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These cat Instagram captions include cute ideas for all your cat photos.

45 Captions For Your Cat's Instagram For Even Meow Likes On Your Purrfect Snaps

For when you just cat stop posting on the ‘Gram.

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It’s no secret that cats are internet naturals, and you’ve probably spent hours scrolling through hilarious and adorable cat videos on TikTok and Instagram. If you happen to have a fur baby of your own at home, it’s time to make them a star by posting your own pet content with cute captions for your cat’s Instagram. Not only will a dedicated account for sharing photos of your kitten sleeping, playing, or getting a case of the zoomies in the middle of the night bring more joy to the internet, but it’ll also free up tons of space on your phone.

Any pet parent knows the struggle of storage space on their phone. Any time your cat does something LOL-worthy, you’ve got to document it by taking a million photos and videos. You also probably have what feels like a million snaps of them just taking naps on the bed or couch. The problem with sharing all your pics and videos on Instagram is having to come up with cute cat instagram captions everytime you post.

You’ll want to accompany your cat picture with captions that’ll make your fellow feline lovers smile and give the post some personality. Whether your kitten is enjoying naptime or posing for the ‘Gram, you can give your followers a glimpse into their character and disposition by accompanying your cute pics and videos with the right words.

When the cat's got your tongue, just use any of these 45 Instagram captions for cats to complete your post. Then, you can get right back to giving your kitten all the love and head scratches they deserve.

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  1. "You gotta be kitten me right meow."
  2. "Looking good, feline good."
  3. "Catitude is everything."
  4. "Cash meowside."
  5. "What are you eating, and how can I help?"
  6. "Meow is the time to chill with my cat."
  7. "I love you meow and furever."
  8. "I've got a funny feline about this."
  9. "Ain't no meowtin high enough to keep me from you."
  10. "I know how to purr my way out of everything."
  11. "Sometimes, you just have to paws and relax."
  12. "Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?" — Friends
  13. "I hope you have a very meowy day."
  14. "My hooman made me take this picture."
  15. "When I floof, you floof, we floof."
  16. "Happy caturday."
  17. "Cat's out of the bag, I got an Instagram."
  18. "I've got to have all the naps."
  19. "I'm feline lucky today."
  20. "You are meowt of this world."
  21. "You had me at meow."
  22. "Check meowt!"
  23. "I cat even right now."
  24. "Feeling pretty purrfect."
  25. "I'll be putting the fur in furniture."
  26. "I just cat stop myself from being so darn cute."
  27. "I was born to walk the catwalk."
  28. "I cat understand you."
  29. "Having a purrfect day just sleeping."
  30. "Let's get the pawdy started."
  31. "If I purr loud enough, I can get whatever I want."
  32. "Cat hair, don't care."
  33. "Home is where my cat is."
  34. "Thanks fur loving me."
  35. "Anything is paws-ible."
  36. “I’m hooked on a feline.”
  37. “Purr-haps we can cuddle later?”
  38. “Pawsitive vibes only.”
  39. “Don’t fur-get to buy me more treats.”
  40. “Feeling claw-fully cute today.”
  41. “I still believe in furry tails.”
  42. “Cats make the best fur-ends.”
  43. “Thanks fur the memories.”
  44. “I’m so fur-tunate to have you in my life.”
  45. “What a meow-gical moment.”

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