How To Win A Trip To The World's Last Blockbuster Store

Win A Trip To The Last Blockbuster Store & A Private Viewing Party

Marathon-watch the entire store before Netflix’s Blockbusters comes out.

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Netflix’s upcoming comedy Blockbuster, which streams on Nov. 3, is an ironic and nostalgic callback to quintessential ‘90s memories that took place in the video store. Today, there’s only one store left standing, which is the premise of the new comedy show that’ll take form as a workplace sitcom, similar to The Office. If you ever wish you could transport back in time to enjoy that nostalgic experience once more, you can actually visit the last Blockbuster store IRL in Bend, Oregon — and a new giveaway will give you the chance to visit for free. Here’s how to win a trip to the last Blockbuster store and a private viewing party, where you can marathon-watch all your fave movies and take part in a Blockbuster game night.

Before Netflix and other streaming sights became the go-to way to watch TV and movies, Blockbuster stores felt like a second home, where you’d carefully browse the racks and grab a new DVD to rent for the week. In honor of the show and the new movie board game “Blockbuster Trilogy,” Big Potato Games and the Blockbuster Store are renting out the final storefront for one lucky winner to experience a private Blockbuster viewing party and game night on Nov. 12.

Just like old times, if you win, you can round up four of your friends or family members for a trip to the video store and enjoy the historic Blockbuster store all to yourself. There, you’ll have access to the entire movie catalogue and get to screen the film of your choice in a cozy screening room. The private event will also include food, drinks, and the new Blockbuster Trilogy party game to play with and quiz your crew on movie trivia. And don’t worry about airfare to Oregon, because the winner will get $3,000 to cover travel and accommodations for the whole party. All you have to do to enter is fill in your email, date of birth, and location on the contest page by Oct. 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Big Potato Games

Blockbuster will live on in our hearts through the joyful memories of weaving through the shelves to find the perfect movie for the weekend. Back then, you could also grab video games to rent or 3D movies with the red and blue-lens glasses included, plus you couldn’t forget that irresistible, freshly popped popcorn that was on the way to the checkout desk. This contest is an opportunity to travel back in time to those sentimental moments and reminisce with your loved ones over a night of movie fun. Sure, movie and TV streaming is convenient and quick, but there will never be a feeling quite like sifting through Blockbuster with your friends and sharing in the activity together.

If you don’t want to wait for the contest results to enjoy the thrills of Blockbuster again, the Blockbuster Trilogy game is available on Amazon now. It’s cleverly packaged in a VHS box, with three different games to play with your fellow cinephiles. From classic jeopardy battles to charades, the party games will feel nostalgic too, as you’re challenged to recount quotes and scenes from over 400 films. One of the three games is even named “Blockbuster And Chill,” in a clever nod to Netflix. If you’re here for the Blockbuster revival, make sure to enter the contest ASAP for the chance to marathon-watch an entire Blockbuster store this November.