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Use these Oktoberfest puns and quotes as Instagram captions.

35 Clever Oktoberfest Captions That’ll Be A Brewtiful Sight On Insta

But first, let me finish my beer.

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You can't have fall without Oktoberfest. Each year, the festival scores a high spot on your bucket list because it's full of all those autumn vibes you love so much — not to mention all the festive beer and pretzels. Even if you aren't catching a flight to Germany for the big annual festival, these clever captions for Oktoberfest will perfectly pair with those pics of your crew raising your steins for a group cheers back home.

There will likely be an Oktoberfest event happening in your own city, whether it’s a month-long celebration or a weekend filled with German beer at your favorite brewery. In a perfect world, you'd have a vacation in place to celebrate in Munich, but you'll need to work with what you've got this year. As long as you have a fun crew, a free weekend in September or October, and some Oktoberfest puns in your back pocket for your Instagram post, you’ll be good to go.

If you and your besties are 21 or over, find a bar or beer hall that's diving deep into Oktoberfest activities. Braid each other's hair and buy the cutest dirndls, because going all-out in the fashion department is a must for the 'Gram. Even if you’re throwing an at-home Oktoberfest celebration, you should get creative with German food, music, and lots of beer (of course). Send out festive invitations, and have everyone bring an authentic German dish. If you're a true fall lover, Oktoberfest is at the top of your autumn festival list, and you are not missing it this year. For all the pics you snap at the celebration, these 35 Oktoberfest quotes and puns will sum up how much you're living your best life.

Arne Trautmann / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images
  1. "Sip is about to get so real."
  2. "Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”
  3. "I have never been hoppier."
  4. "99 bottles of beer on the wall."
  5. "Friends who drink together, stick together."
  6. "I've never disliked anyone who handed me a beer."
  7. "Who said bunnies were the only hoppy ones?"
  8. "Oktoberfest is a brewtiful sight, if you ask me."
  9. "Hail to the ale."
  10. "Friends bring happiness into your life. Best friends bring beer."
  11. "Take a pitcher, it'll last longer."
  12. "But first, let me finish my beer."
  13. "Haters can't sip with us."
  14. "I work until beer o'clock."
  15. “Let the fish drink the water. I want a beer!” — Anthony T. Hincks
  16. "Love is ale you need."
  17. "Beer me up, buttercup."
  18. "You make my heart so freaking hoppy."
  19. "Trust me, you can totally get out there and dance." — Beer
  20. "Great people drink good beer. That's all I'm saying."
  21. "To the window, to the fall... festival!"
  22. “Here's the beautiful lady with the beer.” — Ernest Hemingway
  23. “The best beer in the world is the one in my hand.” — Charles Papazian
  24. "This girl drinks well with others."
  25. "The best beers are the ones we drink with friends."
  26. "If you're hoppy and you know it clap your hands."
  27. "May you have love in your heart and beer in your belly."
  28. "Don't disturb me. I'm in my hoppy place."
  29. "This is my beer drinking shirt. Can you tell?"
  30. "Time to back that glass up."
  31. “Save water, drink beer.”
  32. “Oktoberfest makes me hoppy.”
  33. “No working during drinking hours.”
  34. “Cheers to Okto-beer-fest.”
  35. “So you think you can drink…”

Enjoy your Oktoberfest shenanigans, no matter where you are. Raise your glass to autumn, let the good times roll with your people, and drink responsibly.

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