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Cardi B and Offset's McDonald's meal is a lower price than if you ordered all the items separately.

I Tried Cardi B & Offset's $18 McDonald's Meal & It’s A Good Deal

McDonald’s first celeb duo meal comes with a cute merch line.

McDonald's/Elite Daily

After debuting celeb meal collabs featuring go-to orders of stars like BTS, Travis Scott, and Sweetie, McDonald’s is making it easier to get your Golden Arches fix with a plus one. Whether you’re chowing down with bae or your BFF, McDonald’s Cardi B and Offset’s meal offers a deal on some of the chain’s most classic offerings. As a fan of some of McDonald’s other celeb collabs (TBH, I wish the special BTS McDonald’s sauces were always on the menu), I decided to review the Cardi B and Offset McDonald’s meal and see how it stacked up to some of the retailer’s other treats.

What’s In Cardi B & Offset’s McDonald’s Meal?

At first glance, McDonald’s first celeb duo meal is more on the traditional side. The “I Like It” star’s portion includes a classic McDonald’s Cheeseburger, which is paired with Tangy BBQ sauce and a large Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, the Migos rapper’s picks include a Quarter Pounder with cheese, which is paired with a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. To share, Cardi B and Offset’s celeb meal has a dessert (baked apple pie) and a large order of fries, giving the meal a good mix of salty and sweet components. My bestie and I split everything in half to try, and decided we weren’t the biggest fans of the barbecue sauce paired with the cheeseburger (I’m definitely more of a honey mustard or ketchup person). We pushed the coke to the side in favor of the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst, which was refreshing against the saltiness of the burgers and the fries. The warm baked apple pie was kind of small for two people, but a nice way to close out the meal.

Courtesy of McDonald's

Everything that’s a part of Cardi B and Offset’s McDonald’s meal is also available on Mickey D’s regular menu, but the one main benefit of the collab is that it’s cheaper than if you ordered all the items individually. Prices for the limited-edition meal vary depending on where you are in the country, but even in Chicago, where I paid almost $18 for my meal from a delivery app, it was cheaper than the approximately $20.39 you’d pay otherwise. In many regions, you’ll only pay $13.49 for Cardi B and Offset’s McDonald’s meal, which is almost a 16% discount on the regular price. Basically, if you’re looking for a cheap date night or movie night meal with your bestie, this collab is a good option. Plus, you might want to check out the matching Cardi B and Offset McDonald’s merch line, which is emblazoned with some of Cardi B’s iconic phrases, to match. Your bestie or SO will definitely appreciate a “Nice buns” hoodie.