top-rated and reviewed game-changers, I’ve come up with a list of gotta-get-it steals. And, again, every item on this list is less than $25. What a perfect way to spend those quarters you’ve been tossing in your car console.

Whether you’re looking to take on meal prep with reusable containers or if you didn’t know you needed elastic shoelaces for your sneakers, there’s an item on this list to feed your need for an awesome find. Best of all, this selection comes highly reviewed by thousands of Amazon shoppers, so you can splurge — slightly — with confidence.

This Versatile Pool Float That Transitions From Workout to Relaxation

Kick back and relax with this four-in-one pool float that goes from a relaxing lounger to a saddle for water exercises. The below-the-water seat makes this simple float a great pool buddy for mamas-to-be. And, with a compact profile, this inflatable pool float packs easily in a beach bag or carry-on so you can take it anywhere.

This Cleaning Putty That Collects Dust, Crumbs, & Hair

Feed your need to be neat with this handy car-cleaning gel that conforms to vents, crevices, and corners to catch virtually everything. The putty-like consistency is easy to handle and molds into hard-to-reach areas, delivering a showroom-worthy detail job you’ll be proud to show off. You can also use this crafty cleaning tool on keyboards, remotes, and other electronics.

A Doctor-Created Solution For Dehydration

Get super-fast rehydration results with this medical-grade ORS electrolyte powder that mixes easily with water. Ideal for treating dehydration caused by workouts or simply forgetting to drink your daily water, this physician-crafted powder delivers much-needed hydration without the added sugar. Three included flavors make it taste good too.

This Travel Pillow That’s Actually A Whole Comfort Kit

Settle in and enjoy your flight or road trip with this ergonomic travel pillow that comes with all the extras. Memory foam construction cradles your head and neck, and you can easily adjust the fit with a built-in rope lock. Ready for whatever the road brings, this pillow comes with ear plugs and an ergonomic face mask to help you shut out every distraction.

This Ingenious Drain Strainer That Catches Your Hair

Whether you use your tub to scrub your hair or your dog’s, this amazing tub strainer helps keep the drain clear. A universal design fits inside your drain — instead of over it — to help eliminate clogs from pet or human hair. Setup is as simple as snapping it into place, and three included adapters fit in virtually any drain.

A Clever Gap Filler That Keeps Your Phone From Falling

There’s a reason this set of simple seat gap fillers has over 25,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. A Shark Tank original, these Drop Stop fillers fit driver and passenger sides, offering a seamless universal fit that keeps small items from slipping through the crack between your seat and console. One reviewer shared,” Having it between the seats has saved me on many occasions.”

These Elastic Shoelaces That Require No Tying

Turn your tennies into slip-ons with these super-stretchy flat elastic shoelaces. Adjustable tension provides a perfect universal fit for everyone from your toddler to your partner, keeping their shoes comfortably in place and on-trend. With 20 colors to choose from, these laces are launching off the shelves and into Amazon carts.

A Vegan-Friendly Lip Balm That Blocks Out The Sun

Protect your lips with this three-pack of SPF 30 sunscreen lip balm. Featuring a three-in-one formula, this beach bag addition moisturizes, protects, and heals sensitive skin with aloe and vitamin E. A convenient variety pack means you can slip one in your pocket and keep the spares in your bag. This Sun Bum classic is cruelty-free to align with your preferences.

This Cleaning Kit For Your Best Leather Bags & Boots

Clean and condition everything from your car seats to your favorite pair of cowboy boots with this two-piece leather care kit. A pH-balanced formula penetrates without degrading fibers, letting you lift out dirt for a like-new look. Keep your newly cleaned leather soft with the included conditioner. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one?

This Epoxy Resin With A Range Of Applications

Flex your creativity and do virtually anything with this crystal-clear epoxy resin kit. Whether you’re into jewelry making or you’re working with wooden decoupage, this versatile formula boasts a low-odor, self-leveling formula that makes it easy to create. Mixing sticks, rubber gloves and cups are included as an all-in-one kit.

An Illuminating Option For Your Porch Or Patio

Hang this vintage-style light set to lighten up your porch or patio. Edison glass provides on-trend throwback appeal, and the 25-foot length is perfect for stringing on an awning or your pergola. However, they also come in 50- and 100-foot options, as well as two more wire colors (green and white).

This Simple Shower Head That Turns Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Step into your own spa with this three-mode handheld shower head. Micro-nozzle technology turns a slow flow into a satisfying high-pressure experience without impacting your water bill, and the whole setup comes apart easily for effortless maintenance. Four brilliant finishes let you match your bathroom’s modern aesthetic.

This Adventure-Ready Filtering Water Bottle

Help save the sea turtles and stay hydrated and refreshed with this portable water filter bottle. This slim BPA-free bottle helps reduce plastic waste and filters out chlorine as you drink for fresh-tasting water with every sip. A built-in carry handle lets you grab this bottle and go, making an ideal companion for hikes or shopping trips. Did I mention the five color options?

A Portable Personal Blender To Take Your Smoothie On The Go

A compact design and durable construction mean this little personal blender doesn’t have to stay home. Stainless steel blades can power through ice, letting you create a refreshing smoothie at work, while one-touch operation takes the time out of whipping up dressings or baby food. With its multifunction setup, the blending jar is also a cup and lid, so you can grab it and head out the door.

These LED Light Strips With An Included Remote

Put a little color here and a lot of illumination there with these totally fun, really simple infrared LED strip lights. The strong adhesive is your best friend here, easily adhering under cupboards, along baseboards, or even around your television set. Cut to size using the helpful guide marks. These strip lights come on a 24.6-foot spool — an incredible amount for the cost.

A Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Lets You Skip the Drive-Thru Lane

Create custom morning meals you can take on the go with this compact breakfast sandwich maker. Dedicated spots for your bread choice, eggs, meat, and cheese make it simple to pull together a mouthwatering most important meal of the day. The nonstick interior supports effortless cleaning, while removable parts can be tossed in the dishwasher for quick cleanup.

This Insulated Can Cooler That Practically Refrigerates Your Refreshments

With 93% of reviewers giving this slim insulated can cooler five stars, it’s a deal you don’t want to miss. The slender design is perfect for holding 12-ounce versions of your favorite beer, cold brew, or energy drink, and the double insulation keeps everything cool and chill for all-day enjoyment. Select your favorite from 29 bold and beautiful colors.

This BPA-Free Lunch Container That Handles A Whole Salad

Bringing a salad to lunch can be hard. This large salad lunch container makes it easy with separate spots for your lettuce, veggies, and dressing, letting you assemble when you’re ready to eat. A snap-on lid and built-in reusable fork cover everything from safe travel to enjoyment.

A Fruity Solution For Flavoring Your Water

Serve up homemade refreshments the natural way with this pretty infusion pitcher. A removable rod runs the length of the pitcher and is easy to fill with your favorite fruits and herbs. Slots in the rod let the flavor seep through your water for a light, enjoyable taste. A generous 2.9-quart capacity is ideal for weekends spent with friends.

This Giant Beach Blanket With Room For 4, 5, Or More

Keep the sand on the beach where it belongs with this truly gigantic beach blanket. Lightweight and totally packable, this waterproof mat offers a barrier between the sand and your skin. Seven brilliant color options make it easy for your friends to find you, and the sturdy construction handles season after season of outdoor fun in the sun.

A Hands-Free Sport Umbrella That Clamps To Strollers, Golf Carts & Chairs

Enjoy your own personal shade with this UPF 50+ clamping sport umbrella that goes just about everywhere. The sturdy canvas construction easily handles years of outdoor use, while the compact, folding setup stows easily in your trunk. Eight color and pattern selections let you stay protected with panache.

An On-Wall Surge Protector That Makes The Most Of Your Space

Dump clumsy surge strips in favor of this space-saving, on-wall surge protector. Six pivoting heads support setup with your computer or entertainment center, and filtering keeps out signal interference that can cause a damaging surge. With a super-low profile, this protector even fits behind bookshelves and desks.

A Cucumber-Infused Eye Treatment That Cools & Calms

Care for the skin under your eyes this refreshing eye treatment that can help prevent unwanted puffiness underneath your eyes. Peppermint, aloe, and cucumber provide a soothing treatment for delicate skin and may help to reduce a tired appearance. This cruelty-free skin care routine keeps your preferences in mind. Stash it in your night table drawer for an instant wakeup call every morning.

This Thirsty Towel Wrap That Handles Long & Curly Hair

You know that moment when you wind up your hair in a towel only to have it fall with a flop the minute you choose to move? This two-pack of microfiber wraps takes care of that. It’s ultra plush and really big to handle long and curly hair, while a smart twist-and-loop design stays in place until you — not the towel — decide it’s time to take it off. Find a fun color among 11 different hues.

A Portable Personal Fan You Can Hold Or Hang

Sometimes, big things come in small packages — like this mini personal portable fan. Wrap it around your porch rail and enjoy an electronic evening breeze, or set it up on your desk to keep you cool as you work. Dual powered by battery or USB, this cooling fan is totally versatile. With four color choices, you can buy one for yourself and another for your office BFF.

This Set Of Satin Pillowcases That Care For Hair & Skin

One of the hottest trends of the year, this set of two satin pillowcases lets you sleep in luxury without bending your budget. Satin construction reduces friction and doesn’t steal moisture, so you wake up to luscious locks. One reviewer was amazed that, “after sleeping on these, my hair looked freshly blown dry the next morning.” They’re so inexpensive, you can pick up a few from among 23 hues.

This Fab, Fluffy Area Rug That You Can Put Down Anywhere

Warm up your tile or hardwoods with this plush area rug. The generous pile height is inviting to bare toes, while the low price tag and eight color options let you soften up your entire space. Use this ample accent rug wherever you need a touch of color and a whole lot of cozy appeal.

This Throw Pillow Insert That’s Hypoallergenic

Enjoy the comfort of a down filling — without sniffles and allergy meds — from this hypoallergenic throw pillow insert. A range of size options lets you refresh your designer covers while keeping mold, mites, and other irritants at bay. This pillow retains its shape with simple re-fluffing, taking its rightful space among your couch or bed cushion collection.

These Blackout Panels That Support Sunday Sleep-Ins

Turn off the alarm and sleep a little longer with these easy-to-hang blackout curtain panels. The heavy, soft construction offers upscale appeal — you wouldn’t know they didn’t cost a whole paycheck — and the silver grommets slide easily along standard curtain rods. Choose from 26 colors for every bedroom in your home.

This Glamorous Makeup Mirror With A Dimmable Design

Put your best face forward with help from this LED vanity mirror. Dimmable LEDs will help you customize your lighting, while three magnification modes support tweezing or crafting the perfect retro wing. There’s even an adjustable design that offers easy, comfortable viewing of all your angles. You can power it up via USB or use three AAA batteries (though batteries are not included).

These Floating Shelves That Let You Show Off Anything

Give your plant family a home of its own with these wall-mounted floating shelves. Three separate sizes bring cool dimension to your space, and the solid wood and metal construction delivers a high-end look. All parts are included for easy assembly. A choice of seven metal finishes means you can find your perfect match.

A Tray Mirror That Holds Your Perfumes Or Pictures

You probably already put your perfume collection on the dresser. Why not keep them contained with this on-trend tray mirror? An update on classic dresser toppers, this sleek metal tray offers a sophisticated statement and needed organization. Go gold or silver to match your aesthetic with two finish options.

This Jewelry Organizer That Is Compact For Travel

Take all your favorite looks along with this travel jewelry organizer. Four layers provide space for separating your fashion favorites, and a rotating design means you can access your accessories quickly. The durable plastic construction handles the bumps and bounces of road trips and flights, and four color choices let you match your luggage.

This Set Of Silicone Travel Bottles That Are TSA-Friendly

Keep your travel toiletries clean and contained in this giant 17-piece travel bottle set. The TSA-approved sizes make security checks simple, and durable silicone construction with leak-proof caps reduces product loss and damaged toiletry bags. Window-tagging caps let you easily discern your hand cream from your sunblock. This set offers room for two to travel.

This Tiered Organizer For Under-The-Sink Or In A Cupboard

Got a lot of bath bombs and body lotion, but not a lot of space? This two-tier organizer turns your under-sink cabinets into a workable storage solution. Two bins with dividers let you set up your supplies just the way you want them, and a roll-out design makes it simple to grab your goods. Use this versatile storage in your office, craft room, or anywhere else you tend to stash your stuff.

This Adjustable Rack That Doesn’t Stop At Simply Shoes

Organization is hard work, but this three-tier stackable shoe rack provides ready assistance to help get your life in hand. The options are endless — and go far beyond shoes — when it comes to this simple design. Put it in a cupboard, and you’ve got space for towels and linens. Stack it with others and create your own custom closet organizer. This rack is no joke with a sturdy metal frame construction that can handle the weight of your wardrobe.

A Freestanding Hamper You Can Pick Up & Move

Laundry day has just become a heck of a lot easier with this freestanding laundry hamper. It’s pretty — with a striped pattern that’s totally on-trend for contemporary aesthetics — and practical, featuring a freestanding profile with handles that eliminates the need for both hamper and basket. Pick from pink, grey, or blue — although, at this price, why not grab all three?

These Bento-Style Boxes That Keep All Your Lunch Items Separate

Pack lunch for the week or prepare meals in advance with these durable bento boxes. You can fill the separate compartments with perfect portions, and the microwave-safe, dishwasher-ready design makes these containers a conscientious reusable choice. The containers and lids are BPA-free, offering a food-safe option for your meals.

This Set Of Four Cereal Containers That You Can Label Over & Over

Ready to keep your breakfast favorites fresh and flavorful, these clear storage containers are both cool and convenient. Removable labels and an included chalk marker let you change up the wording along with your tastes, and they’ve thrown in measuring spoons just to sweeten the deal. With airtight lids, these canisters are ready for everything from flour and rice to coffee grounds.

A Set Of Mesh Laundry Bags For Home Or Travel

Caring for your delicates doesn’t have to be complicated. These mesh laundry bags offer a quick, simple way to protect your lingerie, stockings, and blouses as they run through the wash. A multipurpose design with zippered tops, makes these bags an awesome option for keeping your luggage organized and contained.

A Set of Nonslip Hangers That Hold On To Your Clothes

There really isn’t a thing as too many hangers, and this massive set of 50 hangers helps ensure you don’t run out. Notched shoulders hold tight to straps, and the velvet finish provides friction to keep your clothes from slipping to the floor. A step up from the dry-cleaner’s offerings, these contoured hangers help keep your shirts in shape.

This Large Storage Bag With Space To Hold Your Comforter

Use this large clothing storage bag to store everything from comforters to sweaters. An ample interior can take on down duvets or a dozen or more towels, making this bag a terrific option for maintaining closet space. Plus, forgetting isn’t an option with clear side panels that remind you where you put your stuff when seasons change again.

These Space-Saving Vacuum Storage Bags That Let You Pack Even More

Who says you can’t pack for seven days in just one suitcase? This eight-piece set of vacuum storage bags begs to differ. The large bags can hold your winter coat or a whole comforter, while smaller sizes are ideal for jeans and shirts. Use a standard vacuum cleaner to compress the bags at home and toss the included hand pump in your carry-on to handle the return trip.

A Butane Kitchen Torch That Brings Out Your Inner Bakery Chef

Put perfect finishing touches on your sweet treats with this butane kitchen torch. An adjustable flame keeps caramelization from turning into a full-on burn, and continuous flame mode takes away the trouble of having to keep your finger on the ignition button — so go sear those steaks. Not just for the kitchen, this compact torch can light your fireplace or your scented candles.

These Hair Claw Clips That Won’t Break Under The Pressure

The struggle to contain your tresses ends here, because these big claw-style hair clips really do work. (I admit to a little side-eyeing until I saw the near-perfect ratings and rave reviews.) Ultra-strong springs are up to the task of handling thick, curly hair without weakening or giving out. Choose from eight color options or grab a variety pack.

These Makeup-Removing Cloths That Actually Do What They Say

This amazing pack of makeup-removing cloths is fast taking its place among Amazon’s “best product ever” reviews with so many giving it a five-star rating. Soft fibers pamper your skin, and the water-activated design doesn’t even need makeup remover to get the job done. Better hurry; they’re going fast.

A Stainless Steel Butter Knife That Leaves Your Bread Whole

I always forget to take the butter out of the fridge before I make my toast. If you do too, check out this butter-spreading knife. One side features a series of small holes to curl the butter off the block. The other side is a traditional spreader, letting you swipe a swath of deliciousness across your bread or bagel. So simple. So effective.

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