A couple enjoys Bumble's new IRL program of events.

Bumble's New IRL Program Includes Free Concerts And Workout Classes

Their next nationwide event is a SoulCycle class on April 28.

Courtesy of Bumble

Despite apps making it easier than ever to find single people in your area, dating nowadays can be difficult. Sparking up a convo on your phone can be so exhausting that nine times out of 10, you don’t make it to the planning stages of actually meeting up with someone you swiped right on. Luckily, Bumble fully understands that the struggle can be real. That’s why Bumble’s new IRL program will get you out and meeting actual people at free events you’ll actually want to attend.

The Bumble IRL program includes fun events like workout classes and concerts so you can meet people while doing something you love. It’s a win-win. In fact, you’ll probably have more things to talk about when you’re doing something you both enjoy, and you’ll definitely walk away with a better story than a text conversation.

You may be wondering what exactly Bumble’s IRL program is, though. Bumble IRL gives users of the networking app an opportunity to meet people in their area by participating in events in their community. The program just launched and is expected to last through the rest of 2022 in 10 different cities — Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco. The events Bumble IRL offer for users also range for different interests, including food and beverage tastings, music events, sporting events, and even volunteerism. The goal is for you to pick an event that is most exciting for you, so that you find other people who have shared interests.

Courtesy of Bumble/Collin Ross Findlay

Bumble is also teaming up with different companies like Live Nation, SoulCycle, Topgolf, and the James Beard Foundation to really make sure these Bumble IRL events are unique and create experiences where you’ll really get a chance to meet other people and connect. While the new program kicked off on April 24 with a Topgolf experience in select cities, don’t worry if you missed the first one, as Bumble IRL lists a few more Topgolf experiences coming up in May and June as well. Bumble IRL will also be offering singles-only cycling classes through SoulCycle.

Actually, the next big meet-up date is April 28 for a SoulCycle Bumble IRL event in all 10 participating cities. SoulCycle’s CEO, Evelyn Webster, says, “Our SoulCycle x Bumble IRL rides are a perfect way to have fun, get a workout in and meet like-minded people, including — possibly — your SOULmate.”

Working with Live Nation, Bumble IRL will also have complimentary concert tickets to live shows as well. Live Nation’s President of National and Festival sales, Maureen Ford, says, “Live music events are the ultimate shared experience and have a special way of making people feel bonded to those around them.” This is why going to a Bumble IRL concert can be the perfect start to your love story. Plus, let’s not forget, tickets through Bumble IRL are complimentary. Who could say no to that?

Courtesy of Bumble

If you’re more of a foodie and want your first date to begin with something delicious, Bumble IRL will also be offering food-focused happy hours from women-led restaurants and bars. Bumble is a women-first dating app after all, so you can not only potentially meet your new partner and enjoy some delicious food, but you’ll also support a woman-owned business in the process.

If this sounds too good to be true, you’ve got to check out Bumble IRL. You can search upcoming events in your area to find one you’d like to attend, and you can either go solo or bring your crew with you. After all, you may need a wingwoman or two. This is your chance to get out from behind your keyboard and finally talk to some cuties you’re interested in (or meet some new friends). Enjoying yourself in the meantime is just an added bonus.