Chamberlain Coffee has launched a new hot chocolate for 2022.

Chamberlain Coffee Just Launched A Hot Cocoa For All Your Mochas At Home

I can’t wait to try Emma Chamberlain’s frozen cocoa recipe.

Emma Chamberlain is not only an über successful content creator, but the social media star is also a coffee connoisseur with her Chamberlain Coffee brand. By now, you know Chamberlain Coffee for its delicious cold brew, fresh blends, and flavorful espresso beans. They even have single serve steeped coffee bags to make brewing your own cup first thing in the morning easier than ever. While coffee has been the go-to of the brand, Chamberlain Coffee’s new hot chocolate is a must try for the winter.

Chamberlain Coffee’s Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate is just what you need for those extra chilly days at home. It’s also the first-ever hot chocolate blend for Chamberlain Coffee. The brand recently launched a matcha tea for tasty homemade lattes, so a hot chocolate blend just seemed like the natural next step. Even though the holiday season is over, that doesn’t mean hot chocolate season is done. In fact, a cozy cup of hot cocoa sounds like the perfect excuse for a night in with your roomies or partner. You could even blend up some Chamberlain Coffee hot cocoa before watching a movie on Netflix or sitting out on the back porch while wrapped in blankets.

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The Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate is available for $15, and each bag has enough cocoa for 16 servings. On the packaging, you’ll find a super cute bear cuddling a warm mug, which is exactly what you’ll look like holding your own cup of cocoa. According to the product description, the Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate can either be made hot or cold. So, when spring does roll around, you can switch over to iced chocolates or even use your blend to make some chocolate milk. With velvety, deep, and sweet tasting notes, the Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate can even be the perfect addition to your coffee to make yourself a homemade mocha. In fact, Chamberlain Coffee has a few recipe ideas for you to try out with your Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate.

Chamberlain Coffee Hot Cocoa

If you just want a regular cup of hot cocoa, you only need two ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons of Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate
  • 1 cup of hot water or milk of your choice

Mix the two together and you’ve got a delicious drink to enjoy as is. However, if you’re an Insta foodie who knows presentation is just as important as taste, you may want to top off your drink with some whipped cream, cocoa powder, chocolate shavings, or even fun sprinkles. Of course, there’s also the obvious go-to topping — marshmallows — but feel free to get creative. If you’re having a night in with your besties, set up a hot chocolate toppings bar with everything from the whipped cream to some toffee bits, crushed up peppermint, and Pirouette cookies.

Chamberlain Coffee Frozen Cocoa

Once it’s warmed up outside, you may want to cool down by making a frozen hot cocoa. Chamberlain Coffee suggests blending together the following ingredients:

  • 4 tablespoons of Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate
  • 5 oz. of your choice of milk
  • 12 oz. of ice

Once it’s all mixed together, pour into a cute cup, add a colorful straw, and enjoy. For the frozen cocoa, you can get creative with your toppings as well or have fun with the flavor. Mix in some peanut butter, peppermint, or even bananas to get a next level frozen hot chocolate.

Chamberlain Coffee Cafe Mocha

Courtesy of Chamberlain Coffee

For all the “but first, coffee” people, try this super simple cafe mocha recipe from Chamberlain Coffee. All you need to do is add one tablespoon of Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate to your hot coffee and stir. You can use it with any blend from Chamberlain Coffee as well. The Early Bird and Night Owl blends are two of Emma’s favorites, but the Holiday blend is still available if you’re like Taylor Swift and wish you could “go back to December.”

Whatever mood or season you’re in, hot chocolate is always a good idea. So, getting some Chamberlain Coffee Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate may be an idea you’ll love a choco-lot.