The 5 Best Waterproof Dog Collars On Amazon

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If your active pup loves jumping in mud or water, you’ll need a waterproof collar that won’t wear down or harbor bacteria from all that splashing and swimming. The best waterproof collars are made of durable materials that are soft or padded for comfort. Look for collars made from either neoprene or another fabric coated in PVC or TPU, as these materials can handle some serious dunking.

PVC or TPU coatings are similar vinyl-like materials that are flexible, waterproof, easy to clean, and shouldn’t chafe your pup’s neck. The coating is typically applied to nylon or polyester fabric to create a comfortable waterproof collar your pup can wear all day. Neoprene is another good option for regular dips in the lake since it’s the same material used to make wetsuits. The rubber-like material does absorb water, but it dries quickly and wicks moisture. It’s also super soft and cushiony, making it great for pups with sensitive skin. However, the thicker material does make neoprene collars a little bulkier than other options which might make them too heavy for smaller dogs.

In addition to a comfortable, waterproof material, choose a dog collar that has other features to keep your pet safe and happy. Customizable dog collars let you put your contact details right on the collar in case your pup gets lost. Reflective collars are great for night walks or for spotting your pooch if they start swimming far out into a lake. Quick-release buckles are a great feature for dog training collars since you can easily clip them on and off, even if you have a fidgety puppy who’s not used to collars yet. They’re also convenient if you prefer to let your pup roam collar-free at home.

Whether you need a reflective design or a customizable one, these waterproof dog collars are durable and odor-resistant options that your pup can wear during all their favorite water activities.

1. A Heavy-Duty Waterproof Dog Collar

A thick ballistic polymer fabric with a waterproof TPU-coating makes this Tuff Pupper dog collar a great pick for active dogs or larger dogs who tend to tear through regular collars. The classic look and the rust-proof brushed metal hardware give this a premium leather appearance without the risks of water damage or odor. The collar comes in three different sizes that measure 11 to 23 inches in length, each with multiple holes so you can adjust it to the size of your dog’s neck. Shoppers can also pick from 12 different colors.

According to one reviewer: “My pup rolled in something stinky in the yard, something that only skunk shampoo can remove and it usually takes 2 washes to get out (yuck!) but I was able to easily wash the collar with some of his dog shampoo and it was as good as new! The water rolled right off and the smell didn't linger on the collar! I was SO excited! It also has not irritated his skin as much as some of the other collars.”

2. A Lightweight Waterproof Dog Collar With A Quick-Release Buckle

This PACKT Endeavor dog collar is sleek and soft, so it sits comfortably on your pup’s neck while they splash or swim. The lightweight BioThane Beta nylon material is PVC-coated to make it fully waterproof and odor-resistant, while the steel D-ring for dog tags is powder-coated to keep it rust-free. When the collar gets dirty, it’s easy to simply wipe it clean.

This design also boasts a thick buckle that makes the collar easy to fasten and unfasten. This makes it a great pick for dogs who only wear their collars when they leave the house, or who regularly roll in mud you’ll need to wipe off. The adjustable collar comes in three different sizes ranging from 9 inches to 25 inches in length, plus six different colors.

According to one reviewer: “So well made. Easy on/off and love that the water just beads off. The color options are also fun! My Golden has had the same Packt collar for over a year and it still looks brand new.”

3. A Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar

The PVC-coated soft, flexible polyester fabric of the NIMBLE pet collar is fully waterproof and gentle on your dog’s neck. It’s also odor-resistant and cleaning is as easy as wiping it down with a cloth or rinsing it under the sink. The collar is adjustable and has a convenient quick-release buckle, but what really sets it apart is the reflective strip sewn onto it. If you’ve got a pup who likes nighttime walks or you just want to spot them easily if they’re out swimming in the lake, this reflective strip will keep your dog visible.

Shoppers can choose from three sizes ranging from 9.45 to 24.8 inches in length, plus seven colors so you can match them to your dog’s leash or personality.

According to one reviewer: “Our dog is constantly in the water. Whether it be the pool or the Gulf. This collar is perfect for that. It has high visibility. Easy to put on and off. And it doesn't get all wet and stinky. I've even trained him now not to go in the water unless he has his special swim time collar on.”

4. A Customizable Waterproof Dog Collar

The customizable GoTags waterproof dog collar combines the collar and tag in one. Each collar comes with a personalized stainless steel nameplate engraved with your dog’s name and contact details. There’s enough room for four lines of text, with 22 characters per line. The nameplate is bolted onto the side of the collar, so you don’t have to worry about tags coming off.

The collar itself is made of BioThane, a coated nylon material that is fully waterproof and odor-resistant. It also has stainless steel hardware and a convenient ring on the back of the collar to easily attach a leash. While there’s only one color, it does come in three adjustable sizes ranging from 20 to 24 inches in length. However, multiple reviewers indicated that it’s easy to drill additional holes if you find the collar is too large for your pup.

According to one reviewer: “My dog has worn a waterproof color for most of his life, but I got tired of the tags always falling off, so I wanted a name plate. […] So far it seems durable, but he's only been wearing it for a couple of weeks. We do a lot of skiing, hiking, etc. so it's already taken a beating. The name plate looks really nice.”

5. A Soft Padded Dog Collar For Sensitive Dogs

This ultra-soft padded dog collar from Blueberry Pet is great for dogs who get rashes or skin irritation when wearing other collars. The collar is made from polyester with dense neoprene padding that shouldn’t rub your pup’s neck as much, and it also happens to be quick-drying and water-resistant. While it may not be waterproof enough for daily swims, it can stand up to occasional splashing and rainy day adventures without getting moldy.

With a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 5,000 Amazon reviews, this collar is a top pick for dog parents who need to balance their dog’s comfort with enough water resistance to stand up to their active lifestyle. Shoppers can choose from three adjustable sizes and 12 beautiful floral patterns, but there are also some solid colors available if you’d prefer.

According to one reviewer: “I love the Blueberry neoprene collars! I have a swimming lab and they dry quickly and never stink. Plus, they are [...] durable and they come in some beautiful patterns. I've purchased 3 of them and will continue to purchase as new styles come out. GREAT COLLAR!”