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These Blood Moon Rituals Will Help You Create A Future Full Of Love And Light

For an eclipse of epic proportions.

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Do you feel the power surging through the air? As we take one final breath before the partial lunar eclipse in Taurus alters and transforms our world on Nov. 19, the steady build-up of celestial magic is beyond palpable. We're riding a spiritual wave that's currently cresting. Once the blood moon reigns in the sky, that wave will crash, burn, and change us forever. You're in the process of letting go, unblocking, and eradicating low vibrations from your life. This lunar event wants you to take a long look at the promising future you have ahead of you, and these blood moon eclipse rituals will help guide all your energy toward prosperity.

If you're ready to embark on the next chapter of your life with all the enchantment of the lunar eclipse on your side, then these rituals will provide you with the reinforcement of magic and spiritual guidance you need. Do your best to perform these rituals during the lunar eclipse, which begins at 3:57 a.m. ET. Make sure you sage and cleanse the energy of your space before you begin. Taking time to meditate in preparation for the ritual is also an excellent idea. Without further ado, the power of the blood moon is waiting for you.

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A Blood Moon Ritual To Heal Yourself And Let Go Of The Past

Are you grappling with difficult memories? Are there wounds you're ready to heal from? If you'd like to leave the past in the past, forgive yourself, and move on, then this is the ritual for you. You'll need:

  • A safely contained source of fire
  • Palo santo or white sage (optional)
  • A paper and pen

Light your fire, whether it's in a cauldron, a fireplace, or a fire pit. Add the palo santo or white sage to the flames for added purification. While the fire burns, begin writing down the nature of your fears, anxieties, and pain. Watch how much less power it has over you once it's written on paper. Whenever you're ready, take the paper, tear it to pieces, and toss it in the fire. As the flames consume your words, visualize your pain leaving your soul behind as the smoke rises. Whenever you're ready, repeat:

I am purified, I am cleansed, and now, I am now free.

The ritual is over once you feel it is, once the paper and your fears have become ash.

A Blood Moon Ritual To Embark On A Powerful New Beginning

Is it the dawn of a new era in your life? Do you have a powerful vision for the future? If you feel yourself on the precipice of a beautiful new beginning, this ritual will take you to better horizons. You'll need:

  • 1 Yellow candle
  • 1 Crystal, such as clear quartz, tiger's eye, green aventurine, or citrine

Light your candle. Grab onto your crystal. Hold it near your heart. Close your eyes and visualize your dream coming true. Make this visualization as specific as you can, making sure to feel it, hear it, sense it, smell it, and taste it. Be completely present wherever your mind takes you. Allow the daydream to take on a life of its own. Remember to breathe. Whenever you feel your visualization has come to an end, repeat:

I have all the power I need. I am surrounded by peace, prosperity, and beauty. This is only the beginning.

Allow your candle to burn all the way through. Keep this crystal with you always as a source of luck and energy. It now contains all the magic of your visualization.

A Blood Moon Ritual To Protect Yourself During Difficult Transitions

Do you feel detached from your reality? Are you undergoing stressful transformations? If you're in-between situations in your life and anxious over the change, this ritual will take care of you. You'll need:

  • 1 Black candle
  • 1 Dark and protective crystal, such as hematite, tourmaline, or onyx
  • A bowl of water

Light your candle. Go outside and dip your crystal into the water. Allow yourself to feel safe in this present moment. There is nothing that can harm you here. The blood moon is watching over you and your spirit guides are here to protect you. Take up space here. Spread your body out. Be vulnerable to the world, knowing that you are completely secure. Imagine yourself being hugged, if you'd like. Whenever you're ready, repeat:

I am safe. I am loved. I have guardians. I can take on the world.

Allow the crystal to soak in the water for the duration of the lunar eclipse, or at least overnight under the gaze of the full moon. Whenever this time has passed, take your crystal, knowing that it is now a source of intense and impenetrable protection that will remain with you always.

Place the water in an airtight container. It contains incredibly protective power from the blood moon. Anoint it on your wrists and heart whenever you need a boost of safety. Pour it in a purifying bath and bathe with it. Water your plants with it. Do whatever you see fit.

The ritual is over once the candle has burned all the way through and when the water and crystal are ready.

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