Chipotle's Lemonade Water Cup Candle is launching on August 18.

Forget Cilantro Soap, Chipotle Dropped A “Water” Cup Candle That’ll Make You LOL

They’re on to us.

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It’s no secret that Chipotle likes to create hilarious products inspired by some of its most popular food and drink offerings. Case in point: In 2021, the company memorably dropped a “Cilantro Soap,” referencing a hot debate from certain customers who thought their most-used herb has a “soapy” flavor due to a particular gene. This time, Chipotle's Lemonade “Water” Cup Candle drop references another inside joke. In honor of National Lemonade Day on Aug. 20, Chipotle is launching a lemonade-scented soy candle that looks and smells just like the lemonade from the soda fountain that you “accidentally” filled in the free water cup.

The iconic burrito chain is dropping the limited-edition “Water” Cup candle on Aug. 18 at 9 a.m. PT on the online Chipotle Goods store — and it literally looks just like the iconic paper cup you get with your meal. Each limited-edition candle will retail for $28 and will ship for free. If you need this clever product in your life, make sure to scoop it up ASAP, because it’ll be in stock while supplies last.

Chipotle hinted at the home item in a tweet shared on Monday, Aug. 15, writing, “When life gives you a water cup, ___,” prompting followers to fill in the blank. Some commenters on Twitter warned each other that they were being set up for self-incrimination if they responded to the mysterious question, but if you know Chipotle’s social channels, then you know they’re usually in on the joke.


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen Chipotle’s social accounts acknowledge the “accidental” lemonade drinkers in several tweets in the past, and they even manifested this very candle back in December 2019, writing, “Hear me out: a water cup scented candle that smells like lemonade.” Meanwhile, in July 2020, Chipotle’s Twitter account even posted this meme to nudge their customers to pay for the lemonade, but it sounds like it might not have been too successful.

So, now that you know that Chipotle knows that you know you’re sneaking lemonade every time you get a burrito or bowl, you might not look at that delicious Chipotle lemonade the same. Luckily, they won’t hold it against you, because with each “Water” Cup Candle purchase, you’ll receive a promo code that allows you to redeem it for a free lemonade the next time you grab a bite at Chipotle. It’s kind of their way of saying, “we get it, and all is forgiven... but don’t do it again.”

If you’ve been carrying guilt about “accidentally” filling your free water cup with lemonade at the Chipotle soda fountain, now’s your chance to clear your karma. With this clever product, you can have your home smell like yummy lemonade and drink it, too.

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