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Danielle Carolan and Brook Miccio founded the Gals on the Go podcast.

The Real-Life BFFs From Gals On The Go Are Building Their Podcast Biz Together

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Friends may come and go, but best friends are forever. In Elite Daily's Bestie Check, we're celebrating the stories that make best friendship so special. Whether they grew up together or recently met through an app, this series explores the unique ways BFFs first bonded and how they maintain their strong friendship. Below, best friends Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio share how they navigate their relationship while working together on their podcast, Gals on the Go, and how that’s only made their BFF status stronger.

For best friends and business partners Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, work and play is interchangeable. The pair, who first met as YouTubers at a mall nine years ago, have been making content since their teens. Today, the co-founders of the popular Gals on the Go podcast — who first launched the series in 2018 while attending the University of Georgia — are one of the rare BFF duos who started a business together and credit both their personal and professional relationships for its ongoing success.

Self proclaimed “girls’ girls,” Carolan and Miccio focus on female friendships as a cornerstone of each of their episodes. Not only is each segment designed to make listeners feel like they’re listening in on unfiltered and organic conversations between besties, but the gals also choose their topics based on this criteria: recent life experiences that “we gotta tell our friends.”

The result is relatable, candid, and oftentimes funny episodes where the best friends openly discuss their beauty and fashion finds, juicy real-life dating and relationship stories, work, health and wellness, and more relevant topics that their young twenty-something audience cares about. And that formula works. Gals on the Go is currently ranked as the top Fashion and Beauty podcast on Apple Podcasts.

For both Carolan and Miccio, working together over the years and their shared ambitions have only strengthened their personal bond. Here’s their story:

Danielle Carolan

Elite Daily/Danielle Carolan
  • About Me: Queen of overthinking, randomly dancing, and ginger shot taking.
  • Age: 23
  • Current Location: New York City, New York
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising… terrifying

Brooke Miccio

Elite Daily/Brooke Miccio
  • About Me: YouTuber, podcaster, and professional oversharer.
  • Age: 25
  • Current Location: New York, New York (Lower East Side)
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries

How did you two meet?

Danielle Coran: We first messaged each other online years ago because we both made similar YouTube videos about “preppy fashion” and “what to bring to sleepaway camp.” We then decided to meet up at a mall in person (our moms came). Back then it was extra scary to meet someone from the internet.

Brooke Miccio: Danielle first messaged me on YouTube over nine years ago. We were both creating similar types of content and became fast friends. Danielle lived in Florida, near where my mom worked at the time, so we arranged a meeting at the International Plaza Mall (literally in the food court, lol). From then on, we realized how similar we were, and our friendship grew from there.

What was your first impression of each other?

DC: Brooke was, and still is, an intelligent, kind, and most importantly hilarious human being.

BM: I thought Danielle was a very positive, ambitious young girl with such a kind heart. Years later, this is still so true.

Danielle Carolan/Brooke Miccio

How long have you known each other?

DC: Around nine years.

BM: Over nine years.

How long have you considered yourselves best friends?

DC: I would say around five to six years. I even visited her at UGA before I decided to go there. We became super close in 2018 when we started Gals on the Go together in college at UGA and were traveling on the weekends for conventions. However, when I moved to NYC this past August, we became even closer living so close to each other.

BM: At least six years.

What initially sparked your friendship?

DC: We had so much in common and could relate on multiple levels, having both grown up on social media — whereas our other friends could not. We also constantly have something to talk about. Put us in a cardboard box and we will have things to talk about for hours.

BM: Similar interests, both from doing YouTube and making similar content about style and makeup.

Do you know if you are astrologically compatible? Do you care?

DC: I believe Aries and Virgo are super compatible, which we love.

BM: As far as I know, Aries and Virgo are supposed to get along well and be a good team, both friendship and work wise.

What do you do for work?

DC: I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2021, and now I’m a social media content creator and podcast host.

BM: I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Marketing degree in 2019. Now I work full time as a content creator.

Danielle Carolan/Brooke Miccio

How did you get started with the podcast?

DC: We launched Gals On The Go while attending University of Georgia, and it really took off from there. Following a successful first year, we partnered with Podcast One in 2019, which has allowed us to optimize and scale while maintaining creative control. Sharing our experiences brought a sense of support and levity to our day-to-day, and as creators there was a natural urge to extend that positivity to our audience and connect with them in the same way.

BM: Danielle and I have been creating content since our teens, so we’ve had experience with an on-the-go lifestyle from an early age. By the time we made it to University of Georgia, we were focused on developing our careers while in the throes of college life — balancing classes, relationships, work, social events, etc.

It’s a really exciting time for young adults because there is so much opportunity for new experiences, and we had so much fun sharing our stories with each other. We felt a sense of support and camaraderie in navigating life through those conversations and we ultimately created Gals On The Go with the intention of sharing that closeness with our community.

Have you ever lived together?

DC: We have never lived together and probably never will. We made that conscious decision because we are together so often anyways. We went to Greece together for two weeks and roomed together the whole time — so many good laughs.

BM: We haven’t lived together, but are the best travel buddies. We spent over a week together on a trip to Greece in 2019.

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without seeing each other in person?

DC: We didn’t see each other for over a year from 2020 through 2021. It was so exciting reuniting in NYC a year later when I was touring apartments.

BM: Throughout lockdown, we didn’t see each other for over a year, from February 2020 through May 2021. It was challenging being apart for that long, and it was honestly an emotional reunion.

Danielle Carolan/Brooke Miccio

How often do you text/call/FaceTime?

DC: Every day, many times a day. Sometimes we will have been together for four hours and go home to just FaceTime each other again. We have healthy boundaries though. If I know she’s with family or other friends, I know not to bother (unless it’s important).

BM: We are constantly texting, and we usually call or FaceTime once per day if we don’t see each other, too. Honestly if we are going back and forth texting and I know it would be easier to just talk, I’ll call Danielle, and vice versa.

What was the last thing you texted about?

DC: Scoring Odesza concert tickets for the NYC show in August.

BM: A concept for a post on our podcast instagram (work mode lol).

What’s the oldest throwback photo you can find of yourselves?


Danielle Carolan


What is your favorite Instagram photo together?

DC: This one is so special to me. It was our first photo together after not seeing each other for over a year. The caption was “back and better than ever.”

Danielle Carolan

BM: When we dressed as Blair and Serena for Halloween this year.

What’s one TV show you both can agree on?

DC: Gossip Girl.

BM: Gossip Girl (the original).

What's your favorite underrated thing about each other?

DC: Brooke is seriously one of the funniest people I know and sometimes she doesn’t even mean to be. She is so witty.

BM: Danielle is the friend that I can bring in literally every situation and she thrives in them all, whether it’s groups of friends, parents, or in business settings. She is so good at adapting and yet staying herself.

What is your favorite memory together?

DC: Our whole trip to Greece together in 2019 was full of good memories and so many laughs. We got super close on that trip and I truly think it was good for our podcast too because now we are super comfortable with each other.

BM: One of my favorite memories with Danielle is when she came to visit the University of Georgia, where I was a freshman at the time. We were so young, and things were so light and fun. We went out on the town, and I took her to my favorite brunch spot in Athens (shout out Mama’s Boy) and I think she had a great time because she then decided to attend UGA a year later.

What’s one random memory you have of each other?

DC: Brooke tried to unlock our hotel key in Santorini in the middle of the night and it broke in half. We could not stop laughing.

BM: Probably on our trip to Greece after a night out when things got a little… unhinged. It was one of those nights where things got more random as the night went on. We went out to a club in Santorini, where we were staying at the time, and had maybe a few too many mojitos. We went back to the hotel late, and the hotel room door broke so it was unable to shut properly. We decided (drunkenly) to push the mini fridge in front of the door just to keep it shut.

Danielle Carolan/Brooke Miccio

What is it like working with your best friend?

DC: Working with your best friend is really fun. We feel blessed and fortunate for the opportunity to not only do what we love, but to do it together. We have a shared vision of what we want to create and accomplish, and we’ve learned the value of trusting each other and the importance of being open and honest with one another as colleagues and business partners.

BM: Working together has been such a fun experience — it’s incredible to be able to do what I love, and even more so with my best friend. We balance each other out, and have an open and honest relationship as business partners. We’ve learned so much about one another as professionals and we’ve come to a place where we have a mutual understanding and a shared goal for our brand, and we trust each other to keep that goal in focus.

What is the most challenging part about co-hosting a podcast together?

DC: At the end of the day we both have our own lives, friends, families, and desires. Sometimes it is hard to agree on when to record, what guests we both want to have on the show, etc.

BM: While we have so many shared experiences, we definitely have others that aren’t experienced together or in the same way. Finding ways of discussing these topics that one may have experience with, and the other does not, can be challenging.

Which one of you is better at keeping secrets?

DC: Probably Brooke.

BM: Honestly, if you share something with one of us, we probably both will end up knowing (sorry, not sorry). I’d say Danielle is the better secret keeper of us two. She’s also an amazing listener, so people end up sharing more with her, too.

What was your biggest fight about?

DC: We have never had a big blowout fight. We are very much like sisters where we talk about problems as they arise and deal with them then. We are very good at listening to each other and compromising.

BM: We haven’t ever had a large “fight.” We have small things we may not completely agree on, but we are so great at compromising and knowing what is important to the other person.

Danielle Carolan/Brooke Miccio

Was there ever a time when you considered not being friends?

DJ: That has never been an option. She’s my girl.

BM: No, honestly never considered. We don’t fight like that at all.

What’s one word you’d use to describe your friendship?

DC: Authentic.

BM: It’s cliche, but “fun.” We always find a way to make everything we experience together a good time.

Why do you think your friendship works?

DC: We have so many similarities yet so many differences that we constantly entertain one another. We also both have different strengths and weaknesses, which is actually helpful.

BM: We have the perfect balance of being so similar, and yet so different. We have different approaches to the same end result.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from each other?

DC: I’ve learned from Brooke how important it is to stay true to yourself and only surround yourself with people who lift you up.

BM: We have learned what it really looks like to support your friends. Through the highs and the lows, we know what it’s like to have your friend’s back.