Cove Oasis Hydration Drink Headaches Migraines

The Science-Backed Drink That’ll Finally Get You To Drink Water (& Helps With Headaches)

The easy, doctor-approved way to stay hydrated and get your electrolytes.


My YouTube algorithm seems keyed in on the question “Why do I have so many headaches?” and triggers are a refrain I hear over and over. While some of those triggers — like not getting stressed by 2022 or the barometric pressure dropping — are difficult to downright impossible to change, others, like getting the right nutrients and staying hydrated, are things that are a little easier to do for myself.

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Cove is a company that connects those with migraines and some other types of headaches with doctors to create a customized, largely prescription-based routine. But, the company also offers research-backed preventative products you can get to help with headaches without a consultation.

One of my biggest triggers is dehydration and yet, I’ve long found remembering to drink water really, really hard. That’s why I was excited to try Cove’s Oasis drink mix. Not only does it encourage you to drink more water, but it also has vitamins and minerals science suggests can help with headaches. Plus, because it tastes good and can be taken anytime that’s convenient (read: when I remember in the middle of the afternoon as I’m searching for a snack), it has become a part of my routine that I actually keep up with.

Why Does Cove Oasis Work?

Cove packs in plenty of electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and sodium to help your body actually keep those hydration levels balanced. The electrolyte magnesium is also in it and is one of the most studied supplements for migraines. In fact, multiple clinical trials confirm that it can reduce the frequency and aggressiveness of migraine attacks.

But just as important is what isn’t in it, namely sugar and caffeine. Sugar is a big headache trigger, and so this formulation swaps that out for Rebaudioside A, the less bitter part of the stevia plant. And while caffeine is used in some headache medications, it’s also a common trigger for a lot of people and is an ingredient in many other drink mixes on the market. And while I won’t let anyone wrench my very-caffeinated coffee out of my groggy hands, it’s nice to have options, like when it’s 3 p.m. and you don’t want a jolt of caffeine that’ll keep you up late.

Plus, not only are the ingredients well-considered so is the format. Beyond getting you to drink more water, the powdered format can also improve absorption rates. “Some studies suggest that powder supplements are easier for your body to absorb than solid tablets,” according to Dr. Alexander Mauskop, founder of the New York Headache Center and a Cove medical advisor.

What Does It Taste Like?

According to the brand, “Oasis has a refreshing lemon-lime flavor, a little like Gatorade.” My personal take is that it’s like a salted lemonade, a popular flavor in Asia and the Middle East.

How Do I Take It?

Basically, all you have to do is drop one of the sticks of lemony powdered into a big glass of water, and drink it however you want whether that’s in one go or throughout the course of the day. The box instructions say 16 ounces of water, but you can also use it in a bigger cup like I do. And by cup, I mean a quart-sized mason jar.

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