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What does cheugy mean? It's all about outdated things that are trying too hard to be trendy.

40 Cheugy Instagram Captions You’ve Probably Seen All Over Your Feed

You should probably let go of #bossbabe.

by Andrea Hannah

Let’s be real: Gen Z isn’t afraid to speak their mind when it comes to millennials’ unending Harry Potter obsession or their weird hype over all things autumnal. The word to describe these outdated interests? Cheugy. If you want to stay as on-trend as possible on the ‘Gram, you’ll want to avoid these ultra cheugy Instagram captions that are so 2010.

Before you take a Gen Z slang quiz to get caught up, remember that being cheugy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even Gen Z agrees that everyone has a bit of “cheug” in them. As a millennial myself, I’m not about to give up wine, Disney movies, and dissecting Taylor Swift lyrics just because Gen Z tells me those things aren’t cool anymore (if they ever were). That being said, there are a few cheugy Instagram captions that tend to pop up on my feed over and over again, and even I’m a little over them. Like if I never see another #bossbabe caption in my lifetime, it will be too soon.

While I don’t plan to tailor my social media feeds to Gen Z’s liking, this list of cheugy quotes is a good reminder that certain phrases and sayings are just outdated and overused. It’s totally fine if you still love slaying at work, but girl boss culture has had its moment, and it’s well time to put it to rest. And, look, it’s great to have strong emotions about a photo or memory, but we can probably skip “All the Feels” for the Instagram caption. Unless, of course, you’re totally fine with being a cheug.

At the end of the day, we can’t ditch everything we love (including French bulldogs, lasagna, and frothy coffees — which are all considered cheugy). But if you want to stay on-trend on the ‘Gram, it’s time to retire these cheugy captions for good.

  1. “Live, laugh, love.”
  2. “I did a thing.”
  3. “PSLs and autumn leaves.”
  4. “But first, coffee.”
  5. “Skinny jeans over everything.”
  6. “I’m all in my feels over this.”
  7. “This moment gives me All The Feels.”
  8. “Never giving up my side part.”
  9. “Is there anything more cheugy than farmhouse decor?”
  10. “It’s wine-o-clock!”
  11. “Girl boss.”
  12. “Everyday I slay. #bossbabe.”
  13. “You’re as cheugy as a ‘90s sitcom.”
  14. “Gotta adult today.”
  15. “Adulting is so hard.”
  16. Just me and my doggo hanging out.”
  17. “Going to the most magical place on Earth!”
  18. “I’m feelin’ 22.”
  19. “Life’s a beach.”
  20. “The definition of cheugy: Heading out in a pair of UGGs with a PSL.”
  21. Thank u, next.”
  22. “I remember it all too well.”
  23. “Laugh-crying.”
  24. “We’ve all got a little cheug in us.”
  25. “Blanket scarves and big snuggles.”
  26. It feels like the year 2000 was only 10 years ago.”
  27. “Ready for our gender reveal! #girlorboy”
  28. “Showing my House pride #ravenclaw.”
  29. “This one.”
  30. He’s my person.”
  31. “Couple goals.”
  32. “Not today, satan.”
  33. “All my plant babies.”
  34. “Hangin’ out with the kiddos today.”
  35. Keep calm and carry on.”
  36. Starbucks is life.”
  37. “#TotalCheug”
  38. “Coffee is life.”
  39. “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” — Anonymous
  40. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars.” — Anonymous